Asian guys are hardcase about their hairstyle. Hurting your chances with white girls.

One of the most common sticking points Asian guys has is their hairstyle. “What’s wrong with my hair?” They are completely unaware their air dried puffy hair makes them look like a socially retarded fobby immigrant. It completely turns off most white women faster than you can turn off a light switch. “But they say what is wrong with it, I use gel.” If they don’t use gel, they use wax. For some reason Asians never heard of pomade. Gel is way too sticky and wax is only good for spiky Japanese hairstyles. Pomade is superior making everything into one piece. Or they say Asian girls like my fobby hairstyle. Ifyour style it with pomade, you can get both white girls and Asian girls too. You either are a positive or negative stereotype.

One guy who isn’t my student, but my first wingman in daygame asked me. Can I help him picking out clothing. I was originally going on a date. I helped him out. Also, he listened to me getting a haircut the last time. His hair looked just like the picture above. Not only did it improve his aesthetics, it raised his looks scale. Eventually he showed me his place. He wanted me to pick him clothing out for night game later on. I don’t go to nightclubs usually. I was sporting K-Pop bangs, all curled up. It wasn’t a bowl cut, it was fancy.  However, he showed me he bought some pomade. I was glad he listened. I picked out one outfit for him. Since his clothing looks so fobby and immigrant like. I picked a buttoned red shirt, but he wore it opened. He wore a tank top and blue slim jeans. He put the pomade on his hair. He wasn’t sure, he asked me if I was sure this would work. I said it would. Trust me, I’m a dating coach.

Later the club, I started to grind and kiss many white girls. I had kissed marks all over my face. I felt at home with them. I ignored all the Asian girls. This was a mixed club. Someone else paid for my cover. My other student who got laid after two classes. Besides all the Asian guys who hasblack spiky hair. Or non curled bowl cut looked at me wondering what kind of sorcery is this. They couldn’t believe it was possible. Well I didn’t talk to any Asian girls that day. I ignored them all if they didn’t exist. But while I was making out with this white girl. My first old wingman started to join in and grinding another girl near us. He eventually fingered her and she gave him a quick handjob. All of that for wearing what I told him to. Also, using pomade.

Which brands of pomade do I recommend? If you have hair that is hard to control like mine. I use Murray’s pomade.  However, better pomade is Layrite, Suavectico, American Crew, upper cut deluxe pomade. Just avoid Axe Pomade. Loreal TXT pomade isn’t that good either. Or Got2B.



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