Discover How How My Other Students Are Stepping Up After Cutting The Loser Students Out Of Elite Access Even If The Program Has A High Success Rate Which Gives You The Exact Steps To Get Laid For Daygame… Within Faster.



  1. You are all kind of chubby, almost all of you who are ADHD fucks.
  2. You are all ADHD, no joke, all the bad students during Delta are all ADHd.
  3. You all have this delusional belief that if you make 10,000 approaches, you will automatically get laid. So you better start making your approaches, when in reality you are reinforcing bad habits
  4. You all talk super fast, due to cortisol, adrenaline, all of you. You can’t control it, so you can’t hook a set. You are literally like breathing fire on women like a dragon, set after set. But you refuse to acknowledge it is a pussy dryer.
  5. You all add your own steps, your own version. None of you actually did it my way, even if you claimed you did. You stop wearing my fashion, doing any of the suggestions
  6. You all make excuses, this is the biggest factor. For one student here, everything is an excuse, you can’t take extreme ownership, so you can’t make any progress
  7. All of your changes are physical, like working out, or intermittent fasting or taking supplements, but you have shit mindset, can’t change habits
  8. You all have shit mindsets, you can’t even finish the playlist of mindsets cause you are too ADHD. You can’t even get started.
  9. You are all lazy, even if I gave you the name of the supplemental that takes care of ADHD, you are still unmotivated.
  10. You are all dumb as a bag of rocks. I have to explain it to your dumb brain it isn’t all game. Its social skills, social calibrations, emotional control so you don’t talk super fast. You refuse to understand. You think it is more charisma or more flirting. You are so delusional. Its 20/35 total, you need social skills, social calibrations. Not game during Delta. Only my daygame courses works which Elite 30 is skills.
  11. None of you got past the first or second day of Elite 30. You just mass approach trying to do it your way hitting that 10,000 approaches to a lay. My best students have Elite 30’s neuropathways down. It is like the can shoot a basketball in a hoop with technique, skill. You have no skills, you throw it at the hoop thinking you are enough, so just keep doing it. You are delusional, will get destroyed during Delta. My best students all done the 30 day challenge, working one skill at a time.

Do you spend all your time thinking its all game trying to get laid for daygame even during the delta variantDaygame trends have really gotten out of control lately where they tell you it is all game and tactics gaslighting you..

It’s time to go back to the basics.

To get laid for daygame even during the delta variant, you only have to focus two things: go through the playlist of mindsets.

It all has the same message, stop making excuses, take the corrective action, 10x your action without excuses or thinking too much as the core message and physical changes, beyond just grooming or whatever mental bullshit like don’t be too skinny, don’t be too fat.

I mean 3 laid testimonials in daygame, come on now, preaching to others about this?

My fashion is like body armor, helmet, boots of a military, or taking the white mans clothes, using it against their women.

Then they need to supplement their ADHD.

Then they need to upgrade their mindsets, its not difficult, its essentially GRIT, or 4 steps solves everything.

Then they need to build habits,

not automate it using some autistic flow chart that only works for white people on Tinder, since tinder isn’t even a thing, but they are trying to make it into a thing. Do that and you’re good to 

There I was, a daygame coach trying to motivate some of the recent students.

The thing is, at the time I was ADHD fucks who doesn’t adapt.

The big problem was that I kicked out 5 students from Elite Access to the Inner circle.

That meant I had less remaining students, but those who are not there are determined students to succeed, which disappointed me how shit their mindsets are for the ones I kicked out

I do feel a lot less stress or mental bullshit I have to deal with

I finally got the supplement for ADHD into some of these zombies, but they were so full of excuses, too unmotivated to unlock their mindsets with the secret playlist. Now 15 videos in it..

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened…

beheaded the bad students, the good students were even more determined to win about GRIT, since my black student already got laid during Covid 19 delta, 5’5 Indian student during Delta, Other Indian during lockdown 2. 

Instantly it became crystal clear to me how to get them laid since two of these guys were in the military, one is still on active duty, the other is not. Since one is Navy, other is Army. ,

because I saw using first principles, for mindsets, why even bother with PUA mindsets, fuck these people.

Why not go across all industries. So I used the Navy Seals mindsets. Chinese military strategy, Israeli tactic, Navy and Israeli Krav Maga training methods liked drills and exercises.

Besides it wasn’t the first time I used Navy Seals mindsets, it is in Elite 30, Module 1, the 4 tennants of Navy Seals..

