300 views new video automatically

I am going to write a bunch of random thoughts that have recently 

but believe it or not this this is written by my voice over my phone because I cannot get out of bed

I was ready to make a YouTube live and I have the script written and everything was ready to go

But somehow I got so fucking tired that my body gave out

I’m still in bed right now so I cannot move not sure why though however I’m still writing this fucking Blog post

From now on I will incorporate this morning to my life

 The 2nd thing I have noticed is I do not like video editing at all

The last video from the YouTube live was video edited

But people only watched a certain percentage of it like 20 minutes

In the future I will take a YouTube live video and I will break it into 2 or 3 pieces

It’s like here is a big piece of cow but here is a steak here is the beef here is a shoulder here is the filet minion

I also just fired my video editor yesterday

I’m probably gonna invest in ai technology to help me make videos even if they’re not very good

People did not come here because a good video editing

They came here because they want to hear my message

The next thing I’ve noticed is a trend of people coming here who was burnt by every other dating coach

I believe there is going to be a new wave of enlightened Indians

The bhenchode Indians are going to be phased out

 You know the type with the sociopathic Death Stare who are cheap who worships Other dating coaches all day

 The type who are ultimate shapes who are always looking for game hacks because they are ADHD as hell

My Indian students are the guys who tried all the other stuff and it did not work for them during a pandemic

Other day game courses were released but none of it worked at all for them so they got more stuck

They don’t tell me these things but I believe that is the case

They are pissed off anyone something new

They see one late testimonial after another and they see that from my dig in courses and training then they think to themselves what the fuck are they learning from other dating coaches

If other dating coaches course doesn’t work and they get funnel into a boot camp they are starting to rise up to the fact that they are being funneled there on purpose

Then they learned a New Delhi grip game game hack with using alcohol and wrestling with a drunk woman who cannot resist that great Stockholm Syndrome

Wow that was a mouthful and this AI was able to reinterpret what I said and make it work

But I believe they need to start believing in themselves

It’s a 20 hour 35 formula

Since Indian day gamers the enlightened ones are ADHD with a mixture of autism and aspergers since they’re technical they usually try to take the easy way out

But you gotta do what is hard now so life becomes easy

If you do was easy now life becomes hard

The women they go for will have to drink in order for them to use New Delhi grape game

Now they’re starting to rise up there is another way which is through social skills and social calibrations with whitewash tornality just like my Pakistani mentor

I also notice a trend of people that may not necessarily be looking for multiple fuck buddies like my students or seem daily in 1 to 6 approaches

Some people are looking to build a bridge to their 1st lay

They have a lot of issues to work out and they’re willing to put in the work

They also realized that John elite GPT may be the solution to other problems in life

Not just about day game but they like my mental filter

No ai can possibly create my mental trauma cure program

It is like A c+ student at best

 No AI in the world can figure out how to create a date and system where the students are getting laid In 1 to 6 approaches consistently

I believe if other dating coaches are getting laid testimonials for day game it’s usually during the pandemic but not during the inflation

 Sometimes I know this happens just death cycle for day game

A coach day warship will release A day game course

During that time period I make a little bit less money because they’re worshipping this mentor mentality

They think if they can do

Then it they can do it too

They don’t realize about the alcohol crutches of New Delhi grape game

Also they don’t realize that they’re using Stockholm Syndrome

When they stop using that their products do not work

There is no secret sauce

Even if they show you the students with all the subtitles they will not show you the New Delhi Is grape game

Everything before the game crutch at that point in time let’s say in the bedroom is disqualified before that point

Without the conversion mechanism it is not transferable

Lately I’ve been talking a lot about supplementation to deal with your brain problems

I also talked a lot about meditation not that I believe in it I don’t

However there is some signs behind it that I put you in the alpha brainwaves which is more relaxed

But the better question is how do you know if you’re doing it correctly or not

That’s where my muse 2 comes in with this device I know exactly what percentage in my calm

Since it’s reading my brain waves I have an indicator knowing exactly if I’m going the right direction or not

Meditation by itself means you can go in the wrong direction for many years building bad habits

