All other Asian dating coaches go direct, all looks tall, strong, no daygame laid testimonials (Mass Delusion)

Other Asian dating coaches have been unsuccessful in teaching daygame as they rely solely on direct game, which is not suitable for most Asian men with low SMV.

Going direct is similar to playing a Tinder street game where the woman only looks at your height and race when you approach her.

Therefore, women with higher looks than you will not give you indicators of compliance, even if they give you positive reactions.

These reactions are often referred to as pieces of shit reactions since they don’t lead anywhere.

ABCs of Insecurities, for instance, has a tall, good-looking, strong dating coach who didn’t receive any daygame laid testimonials in 2022 and 2023.

They use the Mystery Method derivative for daygame, which means they don’t provide their students with the skills necessary to get laid through daygame by going direct.

The problem with other tall, strong, and good-looking Asian dating coaches who use direct game is that they rely on their looks and status rather than developing their skills.

This is not just a London daygame problem, but a worldwide one.

It is crucial to have social skills, social calibration, and emotional control to succeed in daygame.

However, most Asian daygamers lack these skills, as they are socially retarded and rapport seeking, putting women on a pedestal.

To get over the line and get laid through daygame, you need a score of 20/35, with looks/height/face being out of 10, money out of 5, status out of 10, and social skills, social calibrations, emotional control, and game worth 2.5 points each for a total of 10.

Other Asian dating coaches don’t have this score because they rely on going direct and using other systems like Mystery Method or RSD, which are not suitable for most Asian men.

For example, Jan the Scam Lifestyle doesn’t have any laid testimonials, and his game is based on Julien Blanc’s game, which is not natural game.

Despite this, he has a following among Asian men who try to bring their RSD fashion, mass approaching, delusions, and direct game into their approach, without seeing any results.

My daygame program is different in that it teaches social skills, social calibration, and emotional control.

It provides a way for Asian men to succeed in daygame without wrestling with drunk women using alcohol maxing, which is not game.

My program also helps Asian men to get white girls in daygame, which is something that many other coaches can’t offer.

If they can, I am not talking about alcohol maxing either using new delhi gRAPE game.

Although some might argue that Asian men should date women of all races,

it is essential to acknowledge that certain features, such as a massive squared jawline for Asian women that are into white guys or a triangle jawline, can indicate a preference for Asian men.

Ultimately, my program focuses on providing the skills necessary for Asian men to succeed in daygame, rather than relying on looks, status, or direct game.

Do you want to get laid with 20/35 daygame? Is it your goal to level up your dating game and get the girl, without having to resort to 15/35 night game?

Look no further… the solution is here!

As a minority daygamer, you feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle.

Other Asian dating coaches focus solely on night game and have laid testimonials to prove it, but nobody is pointing out the fact that it’s possible to get laid with 20/35 daygame.

Well, I’m here to tell you that it is possible to get laid with 20/35 daygame.

You don’t need to focus on 15/35 night game as a Plan B if your daygame plan A doesn’t work out

Yet you can get results with the right skills and social calibrations.

I’ve been there, and I know how hard it can be to break out of your shell and put yourself out there.

But I’m here to tell you that it’s possible to get the white girl, even if you’re a minority daygamer.

I’ve developed an effective system that will help you get the girl and make your daygame dreams a reality.

Without any game crutches like status maxing or wrestling with drunk women in the bedroom alcohol maxing.

My system will help you develop the skills necessary to get laid with 20/35 daygame.

I’ll teach you how to use social calibrations to get the girl and increase your chances of success.

I’ll also provide you with tips and tricks to make sure that you’re successful in your daygame journey.

If you’re a minority daygamer who wants to get laid with 20/35 daygame, then you need to take action now.

Don’t wait any longer –

sign up for my 3MP or Kaizen program and start getting the results that you want. With my system, you can make your daygame dream a reality!

Actually I’m really enjoying making Youtube Lives since I can answer questions in real time about your misconceptions and I don’t have to video edit as much.

You really don’t need all this fancy editing to get the point across because you would always watch it with your own misconceptions

Plus the adhd guys likes the short videos, but if they are adhd, they are always broke so why appeal to them? I should just post non stop laid testimonials there

if they don’t have the attention span, they wouldn’t do well in 2023 half ass spam approaching through life.

Stop playing the numbers game by Going direct with low SMV and learn how to get laid fast with a white girl –

get the secrets with John Elite’s 3 Months To Proficiency bundle!

If 3MP seems out of your budget, the second most popular course bundle right now is the Elite Bundle 2

-John Elite (worlds best daygame coach)

Update: since you are here anyways, here are my other courses.

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P.S, you don’t have to worship me. I don’t care for sheeps. I want enlightened daygamers. It doesn’t change your results if you worship me or not. Your results would be good anyways if you do everything I say exactly without changing the recipe.


I’ll leave this here for one more day because if I wrote a good blog post that took a long time with quality. It has a good video, at least more people can catch up and watch it.

Not everyone watches the Youtube Lives, but I think this is something I enjoy a lot more than sitting down to fucking edit videos and cut out the pauses.

Plus this whole worshipping other Asian dating coaches is a mass delusion of direct game.

Plus if you read this post, haven’t watched the whole video what are you waiting…

all of this needed to be said years ago.

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