How The Daygame Industry really works, Exposed

Time to drain the swamp.

As someone who’s been a dating coach for a solid ten years, starting way back in 2012, and involved in daygame for a whopping 22 years, I can confidently say that I’ve seen it all in this industry.

Today, I’m here to spill the beans and teach you everything you need to know about how the daygame industry is a toxic sociopath swamp

You see, there’s a lot of truth to what you may have suspected but couldn’t put in words.

The daygame world can sometimes feel like a bunch of mini cults, all about brainwashing and manipulation. Self development and self therapy for really screwed up sociopathic narcissists’ delusional daygamers with opinions as facts..

But fear not, because I’m here to do the exact opposite – consider me your personal cult deprogrammer.

I’ll show you why so many pickup artists (PUAs) and dating coaches tend to throw their opinions around as if they were facts.

There’s this whole narcissistic, sociopathic, and even delusional element at play here.

I even deal with haters, who you later find out are all low level dating coaches with no laid testimonials, bottom feeders who hates the number 1 daygame coach in the world, me.

Its like first place vs 99999999th place… being jealous because their opinions as facts can’t figure out how I got all the laid testimonials so they deem it fake.

It’s like they’re part of a secret club, with cult-like tactics that involve worshiping these dating coaches.

Don’t get me started with the more famous dating coaches with a huge cult following of stupid bhenchod sheeps who loves to worship.

And let me tell you, it triggers those who haven’t yet reached enlightenment, while my students, well, they’re already there with my 581 laid/pull testimonials…

We’ll dive into the B.I.T.E model they use to create these cults and how they exploit your preconceived notions to manipulate you.

RSD uses this a lot.

But what got people more into the cult as someone who defected from RSD told me was that they went to self development and for the 7 human needs, they fullfilled it with self development and also it gives you certainty, uncertainty, signifigance, connection, growth and contribution.

their Cult through their BITE model manipulates people because these are our psychological needs.

Besides the maslov chart of human needs.

Same with other dating coaches gaslighting you with half truths. When they are really using alcohol crutches in the bedroom calling it bedroom escalation.

Its really disguised systematic new delih gRAPE game… even if Rajastan is worst.

Now, let’s talk about the truth: normal people versus pickup artists.

They’re different breeds altogether.

One has that sociopathic death stare, while the other doesn’t for normal white guys who are tall with perfect social skills.

The ones lacking in social skills are often the PUAs, which they fail to realize for the dumb sheeps.

The PUAs that has stupid opinions and hates dating coaches are usually poor jobless dumb fucks who approaches all day trying to fix the problems themselves.

Its like instead of going to a mechanic like me, who can fix it fast and get them laid, they have to do it themselves.

All the medium SMV guys gets to be samurais swinging their big game sword using game tactics.

Secretly all the low SMV guys didn’t even get their first lay yet in daygame going from coach to coach which is always white first, their own race, then Asian then John Elite last…

Thats how the hamster wheel works, as they spin your wheels supporting those with medium SMV…

It’s tricky because, on the surface, they may seem similar to your average white dating coach for these white dating coaches,

but the delusional, autistic, sociopathic sheep out there just can’t perceive the difference.

And boy, do they rely on their silly infield analyses, while those white dating coaches can’t even demonstrate a same-day success story from opening to getting laid.

Oh, and if a daygame coach can, they would resorts to using alcohol, well, that’s not only illegal, but it’s also a sociopathic move when it comes to dealing with consent.

And trust me, they won’t be showcasing that in their infield videos as they would cut it out or censor it.

But like the mandela effect you remembered them with always a big champing bottle getting her drunk.

But that would be changed so they would change history.

But all of their students does the same thing.

Count that as zero results for them and the student since that is borderline new delhi gRAPE game. Even if Rajastan is worst.

Now, here’s an interesting pattern I’ve observed: most people tend to worship white dating coaches initially, assuming they must be good or at least on par with your average neurotypical white guys.

Then they move on to worship someone of their own ethnicity, followed by an Asian coach.

And guess who’s left for them to worship last?

Yours truly, John Elite.

But have you ever wondered why this worship culture exists?

Well, my friends, it’s all about those mini cults catering to the narcissistic sociopaths within the coaching community.

These coaches of a certain manipulate their audience for financial gain.

It’s a topic I’d love to delve deeper into by discussing this article here.

However, let’s face it, daygamers are often weak-minded individuals who crave guidance.

They feel the need to worship infield videos, believing that it’ll somehow lead them to success.

But what ends up happening is they get funneled into ineffective courses and ultimately coerced into attending expensive boot camps.

At the end of the day they think if the coach gets results you would automatically.

No, the sheeps don’t realize, that the only metric that matters is if you get results or not and how many laid testimonials the dating coach has for daygame.

All the other metrics are just mental masturbation or a big circle jerk of stupid sheeps running over a cliff without critical thinking.. opinions as facts..

It’s time we examine what exactly makes a person a sociopath.

Take a look at this handy chart I’ve got here.

But remember, it goes beyond just sociopathy; there’s also the dark triad personality disorder to consider.

I highly recommend this article from Psychology Today that delves into the psychology of cults and how they operate.

You’ll see that my training methods don’t involve any worship component, so I don’t possess the same level of influence or control as those narcissistic sociopaths.

It’s a whole different ball game.

So, let’s talk about how this mind control stuff works.

It’s all based on what we call the B.I.T.E model.

But here’s the thing, you need to be aware that correlation doesn’t imply causation, especially when it comes to auto thinking.

And this is precisely why you’re stuck in your current situation.

You see, the A equals B or A plus B equals C way of thinking is flawed because it fails to consider the various data points.

If you have infields, then there are going to be laid testimonials.

Thats opinions as facts.

A better question is X + Y = Z.

X= cause, Z = effect/results.

Now you know that, then you can reverse engineer what is Y.

For example, John Elite has 581 laid/pull testimonials,

for the haters A + B = C, A, thats too many laid testimonials B, they can’t even get one laid testimonials, its a numbers game so C = has to be fake.

In reality if you take X the cause. Social skills flow drill, social calibrations, white washed tonality, Arrow theory for game. Then you take white washed fashion and white washed hairstyle, along with dressing husband material and white washed to raise your status as an ethnic, its an automatic lay.

Y = if the students adapts to this 20/35 formula, with the right mindsets and GRIT. Z = 581 laid/pull testimonials.

Its a simple formula.

Like why does X – lots of infields.

Z = 2 students laid.

Y = going direct, Using RSD shit without status maxing.

Is easy to reverse engineer.

Those dating coaches who make you worship them can easily manipulate this algorithm, leaving you feeling gaslit and confused.

Here’s a screenshot that sheds some light on gaslighting, by the way.

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