Of course not everybody is going to be able to afford a muse 2

These days they have  A muse 3

But a lot of students these days have such bad ADHD

They go through a process called mental blinking

The brain shuts down for half a second so the audio instructions are not heard

I now make them listen to it twice in Their Swiss cheese brain

 Then they finally get the instructions down

You know what’s really fun is Figuring out how to optimize things 

There was one author I read all his books and he was bad ridden too because he had crone’s disease

He was 7 million dollars in debt

The crazy thing was he was only able to work one hour A day

He had to figure out how to be more efficient

I figure if I were to do the same thing I will keep you writing my block post with this voice thing on the phone

I’m fucking tired of typing all this stuff out

And from now on I’m just gonna let the AI handle all the video editing even if it’s really shitty

Whatever time I save right could go towards this one hour A-day optimization or efficiency

Sometimes I even figure out how to make pizza without putting in a lot of work

I create a bunch of pizza dough balls by putting flour into a container with all the ingredients in one and I store it that way

So that way I just pour that into the bread maker which does all the mixing for me

Do you honestly believe I would like to grab dough into start mixing with my hand

My pizza maker spins in a circle like there’s this hot iron on top of it and below it

It literally cooks the pizza and I can go and do something else that’s more productive automating things

It’s not that I am lazy because I still work 100 hour work weeks

But these days I’m just tired of that because you cannot hold buckets up a mountain all the time for water

It’s better to build a pipeline even if it takes longer to figure out

I have made the day game system extremely efficient

If the students are able to get laid In 1 to 6 approaches even though I have not updated the Webinar

This is about as efficient as it gets

Even During The inflation

 Sociopaths comes up with really crazy 1st principle ideas

That was the basis of my last video on YouTube live about New Delhi Grape game

Same with Andrew Tate for example

You thought he has 5 girlfriends from status therefore what could he do which is a welcome studio

Of course he used New Delhi great game to turn her out

Sociopaths have this kind of mentality that they have no respect for their law

They have a winner all cost mentality which gets them stuck later on

Whether you believe in karma or not I do not believe in it but they always get what’s coming to them

A sociopath mindset cannot bear good fruits because the tree is bad

I only bear a good fruits because my tree is good

There is no wrestling with drunk women in the bedroom in my game system with alcohol using Stockholm Syndrome

You got to do things that traditional

To be honest for naturals before the PUA thing since 2001 when I started they all had social skills social calibrations in their body language an emotional control

After 2001 it became all artist a gaming game Shit

The problem the tactics is that you’re thinking in the Box

Although my 20 Out of 35 concept tactics is only worth 2.5 points

 So these guys are remixing the same fucking tactics over and over in a different way

There is only about 20 different game tactics to learn it’s just how you use them

Autistic tactics and most of these guys don’t know their autistics as hell

They need a brute force in the bedroom or they use some kind of game crutch conversion mechanism

Then they think they have game in reality distribunks that they have game it shows they have no game whatsoever

The systems that do not use the game crutches light London day game and other systems will naturally fail because their autistic

I do not have a diagnosis for autism I went to many psychologists psychiatrist and counselor’s therapist all

Not once did they say I’m autistic

Because if anyone claims that that is a false statement That is Slander

This is why I am not teaching just tactics

Also the mentor mentalities overrated

There is a teacher who just knows the concepts

There are coaches who may not be the best but they are the best at coaching which still gets your results

Then there is the mentor who is doing it and you learn from them even though they’re not the best coaches

But like Steve Jobs says you are the musician That plays the musical instrument

I play the orchestra

Just like I am the general not the big soldier who claims they are so good therefore they’re a mentor

Who gives a shit about mentors

This is why you’re stuck because you think mentor this mentor that’s why you buy their day game products that does not work

That’s all the thoughts I have for today

I’m gonna get up I’m gonna copy and paste all this stuff and I’m posted on the blog

I’m not going to edit anything

Purely from what I’m speaking into the cell phone right onto the text that you’re reading

I can’t believe this works

But it really frees me up to think so I don’t have to type and think at the same time I can just speak my truth

back to passing out… Its 1am, couldn’t move still.

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