Text game does actually exist. Not all point A to point B or improving the interaction. (As tall strong white LMS dating coaches tells you)

In my experience, text game does exist. Those who doesn’t believe in text game tends to have squared jawlines. Are 6’0 tall and over. Are white in terms of status. Or they have more muscles than you. If you are a skinny Asian guy like me going for hot white girls, any mistakes you lose your poker chips in your bank account. Image it is a game of poker. Every time you ask her out for a coffee, you are going all in. It is a call to action which drain your poker chips. The higher your LMS is, or protector/preselection status or race status. The more compliance you would get. You initially only get  four responses anyway universally. Radio silence, a shit test (testing your frame, like, “do you approach girls all the time”), polite conversation and her emotionally investing. The way I teach my students about text game. Of course have a good interaction. Social comfort or connection goes a long way. If you build only attraction, or bt spike. That means spiking up her emotions. She might not feel it the next day. You focus only on social comfort or connection. You become very platonic. You focus only on seduction, you put yourself into the lover category. But it is hard to game girls who are higher on the looks scale. I had a good looking wingman who gamed girls slightly lower on the looks scale. While it isn’t bad, I would never date those girls.

I like to think of text game as fishing. You have to bait her, hook her, pull her up to the surface with vibes, then reel her in or release her. Meaning you are willing to let her go, or show a wiliness to walk away. This hooks her more. That is how I teach my students.

Ultimately it comes down to you fitting into her world. Of course you want to make the interaction good. But try fitting into her world by being a lover, boyfriend/provider/beta, or friendzoned loser, or trying to be her dad. The protecting caring nurturing figure, which is a lot like provider. Not every guy is buffed or strong, or fits into these criteria. You would have less social capital or poker chips to invest. Any mistakes you made during the texting phase. Like being too boring can get you radio silence. Not every guy makes enough money to be a provider. Also, she might not want you in her social circle as a friend. Or an oribitor she can choose from. Since most of the time in Vancouver, she picks the tallest guy in her social circle. She doesn’t know she is attracted to protector status and preselection. Women doesn’t know what they want. At the time I am writing this. The girl I had a same day lay with, replied to radio silence. You always assume the girl likes you, but is sucking someone else’s dick. Now I planted seeds for a future interaction. She just got into a relationship now. But she is mine again in the future. It’s about social capital. Text game exist. The same stupid people saying it is all in the interaction.

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