Sheepish Infield worship VS my enlightened daygamers students 581 laid/pulled

Daygame laid testimonial deniers are worst than holocaust deniers since they love to suck off infields which doesn’t get them laid, but played. I as a daygame coach with 581 laid/pull testimonials noticed there are two type of daygamers when they look at my laid testimonials. They either are enlightned like my students, or a dumb sheep sucking off infields like stupid bhenchods.

Are you a dumb sheep worshipping infields or an enlightened daygamer respecting my laid testimonials? This is an important topic because it’s about how to get laid in 2023 with arrow theory and the right mindset.

Daygame coaches with more subscribers.. those guys are all zombie sheeps too, and these wolves in sheeps clothing will funnel their students into bootcamps, even though their courses don’t work.

Narcissistic sociopaths zombie sheeps who lack critical thinking are wasting 3k on new daygame courses, and 5.6k in bootcamps, a total of 11k – and they never ask why the courses don’t work.

During the inflation the dumb sheeps will weight the cost of my daygame course, but will pay anything to worship like good sheeps

This process happens over and over as they go from one daygame course to another, from one bootcamp to another.

The problem is for jobless PUAs who half ass spam approach, they will bang a 5/10 occassionally.

So they see their friends gets results and doubles down on the worship.

Of course my students are banging white girls, models, women above their looks scale.

Not 5/10s.

The problem with this is the low SMV sheeps doesn’t even get that 5/10 because their SMV is too low.

So they worship and go from one hamster wheel to another.

On the other hand, enlightened daygamers with the right mindset understand the husband material fashion frame, the social skills flow drill, the alpha male body language of a tribe leader – Using my arrow theor… they’re ready to get laid..

They been through this process getting burnt by RSD.

The process of worship is always a white dating coach first.

We established they never showed a same day lay infield in their life from open to sex.

I don’t consider it a same day lay if you have to drug her with alchohol either bhenchoding.

However white dating coaches pulls to a cab.

The Asian and Indian RSD sheeps will worship them first.

Second they will worship someone their own race second once they stop sucking off the dating coach their own race.

Of course their coaching doesn’t work.

Then finally after all that brainwashing, they come to John Elite last when they are really stuck.

Finally with all of those bad habits I had to deal with, them worshipping infields has been a big circus where they go from one daygame product or bootcamp to another.

If its over 10k per dating coach, they worship like crazy spending non stop.

Eventually they get come here hoping to get laid and I get them laid for a fraction of that price.

With 2023 arrow theory, my students who can pull, automatically get laid with maneuvering, sexualizing it to the max, then dealing with the sexual objections looping it until she opens her legs.

This way arrow theory the new opportunity means you don’t need a 7 day bootcamp

It works because I got 3 students in a row these few days laid through arrow theory.

They don’t get fooled by infields, they know that infields alone won’t get them laid if they worship it.

They know if I get so many students laid, they are going to be next if they do everything I say.

The dumb sheeps will ignore me during their release of other dating coaches new courses, because their brains are completely shut down.

They will be funneled to a farm or their daygame courses, and for 6 months every laid testimonial I post will be ignored.

They will get fattened with half truths, that are unverifiable.

They will lack critical thinking as they get gaslighted because they think if the coach can do it so can they.

They will trade 11k, 3k for all of their daygame courses, their 6 months to misery programs which is just a numbers game for 6 months.

They could of got laid with Elite 30: From Hardcase to Hero or bhenchod to hero, getting at least 2 lays by then if they follow the course.

Then if they don’t, they will be funneled into a bootcamp for 5.6k just to learn how to use alcohol new delhi gRAPE game.

That’s why this topic is so important – because it’s about understanding the difference between the enlightened daygamer and the zombie sheeps.

The enlightened daygamer knows that the only way to get laid in 2023 with arrow theory is to train with the right mindset and the right coach.

That’s why I’m inviting you to train with me for 3 Months To Proficiency, Kaizen, Elite Bundle 2.0.

Don’t be a dumb sheep and get fooled by infields –

become an enlightened daygamer and get laid in 2023 with arrow theory.

For those who are interested in arrow theory if you can pull, you can use it to get laid.

If you buy the Elite Bundle 1, I would explain what arrow theory is what to do.

If you have Elite Access, you would be trained in arrow theory there.

I say that because I was going to make a new course with arrow theory, but why not put the training for Elite Access for the consultation course.

But you can’t get Elite Acess if you don’t have my Elite Bundle.

Thats why I suggest you get the Elite Bundle 2.

For those with the 3MP bundle, they can learn arrow theory in my Kaizen program.

Also, arrow theory is going to be the first thing they learn for the body language portion.

I say stop wasting money chasing dreams due to FOMO or the fear of missing out.

The only thing you would be missing out on is 10k or at least 3k on their bullshit courses

They can promise more infields all they want, for the stupid worshippers who are sociopaths.

But it won’t get you laid.

You are only going to learn how to get her drunk in the bedroom to wrestle her to not deal with objections and consent to get her submitting so she has stocholm syndrome and comes back.

You will not get better once you get home, as you won’t even pull.

She has to drink so, so you are stuck trading 11k just to get 1 woman drunk.

While my students are getting laid over and over again for daygame.

I’m the only one still getting daygame laid testimonials actually.

Join me, stop being a sheep.

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