Mentor Myth: If He Can Do It I Can Do It Automatically For Daygame, FALSE.

NEW VIDEO IS LIVE, GO WATCH IT. 300 VIEWS OR CLOSE, NEW VIDEO AUTOMATICALLY… this is for those who bought their daygame products during the pandemic, got 0 results, then potentially funneled into a bootcamp. But its intentional, follow the money, revealed (132 views, good job guys, really…)

(Everything You Have Been Told Was A Lie) So Stop Worshipping Dating Coaches With The Mentor Mentality, that If He Can Do It So Can You 

Are you a minority daygamer with a burning need to get laid fast without using alcohol for daygame using it in the bedroom wrestling with drunk women, new delhi gRAPE game taught to you by other dating coaches… which isn’t legal. Also, it causes stockholm syndrome where women sides with their captor.

Do you want to get laid faster even using daygame products, online training without depending on a bootcamp rapidly

and not have to depend on the mentor mentality.

That if they can do it you can do it b.s.

There is a teacher, a coach and a mentor.

Sometimes a dating coach is more effective than a daygame mentor?

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Mentor Myth: If He Can Do It I Can Do It Automatically For Daygame, FALSE.

Here’s a new daygame youtube Live for every minority daygamer who wants to use a proven daygame system that lead to 569 laid/pull testimonials and get laid like my students can for daygame without having to depend on the mentor mentality.

That If they can do it you can do it b.s.

There is a teacher, a coach and a mentor. Sometimes a dating coach is more effective than a daygame mentor.

Hi, I’m John Elite. Who are minority daygamers.

I have 569 laid/pull testimonials, I know what I am talking about.

Here’s what you need to know when it comes to daygame…

hidden secret – The Mentor Mentality Is A Myth

You think if they can do it you can do it. But in reality their daygame products doesn’t work at all.

They already released their products during the pandemic,

but are doing it again for the inflation.

It only funnels you into a bootcamp.

The reason you are stuck is simple, they are using game crutches that are not transferable.

Like New Delhi gRAPE game.

Sure you have to maneuver, sexualize it and deal with objections.

Where when they pull women home to maneuver.

Also, to deal with the objections, they get her drunk as fast as possible with vodka and pepsi. Pouring in into women’s glass over and over.

They call it bedroom escalation to sexualize it.

That is an illegal type of game.

You would be doing the same thing in their bootcamps.

Thats why their daygame products are a total waste of time.

Other crutches you see are status maxing, which is popular these days with coaches.

But you can’t do that if you don’t have the same status.

Everything before the instagram close showing the status isn’t transferable. Its the game crutch.

Red Pill has been using status maxing a lot now lately.

Like Andrew Late

hidden secret – The Teacher, Vs The Coach Vs The Mentor. Why Mentors Are Not Always The Most Transferable.

Teachers Means Its All Theory.

A Coach Is Something Who Has Experience, But Still Can Coach You Step By Step To Do It and train you.

He Doesn’t Have To Be The Best,

Just The Best Coach.

A Mentor Is Someone Who Is Doing It,

But The Least Transferable.

My Pakistani Mentor Was Like Observe Me, Try To Extract The Lessons. Here Are A Few Tips,

But He Can’t Teach It.

Steve Job, they asked him what exactly does he do?

He isn’t the best programmer or the best at anything his employees can do.

Steve Wosznaic in his company is a better programmer.

But Steve Jobs in a movie said, musicians play their instruments. I play the orchastra.

It means I am the general,

they are just a good soldiers playing their small part with their instruments trying to be the mentor.

But it doesn’t doesn’t mean shit because sometimes a good coach for example like Phil Jackon doesn’t have to be the Kobe Bryant.

Who was also accused of New Delhi gRAPE game.

Thats who I am, the one who makes all this happens.

I don’t have to be the best at playing the instrument.

I just have to be the best coach.

My Pakistani mentor is a horrible coach,

he said study me by observing.

He gives a few tips insights, quick advice, wisdom.

Even updates if I have any quick quetions…

But he can’t coach it.

Anyone who says only they can teach it because they are the mentor myth mentality.

Ask yourself why their daygame products never works?

Why do they always use game crutches like New Delhi gRAPE game and their students wrestling with drunk women?

Creating stockholme syndrome…

Also, do you have the same status these days which is a more famous style with a lot of coaches?

Status maxing?

If you don’t have status like most engineers, you can’t display your clout on social media,

then how is that transferable to you?

Its a game made for 1%.

hidden secret – You Think Bootcamps Are The Only Options, But You Are Being Taken For A Ride Because Time And Time Again Their Daygame Products Don’t Actually Work.