I always operated under the first principles formula, the fundemental truths, reason up from there to find solutions. Not reason by analogy, Mystery said this, self proclaimed high laycounts guy said that. Who gives a shit what they said… or RSD said this.

My plan was to start berating the shit students.

They were in the inner circle right next to my metaphorical Navy Seals, or past alumni students who already were laid testimonials.

I basically put team C, which are the loser team full of excuses next to team A so they can see the winners as there is one laid testimonial after another as I tag the students who won.

Team B is work in progress, but I am starting to see there is no team B. Its either team A, Winners, Team B losers for the delta variant.

My pakistani did tell me not to train losers to win, but train winners to win more. I ignored his advice, since it was Covid 19, but after this amount of time has passed, he has a point. Adhd fucks with low SMV is a recipe for disaster during Covid 19.

As they go back to work, or school their minds becomes more frail. Even if I give them the ADHD supplement which is now the cure, works better than ritalin or adderal or notropics or any of that shit.

But they still had excuses

Loser habits, like literal zombies. Just spam approaching without any brains, any habits, literally RSD victims or zombies.

Delusional too.

So I started making post in the inner circle to call out the loser mindsets people.

Also to educate people that it isn’t all strategies in war despite what tall white dating coaches tells you as they LMS or SMV it while value denying while their white students are the ones who gets results on Tinder,

not that I count tinder as any of the laid testimonials.

Since all of their students faces are covered, they can repeat the white testimonials, also we can’t confirm as easily they are mostly white guys, a few ethnics anymore, which is bullshit.

Imagine a weak army with just strategy, will that work for daygame? Of course not. Since he is mostly giving strategy to the privledged..

Only 3 daygame laid testimonials, setting the bar low

I didn’t stop there

I then updated the training of those who are still in the program since I have a bit more time.

It feels like my mind is less stressed, more free to focus on the winners.

The losers were such losers, that at least they are part of my book, where I can transcribe their loser mentality and capture that moment when they literally look like zombies not getting it…

Yet this will shock the entire world seeing how unteachable they are, but the rest will adapt to the training instead.

My successful students will go through an early obstacle course, which will be true of every Elite Access student in the future for a month, doing some simple daygame stops, some openers, some social skills flow drills, some instadate lines, body language changes to increase the instadates so they can focus on pulling.

The stuff my other loser students refuses to do.

Hell they haven’t even got past the first day of happy fun carefree vibe then they are spam approaching already… without any skills, saying they were taking action..

You try to explain it to them they look at you with a glazed over look in their eyes when you try to explain mindsets, habits, they think you are crazy.

Then you have to cut them out, these were zombies with rotting flesh, their minds doesn’t even work, they aren’t teachable.

Maybe they wondered what took me so long to cut them, they didn’t even fight to stay.

They knew their fates.

Since one of the Vietnamese guy was so unchangable, actually both.

But one was told to send me 5 videos every few days, so I can see if the watch time or the time it takes in set improves.

It started to decline as he talks faster and faster and faster. Fast talking sociopaths, with cortisol fucks, has zero chance of succeeding during the delta variant.

There is a fucking pandemic that is super contagious, there is so much fucking fear, you think you can use game, act autistic anymore? then smv it?

Worked before since my Latino student had 2 girlfriends at the same time under my training, then 4 lays, including one white girl.

But even for him, he is a lazy cunt as listed above on that list I sent to the inner circle.

After that, I educated the black student too keep up his lays consistently he needs to keep his skills higher.

He is going back to gamey tactics, shit mindses like a solider who is losing their basic training of Elite 30.

He has to finish Elite 30 and start all over a second time.

It extracts one lay after another.

The more game or more tactics, the more you will fail.

Its only 2.5 points of the total 20/35 score. Social skills, social calibrations counts for 5 points 

He needs to learn how to fucking do it, follow my advice exactly, not SMV it saying oh I was good before. But it didn’t work until you trained under me, the past is the past. Delta is not forgiving even if you are taking action, got laid under my training

To get the next lay you need to keep doing what got you there in the first place.

Building on that success, I decided to keep this tough style of training even if it scares the living shit out of potential students.

But at the same time it can bring in more of the right kind of students, who are born with GRIT.

Like my new Filipino student. Yes he makes a lot of mistakes.

But I am focused on eliminating that extra step he keeps creating.

For some unknown reason when he sends me a video to critique his form or body language, he keeps throwing in a new move that wasn’t part of the training.

