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Daygame: Hey all you logical daygamers! Here’s the daygame secret you need to Learn how to flirt properly in daygame.

You really can get laid fast for daygame (so you can avoid having to be a monontoned fuck like Todd V)!

Do yourself a favor and get moving so you can swiftly Learn how to flirt properly in daygame!

Drop what you’re doing and watch this daygame advice video right now!

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Daygame: 4 Flirting Techniques That Work Every Time! | John Elite

Here’s a new daygame advice video for every logical daygamer who wants to get laid fast for daygame and Learn how to flirt properly in daygame without having to be a monontoned fuck like Todd V.

Hi, I’m John Elite. I help people just like you who wants to flirt.

I can help you because I have 577 laid/pull testimonials.

More daygame laid testimonials than every daygame coach in the world combined you worship.

Worshipping doesn’t get you laid, it just gets you played. Meaning you buy other dating coaches products, it doesn’t even work.

They stuff it with bootcamp clips.

Then when their daygame product doesn’t work you blame yourself instead of the coach manipulating you…

then you get funnelled to their bootcamp intentionally…

You learn game crutches like status maxing using the coaches status, or you learn to use alcohol in the bedroom wrestling with drunk women…

Its like a boxer that wins 11 rounds, pulls, then puts a brass knuckles under their glove to win with alchohol to bypass consent

Let me tell you what I mean when it comes to daygame…

secret of the REAL naturals – The Secret 4 Flirts

  1. the Elite 30 social calibrations way
  2. The excessive flirts
  3. the indirect questions flirt
  4. the vibbing a slightly unidentifiable emotions until her nervous system turns that into sexual arousal

What that means is that the Elite 30 or Kaizen body language is called social calibrations.

The longer you can hold that body language which takes training, will get her more and more soaked down there.

All the naturals are born like this even without taking my coaching programs. Their neuropathways makes them have a perfect body language while being chilled

My students doesn’t square off.

Most dating coaches hunches like crazy and doesn’t have social calibrations, just game tactics to compensate due to their Aspergers.

The excessive flirts is what most dating coaches does it they can even flirt properly. Most can’t.

However, this is a direct method of flirting using your facial expressions and tonality.

Does it really work when you do romantic flirts if it is just using alcohol in the bedroom wrestling with drunk women to bypass consent and bypass objections?

Most white dating coaches will just sexualize it because they can’t flirt since they are monotoned so they have to sexualize it

Or they act cocky funny, gamey because they think that is a flirt.

Or they give compliments and non stop validation like a try hard.

The indirect question flirting type was something I learned

You can still reverse it into a question like how do you keep in shape?

She says yoga?

You can ask with a lower and slower tonality if she can do the splits?

It works even if people are walking by and they don’t know you are flirting

but she feels it and it makes a bigger emotional impact

I mean sexualizing it non stop is going to put you off the line.

Lastly the throw everything and the kitchen sink into your emotions at her.

The unidentifiable emotion.

The idea is the more emotions you can throw at her mind, the more she process that emotions and then it turns into sexual arousal.

So they keep doing that over and over

I saw a lot of naturals do this.

The information will transform your life and give you new tools to get laid much faster than ever before.

So, what’s the point of all this?

There are more than just a direct method of flirting

The moral here is that you can get laid fast without having to be a monontoned fuck like Todd V.

You would never learn this stuff anywhere else except the direct flirts since I learned the other stuff from REAL naturals.

Its only revealed to the daygame industry by me.

I hope you enjoyed this advice video… if you did, please do me a favor and like, comment, subscribe, and turn on the notifications.

-John Elite

P.S, I’m just a bit exhausted, would of posted this yesterday but was so tired. What I am tired off? the broke people, it feels like I’m marketing in the great depression or something. Also, the stupid delusional worshipper dick licker sheeps without critical thinking. Thinking it is a safer bet to worship more famous coaches. More subscribers means more sheeps, less laid testimonials.

I made some changes to the homepage since most of my students are engineers or logical. Plus, I changed the tagline, hopefully it conveys the same message. People are doubling down on hero worship these days thinking it is a safe bet. Its not, the more popular the more mindless sheeps a coaches has. I have less subscribers, but more daygame laid testimonials than all of them combined.

I’m willing to post a new daygame laid testimonial every single 2 or 3 daygame videos if necessary as you continue to dismiss and ignore mine because some of you are broke asses.

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