You suck at building a connection because you are an emotional vampire.

Have you ever noticed guys who are into pickup who doesn’t do that well. They struggle with it, even if they have advantages in height or looks. They tend to only think of the outcome. They only think how they are going to get laid next. Instead they should be focusing on improving the process. They don’t even know what they did wrong all these years. So when they are talking to women, they are really taking value vs giving value. Like saying I’m cool, if you are cool too, lets vibe together. In reality, they are like, I’m daygame Dracula. I’m going to suck your value. Basically they can’t build a connection or doesn’t care about the girl on any level. They just see women as sex objects and women can feel that. They want to know at least you like them for more than that. Unless your frame is to go for a same day lay. Then that is the exception. Most women doesn’t want to feel like a slut. It triggers their ASD or anti slut defense.

I teach many methods of how to connect with women. I have a method called deep diving. But I won’t give the specific details outside of my boot camp or skype coaching. Regardless, if she doesn’t feel you during the daygame. She won’t even reply to you. You aren’t keeping it real. Sometimes you don’t always connect with every girl. You don’t have to and you won’t. She has the right to not feel connected to you.

Of course some people claims, well they been doing pickup for a long time. They don’t run attraction game until I taught them. They would think they already ran comfort or rapport game without it. Nope, that  is just asking non stop questions vampire value seeking game. If you learned how to build attraction from her. It is good to learn how to connect with her. As they say, the game is played in comfort. Even if you feel like you can’t, or you don’t have that kind of emotional range. Fake it at least. But don’t care what she thinks of course. But be geniunely interested in her at least.

Train with me, if you want to learn how to build comfort besides just learning how to build attraction. Don’t forget, there is seduction too. Something I would talk about in a future post.


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