Hardcase Newbies. The worst type of students.

There are really three types of students I have taught. Easy case, normal case and hardcase. Hardcase students are every dating coaches worst nightmare. Most coaches would be happy to take their money. Or tell them to go with another company. We are talking about guys who never left the house. Or has a really bad style. Or is over weight. Luckily I’m one of the very few coaches that know show to teach hardcase newbies.

Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.— Bruce Lee

Basically these hardcase newbies are unchanging, stubborn. When you teach them a new skill, they do exactly the same shit you told them not to do. Yet you tell them again, they do the same thing. You are baffled and wonder what is wrong with this guy. He does the same thing. These guys drop out of game the fastest. They are often filled with RSD or some other company concepts in their head. They have so many concepts, none of it works. Not only is their head filled with garbage that works for taller, whiter, buffer positive stereotypes. They can’t even achieve the simplest of task. So most dating coaches just takes their money. They give up easily and gets washed out. They often get in their own head. Saying this morally wrong, oh I am not authentic enough or some other bullshit. I have a lot of stories I won’t share about teaching them. They would often wash out anyways and give up. Going back to their old ways of failiing. They are born to lose. Sometimes people needs to fail more to succeed. Some easy cases can learn stuff in a dozen approaches or less. Some normal cases might need 50 approaches to learn something to a 100. Hardcases, well it might take a thousand approaches or more. But they already made it harder for other guys in the field to approach. Sometimes they didn’t fail enough. Some students who are easy cases only needs a few approaches to get it down. Normal cases have things to fall back on.

Nobody is 100% hardcase or normal case, easy case. You have to think normal case is at zero. Hardcase is minus 50. Easy case is plus 50. Even I was somewhere in the middle of hardcase and normal case when I started out. It determines the mountain you have to climb.

I’m different, I learned how to actually teach these guys if they stick around. I have seen guys who have no chance in-game to getting their first dates in a short amount of time. You don’t go for large goals like phone number, date, pull ect. You aim for small milestones. Like improving your relaxation in the field. Or learn how to stop a moving set. Just the small stuff, or half steps. Even maintaining eye contact. I have seen a student able to do this and I’m very impressed. He will do whatever it takes to succeed even doing half steps.

I had a guy block me after asking him how is he doing in-game. He earned his place on my blog. Since he just blocked me on facebook over it. Once a guy begging me to help him with game. I told him he needed professional coaching. He went with the biggest Asian company in the world. He was a hardcase always got in his own head. His inner dialogue was his worst enemy. He learned from a coach for daygame. He only learned how to quickly banter. Build a connection for 20 minutes. Then did a hi five for seduction. He didn’t get a single date or number. Under my coaching, he got a date very quickly with a very pretty Korean girl. She friendzoned him, but he gone on his first date. He told me he didn’t want to train anymore, got in his head. Said he wanted to do things his way. It felt not authentic. (They all say that, just to fail miserably) It seems when I asked how he was doing, he was really failing badly. Most of these guys deserve to fail badly. The problem was they didn’t fail enough to hit rock bottom. But I was told by another weight lifting coach. Hardcase newbies really needed me. Find a way to teach them or reach out to them. I argued they were unteachable at the time. I might never take hardcase students. Over time I learned how to correctly teach them. Since I taught so many students, I have a method that works. I’m glad I did. Trust me I have some worst stories. There was one guy who was the worst hardcase student, I had to kick him out. He was unteachable and he paid a lot of money to anther coach who was tall, good looking using a style not suitable to his build. He then dropped out of game shortly afterwards. Just another casualty to game.

Come train with me. Contact me. Hardcase or not. I often tell hardcase students, the turtle can often beat the hare in a race over time if they keep moving forward.



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