Join The 3MP Program To Get Women Above Your Looks Level Without Mass Approaching Like This Half Filipino Student

Hey everyone, John Elite here and today I want to talk to you about something very special.

It’s the progress of my newest half Filipino, half white student in my 3MP program.

He just broke up with his fiancé a Latina he got for many years after my bootcamp

For those of you who don’t know, my 3MP program is an intensive 3-month program designed to help you get laid faster with someone way above your looks level, learn social skills and social calibrations, and make the most of your daygame coaching.

If you’re a logical engineer, or have a logical job or run your own business and make a lot of money a month?

Are you looking to get laid with my daygame coaching with someone way above your looks level, or get laid faster, learn social skills, and social calibrations?

Well, I want to share with you the progress of the newest half Filipino half white student in my 3MP or 3 Months to Proficiency program.

After all that mental trauma with his ex fiance. Its funny since a lot of my students are married or engaged or procreated. But this is his mental trauma cure testimonial. Not sure what is wrong, some error, hopefully it works later on or i’ll have to upload all of this to Youtube instead

The video seems to be working now, maybe a server issue.

But he sounds monotoned.

But since he is doing the 7 days of Kaizen social skills flow drill his tonality will be fixed.

I’m expecting him to get 2 – 3 lays with women way above his looks level.

I’m psychic so I know the future. 2.5 meaning one might be someone he will settle with.

He would bang the two hotter ones to get that out of his system and the last one he would likely have a long term relationship with.

I have a feeling some of them will have a darker hair, one will have brown hair.

I’m getting ahead of myself, I shouldn’t reveal his future even if I know it.

But it has to manifest itself first with skills.

After only 7 days of the social skills flow drill, I’m already seeing a change in him.

He started to noticed when he goes to work, he applied the social skills flow drill with the white washed tonality

People are treating him different now.

His mother birthday was yesterday and he used the skills to socialize with everyone.

Everything is different now, since tonality is destiny.

What makes him different from my previous students is his use of supplements and nootropics.

In the past the students didn’t use that during the social skills flow drill as they made the same mistakes over and over with their super Aspergers.

If their narrow focus is super bad, they would be stuck with their neuropathways for their engineer job

Its so carved out its hard to change

Its like cutting the trees and plant into a specific shape in the garden without anything new growing

They have to work within their limitations and make a ton of mistakes

However with this supplement they can learn faster

In today’s inflation, it’s almost impossible to focus without these.

He takes one for ADHD and another one for neurogenesis.

This has allowed him to learn faster and assimilate the information and skills twice as fast as the other students.

But more than just the supplements, his success can be attributed to his attitude.

Hes also working out with my workout plan that the bootcamp students and the inner circle students have to learn.

He was in the inner circle and Elite Access, but he wasn’t ready since he was in a relationship so I didn’t let him renew the program. But he is back in all the programs now. Have you noticed that the inner circle students typically gets more results?

He is doing well in business, and with my advice, he is making 40k a month.

So he isn’t affected by the inflation at all.

Other dating coaches will try to gaslight you to manipulate you saying oh if you focus on work and not game you won’t be happy.

When you get laid you will be able to focus on work better. Making more money isn’t everything.

Well that is a good way to manipulate the Aspies.

Then you wrestling with drunk women in the bedroom bringing out your alcohol to deal with objections and wrestle with drunk women until she submits.

Totally illegal by the way so I don’t teach alcohol maxing wrestling game.

This debunks the idea that daygame is only about game.

It’s about so much more than that.

Plus getting their courses which doesn’t even work for daygame getting you stuck will cost you a few grand for their multiple courses

Also, the bootcamp will be about 5.6k for a week.

You are literally spending almost 10k if you choose to train with them online which is playing a numbers game without alcohol maxing in the bedroom…

Also for the ADHD zombies, I usually make them write 10 things down that are their values.

Everyone has different values and one of my values is win/win.

I don’t operate under any other value.

It motivates people as I can remind them of their value.

Obviously it can’t be the only value is getting older and wishing you had this handled.

But to actually figure out what the right value or your ADHD will shut down your mind if you don’t enjoy levelling up.

One of my students Marco the Latino likes salsa, he can dance

But he can’t do the 30 day challenge well.

But he can dance means that is his value because he is Latino and enjoys it.

I align your values for 2023.

With the right approach and social calibrations, you can get women way above your looks level with just one or a few approaches.

My student has been able to do just that.

He learned how to sexualize the interaction, and then deal with any objections by looping it.

He just followed my advice and she came out.

She gave him 3 objections in a row and he overcame all of them so her left brain is cleared.

At the same time, he is also learning the timing behind my daygame system.

When to tease, when to flirt, when to lower your notes.

The body language changes the state of mind, which changes the words generated so you don’t need lines.

You don’t need to be in state. You just need to change the state of mind through outside in or congruency.

Its not more emoting like a negro not congruent but overdoing it until you wrestle with her in the bedroom which is not what I teach.

But the most important thing is to get your life in order first.

You need to be able to afford a new outfit and supplements.

If you can’t, then get your life in order. If you don’t, you will give off a poverty vibe of desperation and depression that will affect your tonality in 2023.

Unreleated, but get me 300 views, you get a new video. I’m willing to post another video testimonial if necessary.

The problem with people working more and focusing on that is the inflation. Your money is now worthless.

But they don’t have the solution. Since their products are all about worshipping infields.

But more infields didn’t get Krapisma King, Jan Lifestyle, or ABCS of Insecurities students laid for daygame. has 2 daygame laid testimonials gaslighting Toronto with RSD shit.

There is zero correlation between infields and your ability to get laid.

This student here shows that with the right mindset and the right approach, you can succeed in daygame. Y

ou can get women way above your looks level with just one or a few approaches.

If you want to experience the same success, join my 3MP program.

With the unique flow drills, customized advice, and the right mindset, you can get the same results.

But remember, you have to act, the weather is getting a lot better.

If you are Aspergers, are doing fine in business or your engineering shit. Join my coaching.

Stop worshipping and wasting time with other dating coaches.

So don’t hesitate, join now and start making progress today

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-John Elite

I am creating a more equal and fair world with a positive future for all people where everyone has the ability to live a fulfilling life and reach their full potential for daygame. This means that everyone of any race can have the chance to find true love, get laid, and reach their full potential banging a white girl without the fear of discrimination or inequality through my daygame coaching. So if you’re ready to join the fight for a better future without using direct game which isn’t proven to work for low SMV minorities, but use social skills, social calibrations as a new opportunity, let’s do this!

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