Its really the last day to get the coaching packages or put a deposit down.

I’ll be unlisting my channel at New Years at my time. You can still put down a deposit in person or on PayPal. It is really the last day if you want this price. I sold more of my programs in this month than any other tbh. I don’t care about the money. But I don’t mind saving you a bit of money. The prices will change. I don’t set the prices anymore. Its going to be an interesting 2017 for sure.

Its the 31st, deadline to get my coaching and bootcamps.

I’ll be out daygaming later in the day. You better contact me early on to get an invoice on PayPal or send me your email. You have to invest before Dec 31st. I’ll be out later in the day so I can’t really wait on you. So if you missed out on this deal, it is your loss. All of the programs are selling like crazy in December. I’m going to be flooded with bootcamp students and skype coaching calls. I sold so many of the online program, it is amazing. The online program would be sold out. Although honored for life. Same with the local programs. It would be changed into a different format with a different price. Yes I work for Wayne Dating Lifestyle now. Its really an honor to be working with my favorite PUA in the world. All my videos will be unlisted and I would make an announcement video on my youtube channel.


Why my skype and bootcamp programs are superior to others.


There are things I do differently. I teach in an innovative way. For skype I would literally show you a picture of your ideal women. You would game her and I would speak for her. I can literally give you a $3500 bootcamp in less than 5 minutes dissecting your game. You can ask me questions afterwards. Questions by itself wouldn’t lead to anything. Unless you apply it. But how exactly would you apply it?

For bootcamps, I can do the same and make you do drills. Imagine if you play basketball. You just play streetball without learning what your sticking points are or fundamentals. You just keep doing all the skill at once. As they say, jack of all trades, master of none. I make you focus on one skill at a time. I make you drill it 50X.


I’m not like other schools which tells you what you did wrong. Like stupid shit like make better eye contact, or square up more and be less nervous. First of all, I would never make my students square up to her. Its creepy and same with tapping her arm to stop her. That stuff gets you kicked out of every mall. Be prepared to work hard in my bootcamp. I’ll give you the innovative tools no other schools can. Yes 75% of my students pulls. You have to think outside the box sometimes. You can’t solve the problems in daygame by using the same thinking that caused it in the first place. Cough….natural and direct..cough.