LMS + Game is the formula. Not separate

Maybe I am giving the impression LMS is everything. It isn’t. Game is just as important. The both work together. If you had muscles by itself, it wouldn’t get women to jump on your dick. With game by itself, you might get numbers, but flakes. LMS opens the doors, but game closes the deal. Also, if you have game, but have either one of the LMS, like looks, lot of money, or status. Any one of those things plus game will give you twice the results. Game is a value delivery system. Of course having more value helps. My point isn’t to discourage you. I am saying, work on your body and rise to the challenge. Improve yourself. Don’t be just an empty PUA with nothing else going for their lifestyle. I’ve seen good looking people who are tall. But has bad game. It ruins the LMS. It doesn’t deliever the value. My point is work on both. Get some muscles and learn game. So you have the best of both worlds. I could be like some big dating company and lie through my teeth telling you that looks doesn’t matter. You can dress like shit and do well in game. Game solves all problems. But it won’t help you. You would be confused. I’d rather tell you the truth even if it isn’t good for business. My honesty to me is more valuable. I bet you would rather someone tell you the truth. Then lie to your face to sugar coat things.

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