What You Should Know About Why My Aspergers Engineering Students Keeps Getting Laid For My Coaching Vs The Autistic RSD Victim Unteachable Case Brokies That Doesn’t in 2023

I have more students who are engineers than an engineering school these days.

Also potential students are also engineers.

Hey, did you know that just because you got an engineering job that pays well.

I have students working in top tech companies that are Indians, Asians in mid level and low level tech companies.

It doesn’t mean you can take the same mindset to daygame with your monotoned, uptalking, high cortisol fast talking, logical thinking no emotions, but triggered feelings poorly dressed ass to daygame and expect to do well?

I know it sounds crazy because we’re so used to hearing about if you act as monotoned as Todd V, using stupid scripted lines because of your corpus callosum issues.

The middle part of your brain doesn’t work so you remember stupid cheesy lines or tactics.

Or you go direct, with your monotoned voice using inferior tactics hunching with a lack of social calibrations., and while that is important,

I’m going to share three insights with you today that’s going to revolutionize the way you think about aspergers syndrome.

I’m John Elite and I am a daygame coach who has 577 laid/pull testimonials for daygame and recently most of my students are engineers.

So much so you would think this was an engineering school.

Even my normal students are going to engineering school now.

They are attracted to my scientific algorithm based 20/35 daygame system and focus on social skills, social calibrations.

I actually ask my students before they join on the phone, let me guess your occupation. Engineer right?

They are like oh my god, how did you know?

I tell most of my students these days are engineers.

Even if it isn’t an engineer, most has a super left brained job. I had biotech, accountants, marketing, small business owners, entrepreneurs and jobs like that.

So what is learning how to go from your left logical brain in your head monotoned, thinking of stupid PUA lines which none of my students does, to right brained being in the moment observational, emotional, being more natural, empathetic to what she feeling.?

It’s you need to master social skills, social calibrations, emotional control (white washed tonality not monotoned) Then use game afterwards.

With a white washed fashion, hairstyle.

You are opposite of the naturals who mentored me, they have all of these things. I don’t mean status maxing or any validation or going direct, most doesn’t do that.

But they have perfect body language, they are chilled, they flirt more since you don’t because you love being friendzoned due to not taking risk because of your body filled with cortisol it eats away at your muscles as you have a narrow shoulders..

It’s most of my engineering students feels like they are cursed, but if they have medium SMV and up, its a superpower.

They get more results than my other students because they aren’t financially fucked..

So I’m going to share with you 3 insightss about you need to master social skills, social calibrations, emotional control (white washed tonality not monotoned)

Then use game afterwards.

With a white washed fashion, hairstyle.

You are opposite of the naturals who mentored me, they have all of these things.

I don’t mean status maxing or any validation or going direct, most doesn’t do that.

But they have perfect body language, they are chilled, they flirt more since you don’t because you love being friendzoned due to not taking risk because of your body filled with cortisol it eats away at your muscles as you have a narrow shoulders. and how you can focus on daygame since you aren’t financially sinking.

There are two types of PUA students.

Type A are the psychopaths, non delusional, ADD not adhd, OCD types who aren’t depressed, who has no emotions who will get laid non stop.

Type B are the sociopath narcissistic with high ego, low self esteem, delusional, triggered, depressed types like the unteachable cases RSD zombies who are full of excuses blaming the inflation for their impulsive ADHD skinny fat double chin ass with narrow shoulders and super thin waist but huge skinny fat belly and body fat.

Where they spend money like its going to expire to sooth their depression because they are skilless.

Unlike the engineers who are gifted with one narrow focus skill that makes them world class at something like engineering a narrow focus.

That is part of Aspergers Syndrome because they have one narrow focus that allows them to learn one skill above everything else.

However because of this, its hard for Aspies to learn a second skill to a world class level.

Their neuropathways are only designed for one so daygame becomes a lot harder if they just try to do stupid gamey game tactics and stupid lines bullshit sounding like Todd V who literally has 4 daygame laid testimonials after 23 years.

It simply debunks itself that game by itself even helps Aspergers.

They even resorted to learning stupid romance, with wrestling with drunk women using alcohol for daygame if they are that stupid which literally proves game by itself doesn’t work.

But due to the narrow focus, they don’t have to worry about money, meaning they won’t deal with the Maslov chart of human needs like the RSD unteachable case debt creating adhd super zombies.

They already are in their safety needs for employment.

Often times after too many lays they feel happy and move up to the third category love and belonging.

They often have the ability to have social skills, social calibrations they make friends like no tomorrow.

Or they have love an intimacy beyond just sex.

They might even leave the game for a while because sex, food, water, shelter is only the first human need called physiological needs.

Often times these are the students who can afford my coaching, its not a big deal until some of the big tech firms started firing engineers lately downsizing.

