As a low SMV ethnic, you’re probably wondering why constant sexualizing won’t work for you for daygame if you have a lower SMV. To explain, let me tell you about some of my 578 laid/pull testimonials for daygame which I would post on the side of the screen scroll down to prove my point.

One of my student was a Filipino with 150 lays for daygame. He was stuck sexualizing it before getting 10 rejections in a row before coaching with me. After coaching with me, he was able to get up from 33 lays past 180, which is roughly 150 lays.

What got him laid when I skyped him and analyzed his infields. then realized that he was talking non-stop but not letting her speak.

This puts you on the line the more she talks.

If she gives you no-word answers, she doesn’t like you, trust you, or be willing to go home with you.

This is not to be confused with comfort, although I may of used that word before.

I use a social skill flow drill constantly to get her to talk more.

I believe the more she talks, the more she likes you, trust you and is willing to go home with you.

The second student was a Chinese student who trained with RSD.

He got 1 lay right before he met me in Spain for daygame but mostly stuck to Tinder for Latin countries getting women below his SMV scale using 3rd world money status and exotic advantage.

One day his friend criticized him when this half Indian guy said he should use the system that sexualizes it.

So I got so angry I said he wasn’t allowed to leave this island until he gets laid for daygame under my mentorship. I got him 15 lays in a row, even one in a min, one in 1 approach. He had 5 white girls, 4 models, 2 actresses at the end.

He had sex with his first white girl who was a Russian when he stopped using DHV stories.

Even if he was a millionaire with a good lifestyle, women in general didn’t believe him.

They got so turned off that it doesn’t work for lower SMV Asian guys.

When that was removed, the DHV stories, he got compliance on the line.

But he kept sexualizing it getting one set blown out after another.

I said instead of sexualizing it, flirt more instead.

He flirt like crazy non stop until he got laid with a Russian woman his first white girl.

He wasn’t good at flirting but it perfectly replaced all those times you sexualized it.

Then decide when to maneuver, sexualize it and deal with objections looping many of it. It would be an automatic close.

So as you can see, constant sexualizing your interactions won’t work for lower SMV ethnics in daygame.

Instead, you should flirt more and decide when to maneuver, sexualize it to the max, and deal with objections looping.

This will get you laid faster and have a better chance of success.

One of the lays later on when he went to Germany he got a same day lay in Berlin on his first approach sexualizing it and maneuvering on his first approach.

That was more of the first funnel as I would refer to.

However before that same day lay with a blonde on his first approach he said to another blond who pretty by the way.

He was impatient because the second funnel is an escalation ladder.

Its like a yes ladder for her right brain, the emotional side.

You slowly get her talking more but you flirt to spike her emotions when she talks more using the social skills flow drill.

Rather than closing after a few dates with his husband material fashion, which would of been the most epic lay.

He got impatient and said if he doesn’t have sex on the first date, he loses interest.

Thats the problem because he was using the first funnel at a different part of Germany.

If he was patient, with enough comfort he would of got laid with her. She just needed a bit more time.

He lost her, but closed the other one in Berlin on the first approach.

But he learned a lot about the first funnel and the second funnel which is more getting her to open up then using a yes ladder to deal with her right brain.

The other one maneuvering, sexualizing it and objections looping is a more logical left brained funnel.

Fast forward to the future, he was able to get laid with two actresses in a public trailer because he was well trained.

One of them he used the first funnel, with no DHV stories of course.

But they know him and his wealth this time due to his social media unlike the other women.

However he had to use a second funnel with a half Asian half French woman.

He had to get her talking more instead of being little rocket man pushing it super fast with funnel one. He took his time to get her to talk more.

Of course he still sexualized it as he went up the escalation ladder but was able to close her and she became his girlfriend.

She is an actress which is still amazing using funnel number 2 which still has a sexualized component in it.

I remember doing the same thing with this 18 year old girl who was 5’11 and very pretty.

I met her on the transit on the Skytrain, then on the bus. She was French, not Asian.

I talked in a very beta way because I didn’t want to scare her.

Sometimes you can be so dominate you are off the line trying to be cool. Sometimes you have to risk eagerness.

Its like water, since water is adaptable where you can sound beta and escalate like crazy. Like Bruce Lee said, water can flow or water can crash.

Regardless I needed to be comfortable getting her talking more and I lightly flirt, read her palms. This was before, I don’t use palm reads anymore.

However as soon as we left I talked about the idea of Steeped tea, how it was the best steeped tea ever.

So we went to the shopper drug mart or the grocery pharmacy store where I sexualized it to get a box of condoms.

Yes I do sexualize it but as I said I choose when to sexualize it. In this case in the middle of the instadate.

I got her objections out, she was worried that someone else posted clips about her before. I told her not to worry. Umm, well…

She later asked me if I was a serial killer. I told her I am a lover, not a fighter and hugged her.

That won her trust over where she maneuver me to her home where I proceeded to have sex with her for over 45 minutes.

But this was clearly funnel 2, not funnel 1 since that wouldn’t work if I sexualized it non stop during a sky train and on the bus.

It depends on the woman so there are two funnels.

The next student also got laid with just body language and didn’t learn how to flirt or tease yet or sexualzing it as you can hear in his testimonial.

He still got a white girl with just body language so you don’t need to sexualize it.

I also want to talk about further misconceptions about fashion and the 6 frames.

