What is game?

A student asked me, what is game? Game is like this combination lock. Every single section of the numbers are stages. Every girl during each stage, you have to calibrate. I have several openers depending on her reaction, smiling, polite, frowning. How much to tease. How much social comfort. How much challenge to deal with her emotional investment questions. How much progressive escalation. Meaning more romantic or sexual vibe. Game is really trying to find this combination that works for your LMS (looks, money and status). Then unlocking the girls compliance with your adaptive structural game. If you were doing natural and direct bullshit. Then of course, your combination would have three sets of numbers. Openers, vibes and number close. This is a filter game. While my game has more stages you have to go through. I can date girls higher on the looks scale. Do what works to get that lock open. It means structurally adaptive. Not just conversationally adaptive like intermediate LMS natural and direct game.

Game begins by your looks scale. Then it is leveled against your level of game. If you give a direct compliment. You are going for HB 7.5/10 or below. You use my openers, you are going for HB 8.5/10 or above. The style of game would determine your girls level of looks.  Since natural and direct game is about having LMS or higher level. Vs your vibing her with a simple conversation. You can’t get anyone higher on the scale than your looks. Just try not to screw it up. My style of game, plus the progressive escalation would push up the score. Once you get her hooked, you can move up the looks scale. So it is your looks scale and game leveled against her LMS or LS, looks status. How much money she makes has no effect on us liking her or not. Her status might be her race.

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