You Deserve to Leave Behind the Mental Trauma Caused by Your Narcissistic Parents! Like this Chinese 3MP student

I was a bit tired yesterday so I didn’t have time to write a post until now.

Did it work, yes all the mental trauma is gone.

Some observations I noticed

So did the program work or it didn’t work? Well it worked 100% for the newer Mental Trauma cure program.

I won’t collect the testimonial yet until this student heals 100%.

For some it takes two days, others took longer.

Unless they clear it out since there is a healing process after the mental trauma cure, then they will feel peaceful after that.

One of the most common misconceptions about the mental trauma cure is, it corrects your behavioral issues.

For example sometimes I have a temper, although its greatly reduced.

I haven’t created an anger management program yet, but am supplementing it away..

Unless i’m dealing with bhenchods, its greatly improved this year.

I seem nicer even though I had a reputation for being ferocious like Gordon Ramsay or Dan Pena before or a drill sergeant.

Well, I still have that when I train others.

My point is this program is something that was amazing that I wish I invented it earlier.

If I could go back in a time machine to when I started daygame, I would of gave myself Elite 30, mental trauma cure and the v shaped body training program that can be done in 3 weeks.

For the student he started out with a frown upside down.

That is when you know the person has really bad mental trauma.

I took a picture and I will censor his face.

This was the 3 Months To Proficiency student who got laid with a white girl and got a fvck buddy in 5 approaches that day in 2 weeks with my 3MP program. He didn’t use his mental trauma cure program yet.

His parents contacted him and he was triggered.

He had to list his mental trauma and almost most of them involved his parents.

I’ll use a metaphor that only Asian and Indian daygamers would understand but no other minority groups…

Indian parents, although he is Asian, they only care about their image and say what would others think of us?

They always compare you to others because they have narcissistic personality disorder.

When others are not around, they drop their mask of sanity when one of the parent is a sociopath.

Who are more instense, delusional and manipulative.

If you have a psychopath or sociopath parent, they tend to only care as they treat you as investments to fund their future retirement.

If they pay for your schooling and compare you to your siblings, what they were really doing was saying how are you as their retirement plan going against their machevellian control freak dark tetrad plan.

Dark Tetrad involves sadism which is common among Indian and Asian tiger parents.

Unlike Asian parents who tries to move to the United States Indian parents stays in India as they vulture you and control you through arranged marriages.

They pressure you so much to boost their narcissistic personality disorder.

They make you do well in school to fund their retirement and ask you for money as they get older.

I’ve experienced this myself as this student has too.

Also other Indian students I had in the past.

I told my dad he gets zero. I kept saying zero over and over until he understood.

I also told him I won’t be as his funeral or my mothers.

Thats the thing when you have sibilings you are always compared to them.

Some never goes through mental trauma as I call this the scapegoat concept.

There is someone who takes the brunt of the mental trauma or mental abuse.

Whether in highschool or anywhere else like at home.

It seems for all of the mental trauma cure students, most of if not all of it is started without understanding why the other person goes crazy.

In India they always say oh he is acting stupid again, or bhenchod.

What that means is he is acting like a depressed snowflake, turning to a lower self, to a backstabber gear of word salads.

Yes, a word salad pill means verbal violence where they falsely accuse you, then use guilt trip, pain points and circular reasoning.

I don’t think this Asian mental trauma student cares, but I won’t share much details or identifiable ones.

But his parents said to my student they don’t love them if they don’t send money.

You see to these psychopath or sociopath parents you fund their retirement plan and his dad wanted a free trip to the USA for this student.

Do y ou see the false accusation was he didn’t care, so he didn’t pay so he didn’t love his father.

Thats the false accusation.

Its the same with Indians from India when they word salad you, you point it out, they don’t understand when they are sociopaths.

Then the guilt trip was if he doesn’t pay his parents trip he doesn’t love them so he is a bad son.

Then the pain points, how he paid for my students education like an investment.

Lastly circular reasoning how he would keep flipping the conversation to throw more verbal violence at you, bhenchoding.

I believe this mental trauma cure program is taking away the powers of the sociopaths and destroying generational mental traumas.

You can only imagine his mother who cares so much of the way others perceive them.

Indians are the same, they have such lavish and expensive weddings to keep it up like a circus to maintain their narcissism or their tribe.

The amount of narcissistic personality disorder and sociopathy with Indians are similar with Asians parents.

When they throw their word salads, I’m psychic, I can feel a headache around them and the crown around their head that is common with demons.

Speaking of demons in the past this student was possessed.

When I said Jesus, he was twitching his face and body.

Eventually, when I exorcised him, he called out a name of a demon in the bible.

So did other students, except one, but the rest did.

He was nearly thrown from his chair so it wasn’t the first time he experienced this before.

In fact in the beginning I turned around so he can’t see my face, just the back of my head.

I’ve even seen other students run in a circle on the floor screaming off the top of their lungs.

They aren’t even able to control it.

There is a multiverse and entitles on the other side.

I kept telling him where he felt his pain, what was the emotion.

I was able to do this with 100% accuracy. I also told him the dead relatives that are coming through with a mustache and comb over and a chubby women which were his grandparents.

I knew every detail I shouldn’t have known.