My students and I are not dressing like a provider, but a husband material frame.

They all dress the same. But its not a provider frame.

The 6 frames are

  1. Fuckboi frame, self explanatory in terms of fashion. If you use that for Tinder more power to you. Tinder doesn’t require as much skills as daygame. Neither is night game.
  2. Boyfriend girlfriend provider frame. A frame of romance. Unless you fit in with a boyfriend material frame, it won’t be effective. You could always wrestle with drunk women in the bedroom bringing out the alcohol and use the romance as a hook to get here there to forgive the stockholm syndrome.
  3. Social circle, friendzoned frame.
  4. Husband material frame
  5. daddy daughter frame
  6. high status, celebrity status frame.

All my students who got laid wears the same fashion as husband material. Its not about a provider frame. They are white washed and also husband material.

Lets take one student or example with 3 lays in a row who has done it on the first approach 3x. A 52 year old student who got laid with a 21 year old, 25 and 21 year old. He is a bald 52 year old who is overweight.

He used the body language and social skills flow drill to get her talking more.

He just pulled fast and got laid many times over.

Its the same story that you don’t need to sexualize it. Or even flirt that much.

With a perfect body language you are on the line.

Just to recap, since I like leaving this post here. This is the real funnel for 2023, I kept it a bit of a secret…

  • Funnel number 1 I teach is maneuver, sexualizing it to the maximum to get the real sexual objections out to f close her. But before that is to use the social skills flow drill to get her to talk more, so she likes you, trust you, willing to go home with you as she backwards rationalizes it. You flirt, not sexualize when she talks more, tease when she is off the line. This is a left logical brain funnel where emotions doesn’t matter as much.
  • You don’t sexualize throughout if you have low SMV or dhv stories throughout since she doesn’t believe your low SMV ass. Few people, this half Indian and my other Asian student tried it, it didn’t work along with another skinny Latino who got laid with it, but 5x with women 3 points below his looks level. It does work, but it doesn’t get higher quality. But didn’t work for the Asian guy.
  • Funnel number 2 is an escalation ladder. You progressively escalate like a yes ladder. Then at the end you sexualize it to the max. Again getting her sexual objections out but this is more of the right brain emotional domination. Throughout the interaction you have perfect social calibrations, not squaring off trying to look like a PUA like most white dating coaches trying to hard. You use the social skills flow drill with a white washed tonality for emotions. It has variation in your speech not monotoned.
  • Those two funnels were more 2022 funnels, the split in two. Until the inflation hit, which by itself no longer works. This has evolved to funnel 3, which I haven’t talked about it online, the new opportunity. Its a combination of both. Its a grand strategy.
  • In the old days the old ways was to massively farm numbers, no social skills, or social calibrations, trying to square off, DHV stories, they added sexualzing, it doesn’t work for anyone except tall whites. Those are the only testimonials or a token black. Those days are over and a mass numbers game won’t work in 2023.
  • The new funnel number 3, I haven’t revealed yet is a combination of both funnels together. The funnel one for maneuvering, sexualizing and objections looping deals with funnel number 1. That is the left brain. Funnel number 2 is the body of the arrow, it deals with funnel number 2 the emotional side. Using social skills, social calibrations to get her attracted, emotional control or white washed tonality to create the body of the arrow. The fashion alone and white washed hairstyle is just the feather of the arrow. But you need a v shaped body too to make the arrow fly. But the inflation is affecting your inner game her inner game too since its survival and replication value. So its harder, even if you used funnel 2, it wouldn’t convert anyways because you would pull and not close. Since she has objections, but not 1, but 3 objections. Only my objections looping system works to overcome it. Not just a 15 response objections looping. You have to take care of the money problem or your basic human needs are not being met. You will get so triggered and depressed you can ‘t aim the arrow or not motivated to do daygame as much being in debt and poverty. The PUAS where this is their hobby already enjoys approaching being broke, but their number farming funnel no longer works anymore. It used to work with their medium SMV.
  • The new opportunity is the arrow theory, so I would reveal what it is soon and debunk those other systems out there soon why i’m the only one still getting laid testimonials during the inflation. It dried up even for other white dating coaches getting model looking students laid in night game, but that dried up. The PUAS daygames very often, they love it. My other students are low SMV guys who loves worshipping the white dating coaches where they only have a small AAA battery here and there. But I install the huge Tesla car battery into their fundementals, they get laid, but worship elsewhere as a lot of my students were worshipping this company. Had I taken away the Tesla battery, not trained them, they would of had 0 lays or stuck or go sideways. I should of, these ungreatful people, scum of the earth. ‘
  • I’m willing to discard anything anytime that is no longer effective. Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add uniquely what is your own. I’m not a sociopath opinions as facts like other coaches doubling down on delusions. If funnel 1 and 2 separately isn’t as effective, but needs to be combined, as crazy as it sounds i’m willing to get rid of it. No joke. If I don’t, I won’t read the goal of 6000 laid/pull testimonials for daygame. I don’t care about night game testimonials or Tinder padding it. I don’t give a fuck. Lets do this adapt or die. But John this is so much harder… yeah? I’m not going to tell you its easier, most of the medium SMV PUAs are struggling now. My adhd autistic students who are triggered are also struggling. Not because my system doesn’t work, their brain is limited, they need to focus. Some of them are not meeting their basic needs.

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