Do You Have What It Takes to Get Laid Like This 6’2 Black Montreal Student?

This was his lay testimonial, I should post more but I have been too busy. I have a backlog of laid testimonials I didn’t get through but lets start with one of the more recent ones.

I’m here to talk about a real life problem that my students experience.

It’s hard to believe but 3 out of 4 of my black students are acting like they are borderline homeless.

They are all tall, have protector status.

But they all stack up excuses during the 2023 INFLATION.

I hear these excuses 5X a day in a row from many students. Its like oh here we go more fucking excuses a stack of 5 excuses in a row from multiple students who are brokies because they made these excuses. All the people who made excuses are broke or in debt.

Take for example one of my black students in Montreal who got laid but was too broke to continue with my inner circle membership.

He was 6’2 and Montreal-black French.

He had sex with a white girl but it was during night game.

The problem was he was unable to budget properly and wasted his money on insurance.

All the students I call RSD zombies, tie their money into something stupid.

He had to pay for insurance and lost his mind.

I told him all Indians do drop shipping tying up their money.

The other Asian students tie it up investing in a startup company which they end up working for with no money.

Or they put their money into stock options making no money, or even investing in stupid training programs that doesn’t get them results.

If they don’t tie up their money into something stupid, they would spend it all like its going out of style or its going to expire like my other black student with 46 lays.

One of my black student in 3MP made the same excuses, car troubles which a Vietnamese student made for today.

Of course the same excuses.

But the black student in 3MP watched my video about budgeting or I taught him directly and he adapted. A different black student was able to make use of the information.

However for this black student in Montreal for the testimonial, he refused to change.

I had to spend hours with him texting him to make him watch the budgeting video.

I then realized without his family he would of been homeless.

They are borderline homeless and ADHD.

I called him ADHD and he denied it as he didn’t watch the video 3 times in a row. He had to watch this video ignoring it 3 days in a row. Just like the other black students refusing to even listen to it or make any changes making excuses

I have another white student who was in the UFC who can’t focus either, with adhd.

I want to train him but if he isn’t going to focus and is overwhelmed before the upcoming recession eats them alive, then hes gone

If he finished Elite 30 then he stays.

Its really up to him, but I would rather have him as a student if possible, but if he doesn’t take action, I’m not going to bother or carry him.

I told him to change his avatar back to his UFC days, he got so many likes vs his older one.

I could of fixed his entire business too, but I don’t have the energy.

I see a pattern with these brokies.

No offense to him, I mean stepping into the cage is not easy at all and respectable.

If he doesn’t finish Elite 30 by tomorrow morning he is out of my coaching program.

That’s why I’m here to tell you that budgeting is important.

It’s not just about getting laid,

it’s about taking control of your life and your finances.

I’m starting to conclude that a lot of these ADHD guys aren’t suitable for entrepreneur type of things.

If you think you can status max being an entrepreur, think again.

I can’t turn these people into that, so you have to be born as an entrepreneur.

A lot of the famous guys were most likely like zombies and failed 15 businesses in a row and the 15th made them over 50 or 100 million dollars.

There are some famous marketers with this story.

I told one of my students from asia that, fail hard, fail fast, fail cheap, learn from it and move on.

He is 30k in debt, the same story

I spent 3 hours on the phone with him and I feel slightly depressed or a weird vibe they give, the poverty vibe

also the cackling that these guys does.

Every time they cackle and laugh like ha humm ha humm heemm hummm cackling.. they lose 5k.

After you know it more laughing and cackling another 5k

eventually its 30k in a row.

If you don’t learn how to budget properly, you could end up in trouble like my students.

I don’t know what they are laughing at, but the cackling has to do with their mental filter.

The cackling is considering, not accepting what I am saying. I yelled off the top of my lungs like Dan Pena yesterday and the message got through. If you don’t yell at them, they will lose their mind and you have to fight their delusions.

His job includes a lot of face to face interaction and I told him he was cackling in his speech.

He denied it and I recorded it so he can hear it.

When I played it back he can’t hear it until I told him to call out his brain, stop being delusional, listen to John and STFU! as loud as humanly possible

then the demons stfu, then he was able to listen.

I told him, 4 traits of low self esteem, delusions, half ass spam approaching through life, the wrong path the sociopath and burning out.

You can’t teach these guys mindsets, you really can’t, they won’t learn.

He did learn, they have to be the army in this country for military service

Turns out after his haircut, he was actually good looking.

I always pictured him as a skinny fat person, but he looks normal.

He actually applied his lessons.

Military adapts, also, UFC fighters doesn’t.

Makes sense, you need to be a trained killer to train with me better.

A lot of my students are military.


I accidentally called this student and I had to explain about the other black montreal student and others who refuse to budget. I made a physic prediction, that he would be so poor he would find Jesus again and work with the church. Of course he has a distaste for this as I called out his demons name. Beelzebub. The same demon name with another student or two. RSD guys. It clouds his judgement and makes them lose money. These demons are not your friends, they hate you. They sabotage you and give you that poverty vibe.

I was so angry that day, I aired my grievenaces saying he was supposed to be there like my Navy Seals, he really dissapointed me.

Yes he got a lay for night game and daygame recently, but not good enough.

Still needs to pass 50 lays, hes at 46,

mind is shattered in pieces during the inflation and he is spending like a rapper going broke, that fast.

What happen to you?


I also said if this one has 250 views, its like 245 views, then I would make a new laid testimonial. I’m not lifting a finger until that is done. 5 more views guys, then you get a new laid testimonial. Its time for viva la revolution against the other Asian dating coaches. Take your stand, against these night game stupid dumb fucks with no daygame solution.

So if you want to learn how to get laid with my coaching and how to budget properly, join me for my 3 Months to Proficiency program or Kaizen which means some of the most epic lays way above your SMV scale automating it without alcohol crutches or spam approaching or direct or status maxing.

It’s time to take control of your life and your finances. Join me now and start budgeting properly.

If you can’t afford that, the Elite Bundle 2 is a great option.

I’m not sure what is attracting the poor super debt people.

What in my messaging is attracting these people?


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I believe they would try to introduce a digital currency, universal basic income and make you a slave, get rid of oil, control the food, every area.

You are playing right into their hands being dependent.

They would have a social system of points and what you can do or not…

while you are being lazy as the world changes for the worst.

A.I will take your jobs.

A digital tyranny and the values of christ will be attacked, as you see with this woke shit.

Its almost anti human.

But guess what, you aren’t elite enough to survive.

Too overwhelmed…


-John Elite

P.S this isn’t a mental asylum no matter how much you want it to be. This is a place to get laid for daygame following my instructions, not resisting or making excuses or doing it your way without any commitment to change.

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