Are You Tired of Worshipping White Performance Art Infields for Daygame? When They Never Showed A Same Day Lay.

Good evening and welcome to John Elite Carlson Tonight, not to be confused with Tucker Carlson formerly at Fox News. Todays news, White dating coaches never showed a same day lay for daygame from open to sex ever. But pulls to a cab, this isn’t a conspiracy theory. Yet they are giving advice and analyzing infields? Why would their opinions matters? Also, the only thing that matters is if they can get their students laid for daygame or not.

Not this white worshipping infields performance art where they stick out their chest trying to be confident doesn’t equal more laid testimonials for daygame.

Its puts a lot of pressure on her doing that creating a numbers game trying to look manly.

Not to mention constantly sexualizing it non stop as I said in the last video.

It’s time to talk about daygame and the importance of understanding the difference between white performance art and real daygame results.

Have you ever wondered why white dating coaches never have a same day lay for daygame in their infield videos?

Like I said, it’s not a conspiracy theory. You weren’t imagining it…

Think back to one time it happened for daygame…

you can’t, can you?

Thats right, they are all manipulating you with white plausibility. It seems plausible, but they are white you think.

But does their analysis even matter at all then? No because they are delusion. You can see how delusional a dating coach is by the exact number of daygame laid testimonials for their transferability.

Plus their analysis is always flawed, by sociopaths, opinions as facts through their limited mental filter.

It’s always a pull to a cab during the day time at most like Todd V, they call a same day lay depending on your assumptions that if they are white, they must be good.

That is because you are a delusional autistic narcissistic sociopath.

Or a number close video where they are sexualizing it non stop like a creep.

But they dare analyze others saying stupid shit about body language or tonality or autism, when they do that in their infields.

Imagine if I took their words then showed snippets of their infields debunking them?

But no proof of a same day lay.

Just night game same night lays which requires less skills.

For night game its 15/35 and daygame is 20/35.

Tinder is only 12/35 where you can be white with a 10/10 perceived natural status and 2 points for text game to get over that line.

Wouldn’t it be funny if a white dating coach shows no proof of a same day lay, but they are analyzing each other infields? For example a company called playing with dicks?

Yet they can get away with it, showing zero proof because of your assumptions of white plausibility, or white performance art.

If they think others are creepy, but they can’t see they are acting creepy too.

Its like self projecting or something with these guys.

This is why this topic is so important, because it’s not just about worshipping white dating coaches, it’s about understanding the difference between real daygame and white performance art.

They love to square off and look like a PUA for their white performance art.

Yet the naturals taught me not to look like a pickup artist and make it seem like it naturally happened out of nowhere.

All my students stands 45 degrees.

It’s about understanding that there is as much evidence for white dating coaches being good with daygame as we have for big foot or UFO’s.

It simply doesn’t exist for the same day lay.

We never seen a real UFO documented on video for an alien abduction or a real Big Foot.

Just as we will never see a real same day lay video for daygame from white dating coaches.

They would tell you its illegal to document that or some excuse, while they will never show it.

They will say they have hookup situations, which might be from Tinder or Seeking arraignments lead generation if we can’t see from beginning to end.

I know why you assume that they are good because you white coworkers or acquaintances who are not pickup artists with perfect social skills, good looks gets laid easily without learning from dating coaches.

But since you are an autistic sociopath who is delusional, ADHD mass approached.

You think these white dating coaches are the same as neurotypical normal white guys, but you are mistaken.

Then you listen to their infield analysis like it matters?

You can perceive just as well as a person who is an Eskimo. I try to tell you the other white naturals who mentored me or the normal tall white guys with good social skills aren’t like the white dating coaches.

Sure on the surface they look the same, tall, but these white dating coaches are autistic sociopaths with opinions as facts.

Or Asperger’s like Mystery who are more technical.

You can’t interpret this white performance art properly with your death stare sociopathic eyes.

For that type, they are the delusional, autistic sociopathic, ADHD mass approaching half assed not focused PUA types.

This is the big deception that they are just like the normal tall white guys with social skills.

The only difference is the death stare they have for the narcissistic sociopath dating coaches that normal white guys doesn’t have.

Well to be fair there was actually one white dating coach who showed a same day lay infield from open to sex.

But he got a rape charge and he blacks mails his students.

But just one, but the rest, zero proof. Just assumed, white perfomance art.

Another unrelated note, it’s also about understanding that real daygame doesn’t involve pulling her to a bedroom, getting her intoxicated so you don’t have to deal with her objections or consent.

While you are wrestling with her pinning her down when she is drunk which their students does too in their bootcamps.

That doesn’t count to me as a same day lay infield, or using the alcohol crutch.

Thats systematic gRAPE.

Everything before that point in the interaction isn’t transferable for their daygame products. You learn this crutch in the bootcamp.

It’s about understanding that the only thing that matters is if they can get their students laid, which determines the quality of advice.

Preferably without alcohol bringing it into the bedroom which I don’t consider that student results. Just new Delhi gRAPE game. Systematic new delhi gRAPE. Even if Rajasthan is 10x worst now.

So if you want to get laid for daygame without listening to advice not transferable for low SMV ethnics like Asians and Indians during the inflation.

By trying to interpret infields from autistic sociopaths… then you need to take action.

Join me for 3 Months To Proficiency, Kaizen, Elite Bundle 2 and I’ll teach you the real secrets of daygame.

I just finished filming this video, I might as well film 2 more, so I don’t have to do as much work and deploy these videos when necessary.

However, it would be out sometime today as I try to edit as fast as humanly possible.

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I’m going to leave this post here for one more day so people can catch up to it.

Now there is a video to this post.

If you like this format of video like Tucker Carlson parady, even if he no longer part of Fox news, then i’ll make more.

I like the format of the show, so I would repurpose that in the future.

I was trying to keep that goofy haircut.

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