3 Great Ways To Pick A Dating Coach Based On How Many Students They Have For Your Race, Also Overall Amount Of Laid Testimonials And Get Laid By Choosing John Elite, He Has The More Asians, Even Indian Daygame Laid Testimonials


But again, I’m going to show you a great way you can actually get laid, instead of hoping you are one of the 5-7 Laid testimonials they have for Asian men and get amazing results.

So the first dirty little secrets is, they talk about social skills. Even a Taller, stronger, Sri Lankan and JT Tran talks about social skills that Asians and Indians lack. .

The big idea here is fool you that they even have social skills. .

This is important because They have socio skills, or some artificial version. Since ABCS, Queefing Cansanova has like 6-7 daygame laid testimonials… mostly night game

This taller Sri Lankan dating coach has only 5 Asian men laid testimonials, 6 Indians

They have socio skills, not social skills with 5-7 Asian laid testimonials

The second dirty little secrets is worshipping dating coaches doesn’t get you results. If you are not that 5-7 Asian students….

The main thing to understand here is that A lot of these place teaching you socio skills is more suitable for night game rather than daygame. Since night game doesn’t require as much social skills.

This means All the testimonials JT Tran has, also Queefing Casanova has doesn’t mean shit for night game.

Also taller Sri Lankan has 5. Its not social skills, but socio skills. 6 Indian laid testimonials too.

These are not the best choice. There is always good, better, best. 

The third dirty little secrets is the more popular doesn’t mean better.

Lots of Asians are RSD victims who got no results before.

This is key because Asian men has such low self esteem, they have to worship. Same with Indians.

High ego means low self esteem.

They act like zombies, they can’t think, no emotions, just triggered feelings, no critical thinking or thinking in steps. They are dumb mindless worshippers bags of money to the coaches

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

It’s all bootcamps, that’s the solution right?.

Well the tricky thing is that that is the best way to make the most amount of money… giving you shitty courses that is designed to not work… as confusing, technical as possible to the point where you blame yourself since you are worshipping…

You think you need a bootcamp

And so I’ve created this Elite Bundle you can get laid without going into a million bootcamps, plus you have 6 Skypes where I usually chart $300 per Skype infield analysis….

It actually works. Since their new daygame products or old, doesn’t even work during Covid 19.

I mean you would of been funneled into a bootcamp, not by your choosing, but by design.

Its kind of like Anthony Fauci who literally funded the gain of research of Covid 19. Then now is telling everyone what to do.

He caused the problem, then he is the solution.

Its not the solution, its the long draw out treatment that makes the most $$$$ with 5-7 Asian laid testimonials, 6 Indians…. currently shown. Maybe there’s more later on.. but still.

Are they the only solutions?

How has worshipping helped you? It didn’t… .

And so what this is going to do is It will get you laid faster without foisting you to a bootcamp by design.

I’d rather you get laid faster so I can get more video testimonials, therefore I get more students. Rather than just making you worship, then turning you into a mindless sheep or zombie. Then gaslight you with bullshit like they do!

And I, as daygame coach who has the most daygame laid testimonials in the world,  what I do is I focus on real social skills, social calibrations first. Then later some emotions, game.

They focus on game, then emotions, then their stupid expressions, with their zombie socio skills. Its not the same thing.

Yes it takes 21 days to form a new habit, but it is better than spending 8 years going from coach to coach for daygame worshipping.

Only 5 Asian laid testimonials, 6 Indians shown

So what I’ve done is I’ve done the heavy lifting for you. I gave you a 30 day challenge, plus a game course called the playbook so you can layer them on top of each other.

You need defense, which is socials skills, social calibrations to keep her on the line.

You need the offense, the game, but the Asian version of it, the Elite Playbook that actually works unlike their courses which has no laid testimonials, so they have to put stupid bootcamp clips in it to compensate as the students are mostly in shitty 3rd world countries in Europe, small percentage in one American city as if that even matters, which it doesn’t.

If you click the link, you can get laid.

I honestly don’t know how much longer ill keep this Elite Bundle available and prices will probably go up because I might raise the prices by the end of the year.

I’m going to select which programs might go up, like Elite Access or Elite Bundle, or Kaizen, or Inner Circle.

So click the link to get it today while it’s still available.

I’m always here to help and I can’t tell you all the amazing results i’ve gotten for Asians just like you who are struggling with who is the best daygame coach to pick for Asian men.

I also have free Skype coaching that comes with the Bundle so you can’t ever get off track, Covid 19 or not since my students still gets results even without depending on a bootcamp as the only option.

Or long drawn out programs for 6 months where their students would automatically get laid, coach or no coach if they approached for 6 months.

Since their coaching online is ineffective, a total money grab much like their bootcamps,

but today I’m talking about the Elite Bundle, which is amazing.

I can’t wait to see you on the inside.


Get Laid During Covid 19 Without The Pain of Getting A Daygame Product That Doesn’t Work So You Are Funneled Into A Bootcamp By Design Cause You Are So Busy Worshipping Dating Coaches

Attention Asian daygamers who want to actually getting laid with my products.

You’re about to discover the secrets of get laid during Covid 19 without the pain of getting a daygame product that doesn’t work so you are funnelled into a bootcamp by design cause you are so busy worshipping the dating coach.


Hi, my name is John Elite and I’d like check out…

Elite Bundle

I’ll show you:

* Social skills vs socio skills which they taught. Didn’t they call it conversational skills? Conversation Dumbination? But they all have 5-7 Asian laid testimonials, 6 Indians that’s it at most, so that isn’t social skills, but clearly socio skills

* Social calibrations…. body language non verbal communications where congruency is king, vs their socio calibrations or expressiveness for the sake of being expressive. Like most black peoples game like Justin Wayne. They have no accuracy in it, only lead to 5 Asian laid testimonials, 6 Indians. Stupid

* Emotions by changing your tonality in the Elite Playbook. Not just some tall black looking dude SMVing it, just to get over that line. Since game with socio skills verbals isn’t enough

* Game, a game that is more compatible with Asian men. They have 5 laid testimonials for Asians, 6 for Indians… if they weren’t too busy stealing credit for one of them they didn’t even in ear coach. Hell they did that with a black student too… with their win at all cost mentality

* Skype coaching… my mental filter has got Asian students 150+ lays. Also, lots of people laid right away without a long ass 6 months to money grab program, where you would of got laid anyways just by approaching for 6 months without it. If you had the Elite Bundle, you could of just approached, used your Skype then potentially get that lay in if you do what I told you to do.

So if you’re serious about wanting to actually getting laid with my products without getting a daygame product that doesn’t work so you are funnelled into a bootcamp by design cause you are so busy worshipping the dating coach, register now for this special event that will show you exactly get laid during Covid 19.

Click Here To Get Laid Fast, Without More Confusing Zombie Game Bullshit That Just Has 0 Laid Testimonials During Covid 19 With Zero Track Record. Where The Only Testimonials Are From Their Bootcamp Where You Will Be Funneled To Instead Wasting A Lot Of Time, Money In An Easier Country As If It Was By Design

-John Elite

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