Are You Making This AUTO ASSUMPTION Mistake That Keeps You From Getting Laid with Other Asian Dating Coaches UNPROVEN DIRECT Daygame?

Hey there PUAs and logical daygamers!

Are you looking for a way to get laid without the hassle of getting gaslighted by other Asian dating coaches with automatic assumptions?

Just because I, John Elite, have the most daygame laid testimonials, don’t assume that with their RSD bullshit will get you the same results.

He has 2 daygame laid testimonials.

How does this automatic assumption work?

Well, it doesn’t take a lot of critical thinking since it is automatic.

There is a saying that correlation doesn’t equal causation, meaning X + Y = Z.

In this case, X is game cheezy is Asian + (automatic assumption) = equals student results.

In reality, you should look at the equation, that: X = has infields Y = leave it blank, Z = 2 daygame laid testimonials.

That way you don’t draw a conclusion but just look at the facts.

The fact is he has 2 daygame laid testimonials.

If we were to put a Y, he teaches direct game, RSD style bullshit. Then that is the Y.

So infields + RSD = 2 daygame laid testimonials.

The same formula could of been said about scam lifestyle.

Z = 0 daygame laid testimonials, just night game.

X = he is a tall good looking strong Asian dating coaches,

Y = undefined.

But lets reverse engineer what is Y?

However, based on those two, once again he is RSD Juliens game.

Therefore RSD = less laid testimonials.

Do you see a pattern here?

Don’t let your mind think oh John Elite worlds best daygame coach is Asian so they other Asian must be good he has infields.

Why not look at his lack of daygame laid testimonials which is the most important?

This also debunks infields.

It doesn’t have anymore laid testimonials than 2. Also, none with an Asian guy.

Take this formula for ABCS of Low Self Esteem. X tall good looking Korean coach. Y = undefined Z = 0 daygame laid testimonials.

But refine it, looking at the science, they use Mystery Method derivative.

So 0 daygame laid testimonials for Mystery in 2022 and 2023.

They have less infields but it didn’t matter.

What matters is Asians getting you results for daygame.

Infields or not infields doesn’t define whether or not you get laid because they’re Asian.

In fact they have 1/10 percieved status, so therefor you auto assume they have more skills without them having any daygame laid testimonials.

You see that? Auto conclusions, like sheeps to the slaughter.

Almost all of their laid testimonials for ABCS is night game.

Which if we were to reverse engineer it…

Mystery for Y = Aspergers or RSD Asian = autism.

Direct game = white mans game.

You can reverse engineer the real reason.

The real Y = Mystery Aspergers, RSD Autistic… therefor you are still thinking inside the tactics box.

The real Y is PUAS are autistic too so they don’t know or understand the infields or what it means.

The PUAS can be cheezy as hell, but they can’t see the difference.

Y = Why asians have to go to Latin countries to do night game is they don’t have enough value for daygame so they status max like ABCS.

Here is another unrelated example… Just like new delhi gRAPE game. X = daygame courses that never works Z = few daygame bootcamp laid testimonials.

Y = Uses alcohol and if she doesn’t drink bringing alcohol secretly in the bedroom to deal with her objections to and consent, new delhi borderline systematic new delhi gRAPE style.

X = You see them and their students with their infields word for word.

Z = some of their students gets laid on the bootcamp. Not all, or to the level of John Elites students getting laid.

So what is really the Y?

The student won’t get results if she doesn’t drink. Its all alcohol maxing.

Don’t you see? Its not game. Anything before the alcohol crutch doesn’t work. No game, zero.

Like a boxer who wears a brass knuckle inside their boxing glove at the last round, metaphorically speaking staggering her with alcohol. Do you see how this works?

You don’t see this in their infields the alcohol, well you do. But it would taken out.

Same with their students that part will be edited out now but if you remember the alcohol maxing, its there.

But other dating coaches will try to draw your conclusion for Y.

Which is the real reason to explain Z, which is the results.

They brainwash you through authority, but in reality, they are using alcohol crutches for Y.

What is an alcohol crutch? is it in the middle of an instadate? drinking? NO.

Alcohol crutches means bringing out the alcohol when she is in the bedroom to deal with the objections and consent. When she is drunk they force themselves on her calling it bedroom escalation.

Anything before that point in interaction for Y = why their daygame problems never works.

You take away this at the bedroom to wrestle and pin her down to create stockholm syndrome.

Yes you have sex with her when she is drunk.

But like a hostage situation which they love to use, thats how they think… she submits to the captor.

They would call this sick new delhi gRAPE game, retention because of emotions.

Which is just another lie they use for Y.

There is a difference between those who has emotions, vs feelings. As they call arousal

They want to attribute because they have emotions they can do better in game, that is the Y they are trying to brainwash you with

In reality the Y is nothing more than borderline new delhi gRAPE.