So I also made him write in a journal, then he has to send it to me. Same with the 5’5 student who was ADHD as hell before, former self proclaimed high laycounts guy student, got no results from him. But he already has 2 lays here.

The other ADHD fucks wouldn’t write in a journal, or half ass it.

I call it “how to create motivation, a determination to win by metaphorically beheading shitty students moving them to the inner circle, then the stronger students are more determined to win with the tenacity, killer instinct to finish the fight”.

With how to create motivation, a determination to win by metaphorically beheading shitty students moving them to the inner circle, then the stronger students are more determined to win with the tenacity, killer instinct to finish the fight I can now get students operating like they are military to get one lay after another.

This might seem like punishment for some, but once they started to fix their mindsets, working on habits, they don’t get yelled at anymore, they get rewarded.

I want to say how great the two Indian students are right now.

They are getting rewarded for their small victories.

This post is to reward how awesome the 5’5 student is.

He fought to stay in the program.

The other Indian guy who lost his virginity under my training is turning superhuman now.

These types of students with no facial expressions, monotone, nobody can get them laid except me.

He finished the playlist all in one day. Or the videos that weren’t my Youtube Live videos, but the rest.

He wrote 10 take aways so fast for each video, sent it to me on whatsapp.

He was even faster than me at it with the ADHD supplement which the loser students took for one day then wouldn’t do the playlist for mindsets. Even though the have perfect focus they still had loser habits, no motivation.

Regardless, he literally learned what fucking zombie idiots the other students were.

Like I said, now he has a winner mindset, a killer instinct to win, he will get more lays even if he is an extreme hardcase I once kicked out or told him not to train under me.

Then he begged to come back in the past. So I accepted him into Elite Access. He has earned the right to renew the program in the future.

Perhaps that is what happens with the students, some of them needs one year to have their zombie brain catch up, since they are so stupid, so stubborn before, they need time away to think what fuckups they are before they can finally open up.

The German student was the same way. That’s what made him so unstoppable.

He got 2 lays back to back, one 21 year old, one 25 year old.

But I can tell you if you are reading this, you are not enough, unless you go through the basic training.

This is daygame, not stupid tinder mental bullshit displaying white turkey meat then calling those testimonials since that is the most in demand from women.

It didn’t work for my short 5’5 Indian student when he took that 8 week mentorship program with others.

Yes he didn’t take as much action, that is true, but it doesn’t mean I can’t rebuild them to…

You behead enough students, these students will be motivated to win.


-DON’T ADD EXTRA STEPS THAT DOESN’T BELONG THERE: Stop spamming up your approaches with bad habits which means you will calibrate your body language faster if you stop adding your own garbage Zombie steps

THE BLACK STUDENT IS GOING BACK INTO HIS OLD WAYS, HIS OLD MINDSETS OF ITS ALL GAME TACTICS, HE WILL NOT GET THE NEXT LAY AS EASILY UNTIL HE FULLY EMBRACES THE NEW MINDSETS. THE PLAYLIST IS UPDATED: Stop going back to habit habits, bad mindsets, more tactics more game bullshit that isn’t working and that means going back to Elite 30, doing the 30 day challenge again means you get the invisible auto compliance back no other dating coaches understands except real naturals

10,000 APPROACHES WOUDLN’T GET YOU LAID DURING THE DELTA VARIANT FOR DAYGAME DESPITE YOUR DELUSIONS FOR THE SHIT STUDENTS: Stop with the bad habits, thinking you are just one approach away from a lay and that means you need to stop being a lazy cunt like my Latino student who believed just because he got 4 lays in the past with my training, 2 girlfriends at the same time, doesn’t mean he will get the same results with the same thinking of the past just because he has some SMV being Latino in the past. Not after Donald Trump building that wall due. He also is deluded he thinks it was his declining looks or age, bullshit. Its his lack of skills which he couldn’t adapt due to laziness.

THE INDIAN STUDENTS ARE MILITARY, SINCE THEY HAVE GRIT, THEY WERE FORCED TO CALLOUS THEIR MIND IN THE ARMY, NAVY. SO MY TRAINING ISN’T ANYTHING NEW TO THEM, BEING YELLED AT, SINCE TOUGH LOVE WORKS: Be more like them, who can literally have resilience. … you can handle stress, won’t melt like a snowflake cunt under pressure. In fact, I was more impressed with my Indian students lately than some of the vietnamese ones. Also, the Filipino one will eat you guys alive.

