Don’t Let Mental Trauma Ruin Your Life – Cure It in 10 Hours with Mental Trauma Cure Program!

Hey there! So, about a year ago, I made this mental trauma cure program after a bet with an Indian guy in British Columbia.

He took a lot of Skype coaching with me, $300 each, many of them.

He challenged me to create something that nobody else had been able to figure out, and he even paid 18k CAD and waited two years without success to find a cure for his own mental trauma.

He knew I was a genius, I mean who in the world could of created this program? He knew I could do it as he paid a lot of money to therapist to try to figure it out.

If I could get rid of his trauma, I would win a 2k USD bet, which I ultimately did.

At first, I didn’t expect that anyone would be interested in a program like this.

However, it turned out to have applications in the emotional category of my coaching chart, which includes pickup.

One of my students, an RSD victim who was a suicidal Jan Lifestyle fan, took the program and it saved his life.

He is one of the Mental Trauma Cure Testimonials if you want to see it in the sales letter.

He is a chinese guy.

This is unreleased, just a rough draft.

Getting one of these is great, but I have tons of these and people are saving up and lining up just to have a chance to do this. He was suicidal and had no job, this program gave him a hard reset, a new lease on life. A person who was so ruthlessly mentally abused so badly by his mother.

A lot of RSD guys are also suicidal, so it really hit home for me.

There was another student who was suicidal using Todd V stuff who was from London, while the other guy was another Chinese guy from the eastern part of the United States.

The mental trauma cure program helped other students too.

One guy had five lays after taking it, but it didn’t necessarily improve his work situation.

The idea that getting laid automatically makes you better at work is a lie.

I’m willing to be honest with it, while it worked for him, the results will vary.

But if you give you a chance to not frown and turn off women for daygame.

Mental trauma cure helps you focus beforehand, though.

That means without going for that lay first, you can fix your foundation before you build up.

Then when you build your skills in 3MP for example or Kaizen, then you already have a foundation.

It cleans out all of the bad stuff like mold, water damage in your foundation and start all over.

Its like a hard reset.

Another Chinese student with an expiring visa got laid with a white girl without even flirting or teasing after he took the program.

He got laid with my 3MP program anyways so it was appealing to use the Mental Trauma cure program even if he got a white girl already.

As you see, it didn’t help him focus more on work, he just focused more on making friends since he learned social skills, social calibrations from my coaching.

When other daygame coaches tells you that if you focus on game, get you laid, when they use alcohol bringing it out in the bedroom to wrestle with drunk women bypassing consent..

this whole focus on game first, get laid which you learn their illegal alcohol crutches in their bootcamps paying over 10k for their courses, online training then bootcamps which doesn’t even work until the alcohol crutches.

There’s a common misconception that mental trauma makes you stronger, and while that may be true for some people, it’s not a universal truth.

My own experience with mental abuse from both of my parents inspired me to create this program.

After using it, I feel like I’m a lot nicer and more empathic.

My smile has improved, and that look of mental trauma is reduced on my face.

I swore that if I ever had a platform, I would expose sociopaths like my dad and other abusers down to every detail and heal the world.

You know the type, opinions as facts, not facts as opinions.

This program is part of that mission, which aligns with my love of daygame and teaching it.

I’ve been teaching daygame since 2012, and I’m naturally good at it.

In 2016, I decided to start teaching online, and I’ve made a big impact.

This program is like the new tip of the spear to get a hard reset.

RSD and ABCS of Attraction have brainwashing programs that don’t remove mental trauma, but rather get sociopaths to mass approach in delusions.

It’s like a zombie VR brainwashing your senses.

I’ve been there before, with a super ego and low self-esteem at the peak of my laid testimonials.

I was getting over ten a week, or 40 a month at those peak months.

I was super arrogant and giving everyone the middle finger.

Even to this day my daygame system works just fine, if you follow all the steps.

Its a bit harder with the inflation, but if you can focus.. as they say in the land of the blind, the one eye man is king.

But a lot of that changed as I got my self-esteem back and my emotions in check.

I was way more intuitive, as you can hear from my students’ testimonials.

This mental trauma cure program is my big middle finger to the daygame industry.

Not only am I the number one daygame coach, but this is what I will be remembered for. has two daygame laid testimonials gaslighting the world with RSD snakeoil, which leads to depression and suicidal thoughts for RSD zombies.

This Menta Trauma Cure program is the speartip against that. ABCS has no daygame laid testimonials in 2022 or 2023, just night game Mystery Method.

Their programs doesn’t remove mental trauma, but just brainwashes you thinking you are enough as you are shipped off to some 3rd world country in a Latin country using 3rd world money status advantage and exotic advantage for night game.

They call it he best Asian inner game existential crisis.

But I beg to differ because this student here got 5 lays.

He got laid in Toronto getting a white girl fvck buddy. Then 4 more lays in Mexico.

My program is the speartip against that too.

This is the real Asian essential experience when you get rid of all your mental trauma, get your lays in, then you get a white girl.

ABCS students won’t be anywhere near a white girl genitalia in a trillion years for daygame.

My revenge on psychologist in general. When I grew up I want to many psychologist, councilor when I was daygaming in university. Also a psychiatrist. Even a specialist for aspergers.

Nobody actually documented me as a psychopath or autistic.

I have all the documentations to prove this and many psychological assessments.

Sometimes you get a false positive.

I’ve grown to be more empathic, but I also think the psychologist are like RSD, they’re there just to get you hooked on the treatments.

In Canada its like $200 per session and they try to get you hooked for talk therapy or Cognitive behavioral therapy.

They pretend to care.

I think I see a pattern with the daygame industry and also the therapy industry…

that they both are here to give you the treatment, not the cure.

They might not even know what the cure is.

Everyone that takes this, automatically gets their mental trauma removed with a 100% success rate so far.

So everyone who takes it would end up a testimonial.

If it works, then I would get more testimonials for this one b y one.

Then I would turn these testimonials towards an industry that didn’t help me at all.

If I outsmarted all of the psychologist in the world, then… this is my revenge.

Also, this could help a great deal when people have generational mental trauma passed on from one generation to another

this could even lead to world peace if everyone can go through this.

But this can be easily attached to 3MP for the online portion giving you a hard reset.

How did I factor in the price? Well another person spent 18k, another one spent 11k for therapy. I’m only asking for a fraction of that until I get a ton more testimonials because it works.

Then i’ll raise the price.

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