What is LMS/tall/strong/caveman/ game?

It is a game style played by almost every dating coach who is 5’10-6’4. (5’9 is the average male height in North America. Anything above it is taller than average. A line of fuckability) Who either is white, black, tall, strong, massive stature and squared jawed. They go after girls lower on the looks scale. I was taught LMS game from a tall strong Asian guy who has muscles and height. My wingman is also quite tall and buffed. Like the picture above, whoever has the highest stats will win or have an advantage.

Their belief is usually natural and direct game. The girls they go after has lower LS. What I mean is for women, LMS, money doesn’t matter. We aren’t attracted to women for their money at all. It is mostly their looks, also race or status. That’s it. So it would be your LMS, or protector status, preselection by other women, your race or status. So when they approach, these guys tries to vibe with her. They teach their short skinny fobby beta Asian students the same LMS game and it doesn’t work. The dating coach doesn’t sound gamey, but natural or normal. He has such high LMS, he doesn’t need to. But as a shorter skinnier guy, he should be playing the juxtaposition game. Meaning he should be acting alpha. Also, more breaking rapport tonality to compensate to adapt.

The reason that LMS game works for some was protector status and preselection from other women. So when they are acting normal and vibbing, they are using that value to game her. Basically flexing his muscles or knowing women are shallow and likes height/muscles. When a guy without preselection or protector status uses it, it doesn’t work. Now he is like a beggar giving a compliment, no value.

Really tight game exist and I teach it. I have no LMS advantages whatsoever. When my tall students uses it, they get endless results. I hate to say with my daygame style I teach mixed with their LMS, they get better results. The ones without the LMS, the skinny, shorter guys, even Asians will struggle.

There was a secret no one wants you to know. The secret was all the LMS game guys never ever can daygame a girl above their looks scale. Every time my wings goes for a girl above their looks, they get shut down. Then, they will say, “well she wasn’t that good anyways.” I always say maybe her LMS is too high for you. They are often better looking than the girl they date. In fact in most cases, she is always hideous. I am always dating above my looks and race scale. I have a friend in Australia. He showed me the guys with the highest laycounts. They all are tall strong LMS game looking guys. They resemble most dating coaches. While he was at the bottom with a decent laycount along with another East Indian guy. They had the most skill. Their game style was the same one I taught. The guy was 5’5, Asian and dating really cute white girls. The East Indian guy was only 5’7. Who is more impressive to me? The tall caveman? Or the guys without any advantages whatsoever? But using game mostly using game. I always believed it is LMSG, or looks money, status plus game. Since I don’t have the height or muscles. I go after the tallest, hottest girls in daygame. I just learned to adapt without it. I don’t go for the easy lays. Which levels down your game.

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