DHV Stories, or demonstration of higher value stories. Why it is important.

I talked about the 5 attraction switches before. Why not use DHV stories in your daygame to flip attraction switches of higher value. Not explicitly, but implicitly. Meaning, don’t try to state it outright so it sounds like bragging. But say it in such a way it sounds like you are talking about a friend. But you use the word she in it to her surprise. To imply you have females around you.

Pick 10 of your best stories as if you were a comedian and this is your material. Make sure you can flip a lot of the attraction switches. Just say parts of the story in pieces. No one has the time to listen all day to a full story. As long as you flip the 5 attraction switches. Let these stories demonstrate the best part of your personality. At times being Asian and short for example. You would be stereotyped as someone without a lot of dating options. You can put into your stories how you have dated women like models ect. You can even relate with short stories like, “Oh you are Russian? Reminds me of my friend Anastasia, (or Ana, for other races.) Man, she wasn’t a citizen and she tried to marry me. I haven’t talked to her in two weeks. I’m sure she is married to someone else right now.”

Image not only using this for knowledge and relatability. “Like oh my best friend is this too. She..”But into normal statements too. I rarely see people who can do this on the fly, off the top of their own head. You seem like you go to this university. Rather than say do you go to university? Which you would get a yes, no or maybe answer. “One time I sneaked in there with a backpack. (risktaker) I brought a few other girls with me (preselection). A fight nearly broke out, I told them to back off. They sensed how calm I was sensing I knew how to fight. (protector status). My friends cheered me on (leader of men). I ended up making out with a few girls, but connected very well with them. (ability to emote). The rest I can’t say.”

This might be the missing component if you aren’t strong or tall. You don’t have preselection or protector status. Or you are still building it. But for now, these stories can raise your value in a short interaction. No one said the stories have to be true, just sound believable. But I prefer to tell true stories. That is why building a lifestyle is just as important. So you have things to talk about. You aren’t trying to be a try hard or braggart. But someone who is the most interesting man in the world. Showing her a trailer of your world. Inviting her in.

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