But You Get Stuck So You Blame Yourself Like A Good Bhenchoding Sheep.

You Get Burnt, You Think The Mentor Mental Mentality Then You Say To Yourself What Is Wrong With You.

Then You Need A Bootcamp. Then You Are Stuck.

The reason you are stuck is because of the mentor myth mentality.

You are literally mentally trapped.

They will say things like only they can teach it, while that isn’t true.

A coach can be just as effective as a mentor if not more so.

It all depends on the laid testimonials.

This is exactly like Andrew Tate’s mentality.

Step one famoose the goose.

Which means turns people out like they turn women out for their webcam.

You must turn the person into a goose first. In this case their daygame products doesn’t work.

It is missing the new delhi gRAPE game in it or status.

They release one product after another, but somehow you still don’t get laid.

How many products do they need before they solve your daygame problem?

But what if, just what if its intentional design.

If it doesn’t work, they famoose the goose.

Then they fatten you with the mentor mentality of worshipping authority.

They will say unverified laycounts, as if they can even get that much alcohol or women to drink it.

Once you given them the authority, you automatically trust their half truth.

They fatten the sheep now with as much dog shit.

They come back to gaslight you so you are stuck.

They use the half truth pill.

Just like Andrew Tate was using illegal means to make and launder money.

They can brag about the mentor mentality, calling your brokies.

But in reality its illegal.

Just as new Delhi gRAPE game is illegal systematic gRAPE.

That gets women to submit, stockholme syndrome where they side with the captors.

Once they famoosed the goose, they fameese the gueese.

They turn out that sheep into the slaughter house.

Where is where the bootcamps comes in just to learn the alcohol crutch.

Or borrow the coaches status maxing.

But when you go back home, you are stuck again.

Unless you keep using alcohol.

They will cut that part out.

It doesn’t matter because everything before the game crutch, at that point, whether its the bedroom.

Or the instagram or social media close.

All the tactics without the game crutch doesn’t work.

So it isn’t transferable.

So this is how they famoose the goose, fameesse the gueess.

You fall for it every time so you get stuck in an endless loop.

Here is the solution.

Which is social skills, social calibrations, emotional control (white washed tonality).

You don’t need to use game tactics which gets you stuck.

When you learn the secret game hack of alcohol, drunk women, new delhi gRAPE game.

Its a game of 20/35. 10 for looks, 5 for money, status out of 10. social skills, social calibrations, emotional control game, 2.5 each for a total of 10.

You need 20/35 for the algorithm which gets you automatically laid without playing a numbers game or using game crutches.

So, here are the big takeaways for every minority daygamer from today’s video:

-Teachers, coaches, mentors. The mentors or the famous gurus doesn’t always have the most student results on Youtube. It all depends which one can get you results.
-Their daygame courses don’t work, but they make you worship the mentor mentalty so they can fatten you sheeps up. Then the bootcamp is the slaughterhouse.
-They use game crutches, like new delhi gRAPE game. Alcohol wrestling with drunk women to cause stockholme syndrome. They teach that in their bootcamps.
-They released daygame courses during the pandemic, it didn’t work. Its intentional. The sheeps are no longer buying into that mentality since they are wising up to this scheme. Except the bhenchode Indians, not the enlightened Indians who are my students.
-Like Steve Jobs, the general is more important than just a soldier. Or the guy who controls the orchestra is more important than the guy who is a musician. Me as a daygame coach is more important than being the best soilder. I’m the best general. 569 laid/pull testimonials.

The point here is that you can without having to depend on the mentor mentality. If they can do it you can do it b.s. There is a teacher, a coach and a mentor. Sometimes a dating coach is more effective than a daygame mentor.

275 view, I only need 300 and i’m good. Make it happen. (oh look at that, 2 more views, good job guys…)

I was going to make another video, but I passed out for 20 hours

I literally can’t move…

what the hell is going on.

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Update, everything seems back to normal today, I woke up normally, couldn’t move yesterday until last min then went on youtube live.


Like a cow, you can cut it into 3 different types of meat

or maybe 2

that is what I will do in the future

I don’t care if this has less views, maybe its not wise to post it right after the Youtube Live…

however i’ll make some adjustments..

I also changed the thumbnail cause it looks too much like the other one..

I’ll remove the background so it doesn’t look like a Youtube Live…

Watch the videos, I only require 200 views for the smaller ones

the Youtube Live over 300…

it would be half of the views they get or nearly there… thats all I need for this smaller channel..

I’m noticing i’m starting to look like my old self again, the younger version, i’m somehow reversing my age somehow…

Gives me more years teaching daygame then..

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