But I rather focus on Type A this time during 2023 as they are better students who are physically and mentally able to apply my coaching. In the past years both were suitable..

And I know what you’re probably thinking:

why not just go direct, make more money, or work on improving your status?.

But again, I’m going to show you a great way you can work on arrow theory for 2023 for an automatic lay since you have some survival value.

The arrow tip is the conversion mechanism and by drilling down the skills of the arrow body and v shape or use your fashion, hair for the feather, it will fly better and penetrate its target or get you that lay in daygame.

Social skills, social calibrations, emotional control is the body of the arrow to make it penetrate better.

No engineers has a white washed tonality because they are monotoned.

They hunch like crazy because they get timid due to extreme cortisol, they talk super fast too.

They are too logical using lines, so I teach them the social skills flow drill even if it is hard for them.

The body language for social calibrations or non verbal communication will be permanent after 21 days to form a new habit that overides their corpus callosum issues where their middle part of their brain that communicates from their left to right brain is weak so they can’t do 3 steps in a row.

They would often create a zombie step meaning a random junk step that shouldn’t be there.

They like the one or two steps game stuff, but without the body of the arrow it doesn’t work or penatrate.

I don’t mean using stupid gamey game lines either or alcohol wrestling with drunk women as a conversion mechanism since a lot of my Indian students who are aspergers engineers often thinks they need it to hide their accent.

But when they dress white washed, women doesn’t know what their ethnicity is.

They start to be attracted to them with the colongue.

Plus their body language makes them pull with ease for white women.

Now they realized, their race didn’t matter when they are white washed.

My Indian students are enlightened, smart, hard working, adaptable to make it to the top tech fields.

I had a student who has 3/10 looks, who didn’t adapt at all.

Got triggered, started stonewalling, bhenchoding.

He failed every exercise on top of being delusional and adhd.

Refused to change or acknowledge the depressive sigh at the end of the sentence where they have a sigh of depression turning women off.

He even made a video on Youtube as he was my subscriber I looked at his video of him coping so hard trying to rebrainwash himself with delusions to protect his ego.

He refused to look at the mistakes calling it a problem, how he has the solution.

But he said 0 solutions.

I mean he can’t fit into a size extra small dress shirt and size 27 pants being skinny fat

Yet in his mind he is 8/10… he doesn’t know why he is getting rejected.

Its not just looks he sighs which he denies as he does it again on the first sentence of his Youtube video.

A sigh of depression which he denies then he copes again pretending he isn’t depressed doubling down on delusions.

If he doesn’t acknowledge the problems then how can he apply the right solutions?

Dude is possessed by demons.

Even if he says he doesn’t have the demon headache due to a lack of emotions. I bet he feels a lot of pressure there. I know. I’m psychic.

My chinese engineering students are like super solders or Navy Seals because while they have triggered feelings.

Feelings is different than emotions.

Feelings is like putting your hand on the stove, getting triggered or butthurt which is not feelings or arousal as they gaslight you with the half truth pill.

Feelings are like 21 flavors of icecream, different identifiable emotions.

The more triggered you are the more narcissistic low self esteem, the less guilt/remorse you have and less empathy.

Lets get that out of the way, but the engineers have feelings, but not a lot of emotions. and get amazing results.

So the first insight is, narrow focus of aspergers mixed with corpus callosum issues.

The big idea here is most of the engineer type of students can’t do 3 steps at once since their left brain doesn’t connect with their right brain in the middle.

The wiring is super faulty.

But they do have one narrow focus they can do better than most people which is engineering.

When they do 3 steps I call it the knight with a sword, shield and armor concept.

They focus on the sword, or one step, they will drop the shield. When the pickup the shield, their armor falls off.

Then they put it back on then their sword falls again.

Instead they need to focus on all three at the same time like its one step like a recipe.

Or they are burning expensive steaks a bit less every time throwing things against the wall to see what sticks.

Yes they really think like that. I know, I taught so many Aspergers students, just look at my video testimonials, most are in the tech field..

This is important because For 3 Months To Proficiency or Kaizen, they are able to relearn their neuropathways and override this weakness.

Now some of my Aspie students are taking nootropics for neurogenesis regrowing neuropathways if they are too far Aspergers, clumsy, uncoachable due to too Aspergers.

But most don’t need it!

The second insights is that aspergers is a gift and a curse.

The main thing to understand here is that while they make way more money than my normal autistic adhd RSD victim zombie students who are delusional.

Most of my Aspie students aren’t that delusional like the autistic zombie cunts.

However aspergers is a high functioning autism.

Their narrow focus is their gift where they are gifted with the ability to work in the engineering field.

I’ll tell you the truth, most of the Asperger students can’t do entrepreneurial stuff since their narrow focus is not on it so if they try to status max,

it wouldn’t work if they tried to make their social media have clout.

They are too aspergers for that. But their curse is they are clumsy, timid, uptalking but monotoned, shit body language.

