(578) Stop Limiting Your Daygame Success: Latino Gamers, Change Your Habits Now! How Marco Fucked Up And Just Pulled, Then Kicked Out Of Elite Access

Why did I kick out Marco from Elite Access? Hes still in the inner circle

Sorry for the late post, but after yelling at him off the top of my lungs for an hour over his mistakes

Let me try to assemble this pull testimonial, a fucking pull, not a lay with a white girl.

I’ll tell you why I yelled to the point where I lost my voice with the other 3MP student teaching him.

We all know Marco, the student with 3 girlfriend and many lays. Even 2 gf at the same time. The context here was he was going after a white girl. He messed it up ignoring my instructions like a ADHD zombie.

Hey everyone, it’s me, your daygame coach. I’m here to talk to you about something that’s very important to all Latino daygamers.

We all know how hard it is to get laid with a white girl when you’re a minority, and it’s even harder if you don’t have the right habits.

That’s why I’m here to talk to you about Marco, who messed up and didn’t get the girl he wanted.

You see, my formula for daygame is to maneuver, sexualize it to the max and deal with objections looping.

But Marco didn’t understand why I was angry when he kept stonewalling me as he was going to his salsa classes.

He was so involved in his salsa classes that he didn’t have time to level up his game.

He was stuck in a rut, and didn’t understand why his game wasn’t improving.

He was using what I call the “Latino fuck-up behavior”…

where he would just throw shit against the wall, one step at a time, hoping something would stick.

But the problem is that this approach only works in certain situations.

During the pandemic, the border crisis lowered the Latinos’ perceived natural status category to 6/10, making it much harder to get laid with a white girl.

You need to level up your game if you want to succeed.

You need to work on your body language, your social skills, your emotional control and your fashion.

You also need to make sure you’re maneuvering and sexualizing the right way, and dealing with objections looping.

Before you ultimately sexualize it to the max, you need to flirt inbetween when she talks more.

Always get her talking, it isn’t more comfort building, its more getting her to backward rationalize that she likes you, trust you, willing to go home with you.

I highlighted 4 flirts other white dating coaches might not understand. They all either go cocky funny like RSD or they all just sexualize it in a medium way putting them off the line.

It takes a lot of time and effort to do all this, but it’s worth it if you want to get laid with a white girl.

Take Marco, for example. He was dating a white girl, but he only managed to pull her, not get laid.

What made me angry was he didn’t realized he was maneuvering her to the car.

When she said she was tired, he didn’t sexualize it

He realized by now, he fucked up

My other Latino student also dismissed objections dealing or looping.
Mind you, its not the same objections looping of other white dating coaches, they don’t loop

They just go and karate chop the objections.

But with a lower SMV minority, it wouldn’t work.

So Marco wasted an hour of my precious time on the phone as I was yelling like Gordon Ramay on hells kitchen as he realized he fucked up badly.

The next student for 3MP, thought, oh shit, John seems different. He lost his a voice a bit.

I told him I yelled at Marco for an hour in a row.

Also Marco told him not to get kicked out as the best advice.

Sometimes I need a good purge of bad studetns for a great leap forward then other students gets laid more as my mind isn’t so unfocused.

He was attending salsa classes, and while I understand the appeal of that, I was angry at him because he was stonewalling me when it came to leveling up his game.

You see people with excessive ADHD can only do things they enjoy to level up.

Marco literally ignored me on the phone and choose salsa over me which led to him being kicked out of Elite Access a second time

You heard that right, a second time.

The first time he was kicked out because he wasn’t coachable and was a ADHD zombie years ago until he got another lay.

Appearently for my daygame social calibrations, he wasn’t into that.

His other Vietnamese friend also dismissed my coaching even if I got a same day lay in front of him.

This RSD zombie, literally dismissed all my advice unfairly and did things his way having his own version of his latino fuck behavior. I believe he is still stuck as he tried to travel a bit. But yeah, this is why you don’t do it your way. He doubled down on RSD and ABCS and every other inferior method..

He wanted to see Marco get a white girl first.

You see, he could of got her, or at least get a blow job in the car.

Instead he was clueless.

Now I recommended him a supplement for adhd and neurogenesis because he is a dumb fuck.

One track mind Latino fuck behavior.

You see, my formula for daygame is to maneuver, sexualize, and deal with objections looping.

He didn’t understand why I was pushing him to do this, but if you want to get laid with a white girl even if you’re a minority, you need to level up your game.

That’s why I created the Elite 30 program from Hardcase to Hero, and my body language course called Kaizen.

But Marco wasn’t interested in this, and kept trying to play a chess game like Todd V. He was super ADHD, and didn’t enjoy leveling up.

What made me so angry was that he attended so many of my inner circle classes and still forgot about everything I taught.

He was using what I call the Latino fuck behavior, which is having a one track mind and throwing shit against the wall with one step over and over again. That’s why it takes four months for this path to ruin his life and waste precious time.

The pandemic has lowered the percieved natural status of Latinos to 6/10, so Marco needs to work on his social calibrations, body language, and social skills if he wants to get laid with a white girl even if he’s a minority.

But he needs to make sure he doesn’t overdo it, as it could backfire and make him look like a try-hard.

That’s why I created Elite Access, to help you get the girl of your dreams and level up your game.

You’ll learn how to maneuver, sexualize, and deal with objections looping, as well as how to use the arrow theory chart to aim for success.

You’ll also learn how to use my workout plan and nutritional plan to get the body that you want, as well as how to use red light therapy and supplements to look younger and have more energy.

So don’t wait any longer, join Elite Access today and start getting laid with white girls even if you’re a minority. Make sure to take action now, before it’s too late!


I will change the banner of the Youtube and the site afterwards, don’t have the energy now.

Yes this is the second time I kicked Marco out, let this be a lesson for the ADHD RSD zombies out there who thinks its cool to not focus or have no comprehension of your training throwing shit against the wall to see what sticks like this Latino fuck behavior.

I also said I would post a new mental trauma cure testimonial when my newest video reaches 300 views.

its at 299 right now so looks like I have to select one off them and get it done.

Its already censored, I just have to put some words for it and maybe make a better logo for mental trauma cure.

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