Pulling, my students success rate.

update, in 2019, the lay rate is much higher and the bootcamp rate is much higher. This article was written in 2016.

When I joined another company, I got more clients. My students pull or lay for bootcamps is 97%. Only a few students didn’t get results. Of course during the first few years it wasn’t as high, I didn’t start the counter then. I was still learning and field testing every system.

Out of all the students about 80% already pulled and 72% got laid. Its like most of them. I used to get 10 testimonials a week in the past when I had more students. But its been pretty crazy. For most daygame coaches getting even one student laid or two is a miracle during their training period.


I’m only talking about the summer. But 75% of my students have pulled. A pull is bringing a girl back to your bedroom. A f-close means putting it in. Regardless, the percentage keeps going up. Today I talked to my first student. He finally got his first daygame f-close. He f-closed nearly 10 girls from night game. He applied his skills to daygame and it worked. He even got a girlfriend out of it before. Sorry I am writing about you, but I am proud. My other students are getting a pull on the first day of training from a date. While others are having their first date in two or one classes. This is probably the highest success rate in Vancouver for dating coaches for daygame students. I don’t just post pictures of testimonials from mediocre achievements like getting a phone number (flaky most likely) a date or a pull. I don’t have low goals for my students. I have high expectations.

What makes my students so successful? None of my students except earlier ones runs natural and direct game. You would find those who runs natural and direct game has natural advantages. They often are good looking, strong positive sterotypes. What happens was they take short cuts. Their students can’t relate. Since i’m very short and skinny. But able to get it done in game. All my findings and results helps people with higher LMS than me. I am the most relatable daygamer ever. The pareto principle suggest 20% of your focus gives you 80% of the results. Luckly my focus using my smaller frame has given me the pareto principle to my students. Whatever works for me, will work twice as good for them. While other taller coaches, what works though their positive sterotype body. It won’t work for others. My style sounds natural sounding. But is very tactical. Authetic communication flows out of it. Every girl is different, you adapt to her. But there is a natural sounding structure to it.

LMS or looks, money status is a huge part of game. I’m not going to lie to you unlike most coaches who said looks don’t matter. Looks in terms of protector status and preselection does matter. It gets you compliance. Money gives you a pull location and survival value. It matters to have a good pull location. Also, you need money for relationships. If you want to keep the girl around. Money can get you nicer clothing which show more status. But honestly, there is a social status hierachy. White students do have it easier when taller, preselected and has protector status. Yes taller students does have an advantage over shorter students. Muscles do matter a lot in daygame in Vancouver. The reason was for women, they need two jobs to live in Vancouver. It is the highest cost of living city in North America. So they don’t need a guy for their survival value anymore. Women can take care of themselves. This isn’t the 60’s. So they often look for really tall strong guys who has replication value. Look around you, you can see this in downtown.

The other 25% that didn’t pull were just hardcase newbies. Who were shorter, stubborn, unchanging. Even some of them pulled. Some students are totally uncoachable. I used to teach natural and direct. Which added to that percentage. I dropped that style of teaching when my students were getting rejected over it. Direct game is about value. If you are a positive sterotype, you will come across as high value. If you are a lower value short skinny Asian guy. You would be like a beggar asking for change. She doesn’t percieve the compliment as high value. But the madness is other PUAs running this over and over again. Just to drop out of game.

Train with me, the most relatable coach who will get you results. I have trained hardcase students and I know how to teach them. Most coaches just knows how to take thier money. I have a leave no man behind mentality. I might be Asian, but most of my students are of every other ethnicity or mixed. I rarely train Asians tbh. Just a few. I’m not sure why but I don’t question it. I feel other ethnicity of students relates to me better. Regardless, even the results surprises me. I can post testimonials. I have them all on screenshots. I don’t just get a few like other dating coaches. I have a lot weekly of progress reports. Unlike other dating coaches who has very mediocre results for students. As a teacher, you are only as good as your students.



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