Even Mystery is aspergers, he has no social skills flow drill, no body language, just stupid tactics.

When they teach this Mystery Method like mental bullshit, it rarely works, but only for tall white guys in most cases.

Other Aspies are like ABCS of Insecurities.

They sound like RSD Tyler with their high pitched RSD Tyler like voice over exagerated sounding feminine.

Or its monotoned, nothing in between.

That Aspergers Mystery Method is not even effective for Asians as their students doesn’t even get laid for daygame using it, making them stuck to night game or travelling to other Latin countries being the Asian Passport bros.

Yet my Aspie Asian students are getting laid with ease non stop in 1 – 6 approaches.

Aspergers and Mystery Method is ruining the daygame industry since they can’t see outside the Aspergers box.

Daygame is 20/35 for skills, assumming they aren’t status maxing with social media as a game crutch or using alcohol wrestling with drunk women in the bedroom which is illegal taught by other dating coaches as a conversion mechanism.

That is illegal and bypassing consent.

That is not a solution for Aspergers..

This means For my chart if you don’t have your money in order you would start to go through the 7 stages of grief stuck at depression mode.

Then maslov chart of human needs, physiological needs, triggering you.

The Aspergers engineers, logical field are not mentally affected. Makes for better students..

The third insights is most of my best students are always Aspergers or logical.

When you see all these testimonials with students getting laid non stop, many fuck buddies, girlfriends, the majority of them are not emotional,

they have triggered feelings.

But they are able to adapt with neuropathways levelling up.

The whole idea that you are enough is a lie perpetuated by white dating coaches who are taller just getting tall white guys laid occassionally once in a blue moon by using dhv stories with their 10/10 percieved natural status.

But it doesn’t work for most..

This is key because When you look at the testimonials, a lot of the students that are monotoned, or aspergers tends to be the ones getting non stop laid testimonials. This is a super power, the Navy Seals type of students. Since they aren’t emotional. When they level up the are extremely elite, special forces types..

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

It’s all a numbers game or you can Todd V it with game. .

Well the tricky thing is that there aren’t a lot of laid testimonials from game.

I’m not talking about status maxing, or new delhi gRAPE game wrestling with drunk women to bypass consent.

Thats not game at all, but systematic gRAPE, debunking game, remove that, it won’t work.!

And so I’ve creat this 3 Months To Proficiency Bundle you can get all my training programs online with both courses and all my training courses online. .

You can start with the mental trauma cure.

Then Kaizen for body language, then 3 Months to Proficiency for infield analysis.

Then all the other programs like inner circle, elite access, text game for minority.

You are set for the entire year which is great for engineers..

And so what this is going to do is level you up even during the inflation even if you have a logical job since you would need more help to get from point A to point B with a proven system.

Kaizen has a 100% success rate so far for laid testimonials.

Lets hope that doesn’t change. !

And I, as a daygame coach who has 577 laid/pull testimonials, I know what I am talking about.

If you do everything I say, its an automatic lay.

If you like to make excuses, then consider, then get skinny fat, lazy, full of cortisol, say you will do it tomorrow.

You would face a hell so bad during 2023, you will suffer everytime you delay what I am saying because everything I say is 100% correct for daygame.

I mean 577 laid/pull testimonials is 577% correct.

There are dating coaches with 0 or 1 laid testimonials or 3 for daygame.

We call these guys white dating coaches for daygame.

Direct game is not transferable to low SMV guys during 2023., what I do is I take care of every aspect of your daygame levelling you up like the army forcing you to go fast as possible evenif you are ADHD.

Then you will get laid so fast, you become a laid testimonial.

You would aim for multiple lays for the 3 Months To Proficiency Bundle.

Not just one. .

So what I’ve done is I’ve set up the entire training in a structured format. .

If you click the link, you can start 3MP right away.

I honestly don’t know how much longer i’ll keep this 3 Months To Proficiency Bundle available and prices will probably go up because the inflation is making the money worthless.

I am giving away too much for so cheap, normally all of this together will be over 15k, i’m taking a loss to get you laid so you become a laid testimonial. .

So click the link to get it today while it’s still available.

I can’t tell you all the amazing results we’ve gotten for engineers who wants to learn daygame just like you who are struggling with their aspergers syndrome, monotoned logical left brained.

I also have Elite Bundle 2 which comes with Elite 30, Elite Playbook and Elite access where you can ask 2 questions a day, but today I’m talking about the 3 Months To Proficiency Bundle, which is amazing.

Remember, wisdom is knowing what not to do.

There isn’t a lack of knowledge, but a lack of wisdom.

Everyone has their own stupid thoughts.

-John Elite

UPDATE: I don’t feel like writing a blog post today, I just can’t get my mind there today. BUT THERE IS A NEW VIDEO ON YOUTUBE RIGHT NOW..

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