There is no game whatsoever. That whole thing is a farce that extends to their students unethically using alcohol in the bedroom and wrestling with her.

They are taught to keep it below the level of new delhi gRAPE. Just below it, but escalate hard when she is drunk when they gave her alcohol in the bedroom.

In reality, when my students levels up, which is a counter to autism.

The X = social skills, social calibrations, white washed tonality for emotional control and supplementation to calm down emotions.

Y = 20/35, if they can drill down their skills until second nature… Then Z = another laid testimonials.

In fact, I have 577 laid/pull testimonials right now and none of it is done through alcohol maxing, direct game.

Its trying to automate the students abilities like the REAL NATURALS.

For real naturals who mentored me, they do this automatically

I thought why not automate it for my students to counter the aspergers of Mystery Method and RSD autism?

Even new delhi gRAPE is autistic using stupid autistic lines and romance.

In fact using the alcohol crutch in the bedroom shows that game alone is not enough without using alcohol wrestling with her until she submits and becomes a captive with stockholm syndrome where she sides with the captor.

You might see the infields, but you don’t see what really goes on.

In fact everything I teach you through all the videos, youtube live never has a Y.

When I tell you the actual Y, its often things you don’t want to hear

Like you aren’t white washed enough as an Asian so you get auto rejected.

It just tells you X is this, social calibrations. Z = no flakes, no shit test, no resistance in the bedroom.

Y is the reason, which is because social calibrations is 55% of non verbal communications. That is what eliminates flakes since other white dating coaches all hunch with zero social calibrations.

Of course 36% is the tonality and 7% or the stupid fucking game cheezy lines is only the game part, a small part.

I mean the naturals always utilized all of those first, body language first which affects their state of mind so their tonality changes, then the words changes based on their state which is controlled by their congruency of their body language…

Thats why they can’t get daygame laid testimonials because they don’t have social skills or social calibrations.

Or they use new delhi gRAPE game which isn’t even game.

X = white dating coaches 0 – 1 daygame laid testimonial or 3.

Z = results always the same for the students, non existened.

Y = students don’t get laid.

That totally debunks that infields means anything.. it doesn’t.

Infields is like a basketball player.

Coaching is like coaching a basketball team.

These are two different skills, which are unrelated.

You think oh he is a good basketball player therefor he is a good coach.

In reality Micheal Jordan tried to coach a team he bought, they sucks.

Phil Jackson isn’t the best basketball player. But is the worst best basketball coach.

So stop mixing the X + Y = Z nonsense that oh he has infields, therefor he must be good nonsense.

The only thing that matters is Z, students getting laid ethnically (without alcohol or status maxing crutches)

All this other stuff, all of their theories they try to brainwash you with their Y equation is all just half truths.

They gaslight your brain because you’re narcissistic, delusional, low self esteem, adhd, autistic.

The coaches are narcissistic sociopaths Machiavellian autistic wolves in sheeps clothing.

I just tell you the real Y.. why this is all happening.

Your subconscious mind gets everything I am saying because it hits you so hard creating a conflict triggering you with cognitive dissonance.

Now do you understand what I taught you makes so much sense?

Other auto assumptions is oh the coach is your race is X.

So Y he must be better

Z = Like Justin Wayne and negros, nobody that is a normal person not a dating coach got laid, nobody for the laid testimonials.

What is a better Y?

Go with the dating coach with the most daygame laid testimonials you dumb fuck. Stop making auto assumptions based on the race alone

I’m an anomoly, I would demolish anyone teaching daygame, I have the most daygame laid testimonials

Go for my coaching, stop worshipping infields and get their banana out of your mouth and stop blowing their banana milkshake out of your mouth.

Have some critical thinking for once

Learn what is the real Y is

Also, no direct game without game crutches even has daygame laid testimonials or more than 0 – 3 for direct game, lol.

Mass delusion…

So why don’t these guys have more laid testimonials? Are they using a different formula or strategy? Are they using some kind of Machevellian strategy to manipulate their students?

Well, the truth is that some of these coaches use a formula of X plus Y equals Z.

X stands for infields,

Y stands for something undefined,

and Z stands for the number of people who take their bootcamps.

But what does Y really stand for then?

Y stands for turning people into sheeps worshipping, which drives up bootcamp sales and drives up money.

Y also stands for trying to game women without relying on game crutches like status maxing or alcohol crutches, which is fine if you can do it, but most can’t.

And then there’s Y which stands for numbers game, which is basically just trying to game women in a robotic and autistic way.

And then there’s Y which stands for mindless sheeps, or people who just follow what their coach tells them to do without thinking for themselves.

So what’s my strategy then, why am I not using their X plus Y equals Z formula?

Well, my strategy is to tell you exactly what their machevellian strategy is.

How this daygame industry, direct game, game crutches are a circus.

