Beta to alpha. How to change?

Lots of guys I’ve been talking to lately seem to exude this vibe like the 40 year old virgin. Or a lack of experience with women. They are good people. They are hard workers. They get treated badly by people at work and in relationships. They don’t have a lot of dating experience. They are timid and not assertive. (Ignore what other guys who says acting alpha isn’t alpha. It is just pretending. Pay no minds, these are self-righteous betas themselves. I won’t name any names)

My mindset when approaching women. I don’t give a shit what she thinks. I’m higher value. Oh she is a 5’11 Russian blonde looking model. Well, I’m talking to her anyways. I feel like I’m giving her a million dollar check, i’m enriching her life. I’m so high value, the words coming out of my mouth is like gold coins. My body language is confident and my vibe. I scare off a lot of other PUAs with it. They don’t go out as much. My students and I have taken over the entire downtown part of Vancouver. Good riddance.

First things I have noticed among betas are they are intimidated by women. They have this shameful shy look. This lack of comfort in their vibe with women. Their tonality is the opposite of downtalk, high value. They up talk. They lack self-esteem. They are super shy. They don’t dress well or socially uncalibrated. They lack a lot of sexual experience. A lot of my students has this problem. Not just Asians. Although most if not all my Asian students has beta traits. Women can tell, they can sniff this out subconciously.

In the old caveman or tribal days. We always had an alpha male. He would bash in the head of beta males who tries to take his women. So the betas were full of approach anxiety, fear and timidy. It could be evoluationary psychology. But I never been very beta. I always lead, not follow. I always have this edge to me that other Asians doesn’t have. Most girls wonders why I am so confident and different from all the other Asian daygamers.

Solutions. Make one female friend who is a HB 9/10. Tall blonde women who phases you. I don’t care if you don’t use the HB system anymore. You will get used to hot women. It won’t phase you. Or practice your day game in front of a picture of the hottest women. Record your voice or yourself in a selfie camera. Until you aren’t fazed. It might take a week. Or lower your standards and get laid more. There are many solutions. One is I’m working on new online product. Which is beta to alpha. Inner and outer game concepts. If you Skype with me, I would give you the videos for free. You practice and we will skype. Then I can correct you.


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