The biggest sticking point my white students have. (Fashion, passive value)

I have a lot of white students. I noticed they all have one thing in common. They always dress the same way they did in high school or university. They never grow out of their fashion sense. Regular fit jeans instead of slim. Their clothing are always two sizes too big. Also, stupid witty t-shirts that no one reads. Or messy hair and really shitty fashion. The thing about white students was, they aren’t aware that their LMS, height, blue eyes, and status helps them in daygame. They actually deny their privileges and tells themselves that looks don’t matter. So they interpret it as, lets have messy hair, shitty fashion and don’t even shower. That lowers their status and any white privilege they have in daygame. They also think fashion is gay, refuse to learn. They get stuck at college fashion.

I actually bring them to Zara and find the right look for them the first class. Or tell them what to bring to the first class. Often times, a button shirt and slim jeans. Brown shoes. Yes it seems simple, but even with protector status, preselection. They sabotage it with really bad fashion. But when they fix this, their results skyrockets. They find instead of being rejected non stop. They actually open almost every set. The longer you are in set, the more you have more reference experience.  5 minutes in set times 10 sets is 50 minutes a day. 350 minutes a week. Vs, 1 minute each set times 10. That is only 10 minutes and 70 minutes or more than one hour or reference experience a week. Clothing or style makes you stay longer. I seen people debate me on this. But when they apply it, they get results. If you are hardcase about fashion and looks don’t matter. You are responsible for your ignorance. In my field test this isn’t the case. See you in the bootcamp and see you at Zara. Oh right, I had a tall handsome student. He was in a mentorship program for another dating coach. I taught him passive value for his bootcamp and body language. Yes he finally got his first lay in daygame for it. Let me tell you another secret. Women do notice your shoes. They might not even look down, but they notice. It says a lot about you. Dressing average or below average is the quickest way to be auto rejected in daygame. While it works for some white guys. I suppose you can drive a car with your feet. But it is harder than using your hands. Or dressing better.

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