WHY I DON’T WORRY ABOUT LOSING STUDENTS OR SCARING AWAY FUTURE STUDENTS. I’M LOOKING FOR THE RUTHLESS TYPES THAT ARE FAST ADAPTERS WHO AREN’T PROCRASTINATORS…: Learn that rewards and punishment is the fastest way to get laid … it encourages more ruthless students with GRIT into my training, scares the living shit out of the zombies. Yes it will get tougher out there, as my training will get tougher. But it is fair. Some students never been yelled at before, since they never not follow orders


I only told him to write one word, 4 letters in it. Then she is coming back out at his place tomorrow. Lets see if that equals a lay. I expect it to.

Lol, this 10% of the women comes out bullshit.

Students just have to copy and paste my text game, automatic lay.


The only person it didn’t work on was that Asian Chinese student I kicked out, that zombie, who gives me a 1 min commentary on how he is going to do what I told him to then forgets, literally gaslighting his own brain and my brain the process. Unable to adapt beyond working out. Low functioning zombie.

Like all the loser, with their loser mindsets, they all believe if they made 10,000 approaches, they will get an automatic lay during the delta variant.

I suggest that they try, see if that belief even works?

You need calibrations like my winner students.

This is daygame, not some tinder bullshit.

She was flaking on him, so this debunks the whole, oh you should write bigger text since its 2021.

Imo that is really really fucked up advice.

Its more like its not short text for the sake of short text, it is for the sake of behavioral game, you have to hook her so much to a level of a copywriter can with headlines.

its not headlines, but you need to create

Also, another mistake I see with my other students, is they are creating non compliance by asking her out on text, say meet me at this time…without finding out her schedule

She obviously can’t say no, so you force her to flake.

Now you are off the line. You did this.

Find out her schedule first, what days is she free, otherwise you will stack multiple nos.


I have a big headache, my stomache hurts. However, I’m offended these few students, literally are so unteachable for the zombies I kicked out.

Yelling at them they don’t even know why they are being yelled at…

I’m the worlds best daygame coach, how fucking dare you mother fuckers come in here, then do it your way?

You say you don’t, but when I give an instruction, that you are doing, like turn left here when you are driving you pull handbrakes, turn right, then left, a bit saying I did it your way, then go right again into the ditch. Every time.

What the fuck is wrong with your brain?

What the fuck is the deal with the cortisol? Honestly, always a cortisol fuck ruining my perfect record.

The same fast talking fuck, that tries to talk as fast as they can, to every women,

Literally like a dragon scorching her

On the other side, most likely the black student would get laid tomorrow, I wouldn’t be surprised. The middle eastern student got laid back to back.

Plus you have students who can focus now with the new adhd pill.

mine just arrived today from the United States, since I didn’t want to spend $120 which they price gauged on Amazon for Canadians, while you guys are getting it for $16, wtf.


Wtf is with you, you dumb fucking zombie.

You can’t even get past the fucking playlist for mindsets,

Or even complete Elite 30 day 1 or day 2.

Don’t you see that as a fucking problem?

What is worst of all that really was a mindfuck was a Latino student who got 2 girlfriends at the same fucking time, plus 4 lays, one was a white women…
He is still with one of those girlfriends. But he is too fucking lazy, taking a siesta over and over again for no fucking reason. While Jeff Bezos who is also Latino, sent a bunch of people into space. Even Dan Pena, who is also Latino, is going to try to run for prime minister in the U.K.

What is your fucking excuse, that you are aging?

I taught you how to remove every single wrinkle with my secret techniques, its not there anymore.

But your taking action, means you working out, or you spam approaching aiming for the 10,000 approaches to a lay eventually mentality that worked so well before the pandemic.

I mean, what are you, washed up or something?

Not hungry anymore? Do you not want it badly enough anymore?

He didn’t even fight to stay in Elite Access, I was going to keep him, he knew he has already given up when I called him.

Its fine, I get it, the other students will get laid very quickly, again…

However that is my rant.

I’m the best daygame coach in the world, so why the fuck would you do it your way thinking i’m just an advisor, not the general you fucking weak soilder who tries to do it with tactics, when you have no protector status, no genetic advantages…

These guys have nothing but contempt.

Then you have other dating coaches out there, preaching their bullshit saying how even funnels works for daygame, when they have 3 testimonials, gaslighting everyone, saying receipts, when in reality, they are just standing next to a women in a club? Or using seeking arrangement’s lead gen?

