Daygame. Should you go for quality, or quantity?

There are pros and cons for each option. Go for prettier girls at the beginning. Vs uglier ones, but still gaining reference experience. It really depends on your looks scale. If you are a good looking 6’0, strong natural and direct guy. Even if you go for girls below your looks, they are still attractive enough. In my teaching experience. The delusional hard case guys who are always universally 4/10 for looks. They always believe they are 8/10 in looks. Always goes after women who are 9/10. They say, but I can’t go for her, I am not attracted to her. That is unrealistic. It really depends on the type of women who would come out on a date with you. Who was the most attractive? Even though you might not had a date before from daygame. Whatever their looks are on the scale is what you should go for

It is all about leveling. It would be your LMS looks scale (Preselection/protector status/game) vs her looks and status. LMS vs LS. If your game sucks, at certain stages. It would take your existing looks and lower it. Even if a male model student has bad game, or gamey style game. Yeah I have trained students who are a model. It affects their results. If you play LMS game, you can only get a girl below your looks scale. Let’s say there is a dating coach out there who basically pulls girls who are 6.5/10.  However, whenever he runs into a 7/10 white girl. He never pulls her, except when he uses a lesbian pickup artist as a wing. Or uses night game. His height, looks might be 7/10. But his natural and direct game might be lowering his overall level. If a girl is 7/10, a compliment works just fine. If you want to game girls higher on the scale that would never work. People say the openers are not important. But it is very important, it sets the frame or scale. Your level vs her level. The openers I teach works on girls who are HB 8/10 or HB 9/10. I have a nice face, so I can date girls who are higher on the looks scale. But I don’t have a nice body, which means I won’t attract curvier women. You attract what you are. But if you had an okay face, but nice body. You would attract butter faced women with nice body.

I’m different, I went for the highest, prettiest and younger women. I got rejected more in the beginning. But it helped me develop a tighter game. If you go this route, you will suffer more rejections. You will be tempted for the easy route. But you will develop strength you would later reap the benefits. It would be easier to game below that scale too. You give up time, maybe even up to a year or two of consistent results. You would be able to game maybe girls. This is the style I teach to my student. Situational, adaptive structured game. They always get more results this way. I usually date girls above my looks and status scale.

Or you go for the easy pulls. The quantity over quality.  Many guys who are so-called natural and direct tall guys goes for yes girls. It is a game of filtering yes girls.  However, their game will be limited because they can’t grow past adapting to every girl. It is the same tactic of flexing your muscles and vibbing. But that can only get girls below your looks scale. Most of the time, those guys goes for the 6.5/10. They never get a girl higher on the looks scale. Over time you are getting results and reference experience. It is like night game, easier than daygame. People goes for the easy pulls, will be pulled in to keep going for the easy pulls. They will soon hit a plateau and they fucked themselves over in the long run. For some reason never seem to want to go after higher level girls. They already leveled themselves down to 6.5/10. This might be better in the beginning to get some reference experience. So when the hot girl comes along, you already have experience to pull. But most of these guys never goes for her. They cling to mediocrity. You always have to level up.

Which route you choose is up to you. If you can’t be happy with a 6.5/10, then don’t learn natural and direct game. If you don’t mind, then by all means go for it. You can always do things to improve your overall aesthetics. Like fashion, working out, hairstyle, improving your game. It is really about the deserve it factor. Do you deserve an attractive women? What are you doing to attract them? Your 9/10 might be my 7.5/10. Vice versa. No universal scale. At the end of the day, it is whatever makes you happy.

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