At first he kept denying it, but I was so sure.

I believe we live in an interdimensional world where Jesus, the demons, grey aliens, all of these being are on the other side.

We can’t see them but I can percieve them without taking any DMT or whatever they take these days.

My point is, after turning around backwards and even sideways saying I know exactly what you are feeling, he can’t deny it afterall.

He been through an exorcism like half a year ago for 3MP and this again.

He wasn’t surprised anymore.

But with the church of Jesus Christ, his parents were perverting the teachings and using the honor thy father, thy mother than thy son.

But in reality 4% of the western population are sociopaths, 1% psychopaths, so many don’t honor them?

I told the student that they won’t perceive a single thing about emotions until they die, they get a life review.

That their parents of religion wasn’t accurate, but used to perserve their massive Indian like ego bhenchoding.

You might even wonder how does all of this factors into daygame.

Well, he had some mental blockages, always getting mental trauma he was fearful even if he kept the fuck buddy she would leave.

She didn’t, which was a great experience for him.

Her family had to move, but she stayed with him all this time for 4 months.

It goes to show he was enough.

After 3MP and learning social skills he was happy to make friends who didn’t mistreat him.

Even with his new hairstyle and fashion.

But hopefuly getting past some of these type of issues he would go back to daygame and get more daygame laid testimonials.

The mental blockages are gone.

This program is different than ABCS of Insecurities mental bullshit brainwashing or RSD brainwashing.

This student didn’t think it was going to work this well.

He thought if he felt slightly better, then that is what it is.

But it was knocking out the problem 100%.

I started to act like his parents at the end to see if I could trigger or retraumatize him. Nope, they completely forget about it completely.

It was like the last Mental Trauma cure student who had a trauma bond with his Latina fiance, argue then sex.

But I broke that, he felt nothing and couldn’t be retraumatized by her sociopathic borderline personality disorder.

Then I said I told you so.

Not only was this not just some treatment that puts a band aid on the wound, this is a powerful solution no psychologist or psychiatrist figured out yet.

Too bad they won’t give me a Nobel peace prize as this could heal the entire planet.

This isn’t some bullshit Socio Prime time travel LSD trip bullshit.

This is a working solution that has bested a few million psychologists.

You will see after he fully heals he would make a video testimonial.

This is what I’ve experienced as it would take me a day or two to heal from it.

Every time my students do this process, they heal.

But since i’m psychic, I have to take on a lot of mental trauma for a day or two.

Right now my brain is kind of stuck as I am stuttering with a mind lock…

But I’ve been getting better at dealing with it after the mental trauma cure program.

The testimonials build and yes they are all real.

These are all students, people should not get jealous because i’m smarter.

I think the student results speaks for itself and most of the CBT cogntitive behavior therapy nonsense talk therapy out there is equilvent to RSD or Mystery Method dogma regurgitated which doesn’t work for most but a small percentage.

I like to create a cure first.

Some of the machiavellian dating coaches don’t like a cure but a long drawn-out treatment.

But I say heal first, or get them laid first then laid testimonial or mental trauma testimonial.

Then get more students.

People think its wrong to brag.

But I say if they had all of my laid testimonials, they will ego trip, they would bhenchod like an Indian ego tripping shooting laser our of their eyes thinking they are a god.

Always thinking they are a god.

But then John Elite kicks their teeth in metaphorically speaking and they go back to the depressed snowflake cunt gear.

Also, the price of the program is 1k, but the student said why was it so cheap?

I told him I would raise the price as I get more testimonials that it works.

I told him yes it does cost 18k for 2 years of therapy that doesn’t work.

They RSD it, as you give up your authority.

I’ve been to psychologist, psychiatrists, all of them, are not smart.

They just collect money and pretend to treat you.

But don’t let others talk shit about laid testimonials or student results, by results I mean mental trauma is gone 100%.

People can hate all they want and throw word salad.

But my student results or laid testimonials or mentally cured testimonials speaks for itself.

Not stupid you are legit testimonials or I got over red pill, or some tinder shit where its a validation of tall whites, a celebration of white privilege.

If you are interested in getting your mental trauma cured, not treated, but cured for good 100% go read the sales letter and sign up. Contact me.

-John Elite


  • For a day or two your brain will feel like its on fire after this process. You are processing out the mental trauma.
  • Most students takes one or two days to heal.
  • The student before this one, he took 6 days to heal, with his crazy Latina fiancé borderline personality disorder trauma bond.
  • For this student I say 2 or 3 days, it all depends, everyone is different.
  • When you have mental trauma, like PTSD lets say a solider had it. Lets say his war buddy got his head shot off or something. Then in the MRI machine, his brain will keep lighting up when he thinks of the mental trauma. But thats what my students goes through. Until that is cleared, then it would stop lighting up.
  • Its not enough to clear the mental trauma, it can lead to false beliefs. If you don’t understand what happened, but remove the trauma, its not enough.
  • Meditating in the alpha brainwave by another neuroscientist takes a full week 10 hours a day. 70 hours to deal with mental trauma, not effective. Don’t work well. Cost like 50k. Yet I figured this out for 1k. I’m undercharging.
  • I think all the Asians and Indians needs this and Latinos. Crazy parents, non stop mental trauma.

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