I’m exposing them, so your subconscious brain starts to recognize that I’m telling you the truth, which gives me massive trust.

You go through cognitive dissonance, brain pain with two conflicting ideas.

But mine wins out because its the truth.

You recognize you were brainwashed to worship as if they manipulated you in a machevellian way.


Yes enlightened so you wake up, so you understand everything I’m saying as the truth, as the truth will set you free.

The people still worshipping infields are not awake.

This system is your enemy against what the real naturals do, which is pure autism, delusions, sociopathy and mass approaching SMVing it with game being a LMS delivery system not suitable for low SMV daygamers.

When my students are enlightened, they get laid because they know how to adapt to the 20/35 algorithms.

When you get laid, you make a video testimonial because you’re greatful and happy.

Then more people sees it, then they wake up from the brainwashing from other dating coaches X plus Y equals Z formula, where they manipulate the Y.

In reality what is the real Y = cult deprogramming. What is their Z = getting you no results, only those who SMV it with volume with 0 – 3 daygame laid testimonials enslaves you as you try to do that with no SMV.

What is my Z, it means the students who are enlightned who are adaptable, it forces changability index are the first to get laid.

They’re not changeable beause they are brainwashed by the direct game enslavement

So there are people who are daygamers who got burnt so many times, they listen to my stuff, they wake up.

Why not, I got 577 laid/pull testimonials? The odds are my version of the truth is a lot closer to reality then their mass delusion.

Y = other dating coaches are wolves in sheeps clothing manipulating your brain because they’re autistic narcissistic sociopaths.

Its not that they stop gaming women, they also game you.

Now you understand why I didn’t want to build a business based on worship.

Its pandemic proof, but hardly recession proof. Not sustainable.

But as the inflation gets worst, you start to double down on worship.

So if you’re looking to get enlightened, to get out of the daygame industry, to get out of the game crutches, to get out of the worship, and to get real results, then join me for coaching either in my 3 Months to Proficiency program or Kaizen which means some of the most epic lays way above your SMV scale automating it without alcohol crutches or spam approaching or direct or status maxing.

So why should you join me for coaching?

Well, I can get you the epic lays way above your SMV scale automating it without alcohol crutches, spam approaching, direct or status maxing.

You can join me for my 3 Months to Proficiency program or Kaizen and I’ll show you how.

My students doesn’t have to be big and strong to kick your ass in daygame.

My students doesn’t need to status max in 3rd world countries to get that lay in.

My students are getting women above their looks levels, some are banging models too even as Asians or white girls.

Maybe, just maybe you want to do that..

If you do, drop everything you know about daygame.

With your autism, your sociopathy, your delusions, you would never understand what I am teaching.

Its completely different, a new opportunity old as time itself.

What the real naturals uses.

Yet the autistic fucks doesn’t understand, but all the naturals do.

I simple made it mainstream, they don’t know how to teach it if its automatic..

If you can focus, get your finances in order, this is your best chance to getting that lay

You don’t need alcohol crutches and infield or hero worship.

Its getting you stuck

What are you waiting for? if you don’t get that lay my students will… the enlightned students while the sheeps with their status maxing are being manipulated.

This is a new opportunity, social skills, social calibrations from the real naturals who doesn’t understand your autistic daygame industry full of machevellian maxing.

Why not go with skill maxing since skills = more value or points towards your 20/35.

Free same day lay training


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-John Elite

P.S, now you understand how this daygame industry works. You now understand why RSD and Mystery Method is all about a huge numbers game for medium SMV but doesn’t even work for most Asian men as they go to night game. Now you know how game crutches works, how that isn’t the same results of my students who are actually building their skills like the army. They are levelling up and drilling it down. Something you lazy unenlightened zombies won’t understand because you are lazy adhd delusional autistic sociopathic zombies.

I unbrainwash you as my strategy, get you enlightened, you have all the answers but your brain is fractured so they shouldn’t put in the wrong half truth pieces. Putting together a puzzle that doesn’t even fit. My way gets more laid testimonials, then I get more students fairly. Their way makes more money, well until a recession is going to happen, an inflation, they won’t make as much with hero worship, that is not sustainable.

The world would be a better place if other Asian dating coaches just admits they are autistic or aspergers and can’t get you laid in daygame. Just night game… thats it. Then the world would be a better place, they focus on night game and stfu. But no, you got to make auto assumptions. In reality you just have to look at X and Z. Not Y. The data point. The data points is I have 577 laid/pull testimonials.

Also, I enjoy Youtube Live, 3 hours here, I normally take 8 hours to edit a video, slowly. Lets say 5 -6 videos a month = 48 hours wasted. Vs if 3 hours per video on youtube live 18 hours, more impact. The adhd sheeps won’t wake up, I would just repost a shorter version for them. They can’t wake up unless I teach them how to get out of adhd…

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