This is where the industry is.

Its insane, they pretend they have the solution…

To play the devils advocate, at least his course had 2 laid testimonials for daygame, only one for his 8 week mentorship course. Just one…

Its not even a solution.. its a problem.

The problem is the Latino fuck, when I told him this, realized, oh shit, there is no student results in daygame…

He just worshipped.

They need to worship before they listen, then they get gaslighted… then upsold.

Dude, just follow the fucking steps don’t change anything, automatic lay.

All my students went through it, do the 30 day challenge you lazy fucking skilless zombies.

I never seen unteachable cases before.

I always thought hardcases, I hated them, but figured them out, got them laid

Then impossible cases, emotional fucks, hated them. Covid 19 hits, decided to finally let them train with me. Got them laid

Then a new fucking category called unteachable cases, where they pretend to listen, not a single change happens.

Hardcases slowly adapts. But these guys, just does it their way, its like pure mental illness, pure sociopathy, pure autism, pure adhd….

You guys are so smug, you spam approach with resilience, still playing a numbers game.

it will happen? yet some of you never got your first lay yet.

But refuse to listen to me as some of my students are at 26 lays, has model girlfriends.

Then you get jealous, at every single lay pic I showed you from the other students.

But you resist again.

I put myself through so much shit teaching these unteachable cases…

When I cut them out, I felt much better

All the other students, wouldn’t dare not follow instructions.


I know, but I tried.

I know I can only save those swimming towards my rescue helicoptor in the stormy ocean of the delta variant.

every lockdown. the waves are different, delta is the highest.

Lots of these losers who are doing it their way, swimming in the opposite direction, died. drown…

The ones swimming at my direction, does it my way.

One laid testimonial after another.

I could literally post non stop laid testimonials from now until my birthday in March, seriously… No other content.



I’ll just focus on the winners.

The losers deserve to enjoy their stay in the inner circle. Along with my Navy Seals.

They get to see the trained killers metaphorically speaking.

they get to be lazy, all they want, procrastinate all day.

I only let superfans join Elite Inner circle or past students who got laid. But they get to get a glimpes of heaven. Where some of the secret sauce is…

But you and I know, they are too caught up in their own business, drowning in their excuses…

Their time even if they given all the tools in the inner circle, you know, I know, they will delay, do it their way, drown.

They are zombies.

They are not human..

You can’t teach a zombie to be human.


I don’t believe in luck, but I believe in skills, you should say good skills.

You get to see me congratuate him in the inner circle. I could ask him to give tips, he would say do everything John Elite says, don’t question it.. don’t make excuses, do Elite 30…. but it would of fell to deaf ears…

in the future if you aren’t demonstrating you are at least trying…

Since your best doesn’t matter, but if you aren’t using GRIT doing it my way, adapting, you are gone, moved to the inner circle or another infield analysis. Same value anyways.

If I let them come back, one of them come back out of the 5, which one would come back? show improvement? Not just spam approach? Not be lazy, finish the playlist, do the 30 day challenge properly from Elite 30. Not a single one would. I bet they rather die than finish that playlist, since they are so ADHD. So maybe the decision is final. One would be too autistic to change their habits, one is too much of a know it all to change, the other says yes sir, does it his way, isn’t hungry after he went to mexico to get a tinder lay on easy mode, another is just too adhd, unmotivated, one is just too much of an animal, or zombie to even understand as he would think its either all game or charisma, which was a word I haven’t heard in a long time, but he literally believes that is what women wants, while he is the only student who copies and paste my text it doesn’t work for.

They are all flawed men. Too autistic, ADHD to be arsed with it. Too incompetent, yet they all believe somehow they are awesome in their delusional mind. Until I point out the mistakes in their audio they can’t perceive…


Pit the against each other until one winner emerges.

Squid game as I saw in the news lately that video I linked… or its like hunger games

But I don’t think a single student there will even do the new obstacle course I set out for them to earn their way back. If they do it quickly enough.

They already ring the bell like hell week in the Navy Seals… put their helmet down as their soul left their body already.

If anything, their sacrifice will help since this book was created around them. I’ll transcribe the audio.

But still, I’ll think about it, whoever finishes the finishline first, gets a chance to come back to elite access. The obstacle course will test your autism, adhd, all your mental illnesses.

I’ll think about it. But its not fair to damage my brain while you are too busy not wanting to win, when I am putting so much effort into you guys. While you resist.

-John Elite

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