How your bad posture lowers your value in daygame

I had an issue before where my neck hunches forward in daygame. While it is fine, I can still use my verbal skills. Women can detect your vibe subconsciously or your value. I won’t give you a solution here on how to fix every piece. I would identify what is usually wrong with myself and my students.

The neck. Noticed how sometime the neck is severely hunched forward. How do you fix it? I always imagine a neck brace. Like after a car accident. It forces your neck in place. Oh I gave you one solution. But the neck seems to be a big issue for a lot of my students.

The chest. You probably heard advice like puff your chest out as if a hook is pulling your sternum out. But in reality, you try it, it looks too try hard. Also, it goes back to its original place. So it looks unconfident again. Or you hear you are supposed to pull up your spine up to the ceiling like a string. But everything else is unaligned.

The arms keeps pointing forward like an ape for your forearms. No matter what you do, it just points forward. That is because the upper shoulder is in the wrong spot. Your elbows and wrist being so forward will always betray your vibe or value. She will see though your incongruence.

The lower knees. They keep pointing forward. Now your entire hip is forward and out of alignment because you put your hands in your pockets. But if you were lined up to a wall. Your knees won’t touch. So your lower back won’t touch either due to your hips. Your head wouldn’t touch the wall because you hunch.

Your feet are so close together. It looks very low value and weak. I’m not saying you need to put your feet super far apart.

The solution. Get a friend to take a picture of yourself doing daygame. Or yourself talking to the wall saying the stuff you would in daygame. When you see a video or picture, you realized how bad your posture is. I can fix it. I have a 5 point system that fixes all the issues without making it look unnatural. It might feel unnatural, for example for pretending to have a neck brace. Or a metal rod between your feet. So they never touch together. So your feet are always apart.


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