Why do short skinny Asian guys suck at daygame? My recommendations.

Funny enough, most of my students aren’t actually Asians. For an Asian dating coach, my students are every other race. Even mixed Asians, but not Asians. I had Asian students before, but these guys drops out of game faster than anyone else. I’ll be as honest as I can for this post. Maybe it would wake some of you up from your unattractive ways. Why do short skinny, stereotypical Asian guys sucks so badly in-game with non-Asian women? Also, what can you do about it?

Asian guys lacks social skills. It is the reason why most suck at daygame. Most of them acts like they have aspergers syndrome. It is a mental illness people have with impaired social skills. They can’t read social cues. Basically most Asian guys acts socially retarded. This happens with Asian families focused on academics more than social skills. While white guys are always partying and developing social skills throughout school. Asians were taught that if you got good grades, a good job, a house, a car, a woman will fall on your lap. Just to realize as you get older, that never happened. In fact you repel women. In fact most Asian guys only knows how to ask non stop questions with a low value beta uptalking tonality like a beggar asking for change. They are so low value, even I cringe. They need to work on their inner game to raise their own value in their own mind too. Why not making assumptions instead of asking questions.

Second thing is protector status. Most Asian guys are short and skinny. Rarely do you find buffed Asian guys outside of the gym. The ones who are buffed often dates white girls. Or the tall ones because the white girl doesn’t have a good social circle. She picks the Asian guy who she falls for after a few years. But he is always super tall for some reason, which is protector status. It won’t work for you if you are short. My advice is before you even take a boot camp. At least work out and get buffed for fuck sakes. The average male height in North America is around 5’9. If you are above that height, you are taller than average. You are above the line of fuckability. You would find daygame a lot easier because you will get more compliance. If you are daygaming white girls, you are competiting against her social cirle and guys oribiting her. You either go lower on the scale until you can fuck to get some reference experience, or get some muscles. Have you ever noticed that the majority of the daygame coaches that are Asian tends to be super tall and somewhat buffed? It isn’t a coincidence. They are not only taller than average. They are buffer than most white guys. They are breaking the sterotype. If you are skinny, you are not breaking the negative sterotype that Asian guys are feminine, not masculine. You better start working out. White women are very shallow in terms of the protector status thing. You ask how tall her past boyfriends are. The first one is usually average. The second is so forth are always super tall. 6’2 or taller. While she is super short. She would say, that doesn’t matter, but her actions are different than her words. She would say it was because he was making a lot of money, survival value. Well, protector status has something to do with it. Maybe working out for a few months before you take a bootcamp will be ideal. I know they tell you looks don’t matter. But listens to who tells you that. It is always from a tall good looking squared jawed dating coach. Even if you fixed this issues. You will have a hard time not being 5’9. I’m sorry, but white/latina/Perisan women are kind of shallow. For every inch you lack, you have to be much more buffed to compensate. If a women has big hips, you better be wide for your muscles. She wants to know you can protect her and make her feel safe.

Preselection. Most Asian guys are not preselected. Having a bad fobby fashion isn’t preselected. Having air dried puffy afroish hair isn’t preselected without pomade. Most of my Asian students fights me on this, saying what is wrong with my fashion or my hair. They get hardcase about it. Until you get them to buy pomade (Not gel, gel is low tech stuff. They often tell you they use wax. Just use pomade). Then their hair looks nice, professional and their results improves. It is important to be somewhat white washed too. Also, a lot of people believe being preselected is wearing suits, being tall with a short spiky black haircut. In the club, these guys were all staring at me as I grind and kiss so many white girls. These guys are preselected for Asian women. The worst thing is when Asian guys are wearing really fobby below average basic clothing. Every girl rejects them for daygame. I mean every. I’m from Vancouver, there are a ton of Asians here. You won’t stand out with average fashion and black spiky hair. You need to be a bit more white washed and more fashionable. But not white washed and low end casual. Think H&M, Zara. Not Winners, Old Navy or the Gap. You need to fit into her tribe and fit into her category of lover, boyfriend/provider or friendzoned dickless loser. Get some new clothing and make sure they fit this time. Asians tends to wear a size or two bigger. You would find opening sets in daygame much easier. I do style my clients before they start training with me.

Asian guys doesn’t have game. On top of not being able to keep up a conversation. They don’t even know how to build attraction. Or even escalate. They wouldn’t dare touch a girls hand or even kiss her. Not that you have to kiss her in daygame. You can try, at least it sets the frame. Or tell her to kiss you on the cheek. Even if she doesn’t, its okay. You show you are a romantic guy. You have to break the kino barrier by touching. I sometimes write my name on her hand with my fingers. Can you even hug a girl? Nope. They freak out, they are so asexual. Yes escalation is important at the last stage of the daygame. Basically Asian guys doesn’t have game. When they learn game, they sound gamey as hell because they have no social skills. It is full of uptalk and cringe worthy.

The media isn’t your friend. It is owned by white privledge. They don’t let Asian guys have heroic roles. They use the excuse of it doesn’t sell. So they have to white wash every Asian character played by white actors. We used to have Star Treks John Cho. But look at what they did to him in Star Trek. He now has a husband? There is definetly an agenda in Hollywood that tells people Asian guys aren’t even an option. When was the last time you remembered an Asian guy in a romantic role with a white women? I bet you can’t think of any. They are always portrayed as the bad guy or the sterotype.

The solution. Be better than the white guy. Not tall compensate with muscles, fashion and game. You not only have to compete against Tinder. Since white girls gets endless guys. You have to compete against her social circle. How are you the better man or option? Be that better man, transform.

I can help you fix most of these problems. Train with me. You have to put in the work.

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