10 Ugly Truths About RSD … Now!

Discover! START to Get Laid As A Minority With White Girls with RSD Toxic Marketers Now! … Today!



So it’s not hating, but informing. This is the gospel.


1. They are a marketing funnel

  • By getting free advice videos, you are funneled into unhealthy foods that will kill you. You will quit the game. I’ve seen this happen in Vancouver for the PUAs
  • Saying looks don’t matter, race doesn’t matter, height doesn’t matter, its all game. Just like Mcdonalds this is equivalent to saying healthy foods don’t matter. Its a limiting belief.
  • Even those live free events is an upsell.

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  • You are taking action without skill. Just SMVing it, unless you have higher value like height, race advantage most negative stereotypes don’t get any results.
  • Night game RSD can work, it is a night game system that doesn’t translate to daygame well.
  • You will fail daygame so much, like going into a MMA fight in daygame without the right training, drills or tools. You will get knocked out over and over and over. After a while you get burnt being a RSD victim. You might feel empowered at first, you are taking action and its all limiting beliefs. But when the reference experience doesn’t match up to the reality, you will eat a lot of punches or lots of rejections. That is a numbers game, not even game, just spam approaching it.



3. RSD is a self-development cult

Related image

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  • Looks don’t matter, boo that man in the words of Jefy who my bootcamp student recited every one of his lines, speech and responses. Which is a perfect funnel? They are controlling your behavior. Look at Todd trying to leave, when you leave a cult you will go crazy for a while. Same thing happened to another Asian guy who used to work for RSD travelled with them. Even daygame with all of them. I told you guys that RSD has girlfriends at home and they don’t even pull when they are traveling. They just make advice videos. Todd had a baby and Julien got married. Pretty much accurate info.
  • Come to think of it, maybe I was in a cult too but I decided to teach non cultish ways.
  • Their information control is the bullshit they tell people. That’s why I am on Youtube live disagreeing with their concepts. I know, I mean I got more students laid than all the daygame coaches combined.
  • be in the moment, you are enough, looks don’t matter are all thought control. These phrases limits your thinking and it appeals to those with low self esteem
  • Emotional control shunned for disagreeing.

4. For sociopaths, by sociopaths



  • This actually describes RSD Tyler and also his fans.
  • Most of these guys are delusional as hell
  • Higher ego, lower self-esteem, higher self-esteem lower the ego
  • They think they are always right
  • They appeal to broken men with mental illness
  • One of your parents is batshit insane and controlling narcissistic sociopath. I know, so its genetics on your part if you liked RSD



4. Most of my students, about 60% of them were former RSD victims

  • It’s not just them but a big percentage of them. What is going on? Why so many?
  • Free advice gets most of the minorities in a net like fishes
  • The spam approaching is the sociopath way, these guys aren’t that, they don’t enjoy that.
  • I once had an Indian value taker keep asking for free advice just exactly like that piece of shit Asian guy Mr. K in Vancouver. I also kicked him off my other product, he didn’t give a shit about value taking. He didn’t even respect me enough to even read or listen to my videos and thinks he knows better already or knows me. Idiot.

Ignore the logo


5. Their products never work. So you keep buying one after another hoping thing will change. But it never does so you go to their Bootcamp. But no solutions for daygame

Image result for definition of insanity"



6. He was trained by Tyler and Julien. He shows height and looks, muscles does matter. His students got no results in daygame

  • One man in the past single handly destroyed Asian men in Vancouver laughing all the way to the bank. But it eventually catches up to him.
  • The Asian men wanted a class action lawsuit but blamed themselves, when they should of blamed him saying looks don’t matter. He also have a disclaimer on his site meaning you won’t get any results and it is not his fault. Smart. I don’t need one since the majority of my students gets results when they apply it
  • Julien’s game and RSD game was designed for tall positive stereotypes. Not negative stereotypes. Sociopath game




7. John Elite’s concepts are exactly opposite to RSD and John Elite has the most student results in daygame in the entire world. Even more than every single company combined. Maybe I was right…

  • A 5’7 Asian guy managed to outdo all testimonials for the entire industry. I mean wtf right?
  • Yet all my concepts are the opposite. Spam approaches? Go for one shot one kill. Looks don’t matter? Improve your fashion and boost your looks. Race doesn’t matter? John Elite says it does and learn how to compensate around it. You are enough? No, you are not enough until you can pass 20/35 for the chart
  • My students aren’t RSD sheeps, they fell for it, they are RSD victims




8. RSD appeals to the Asians and Indians the most cause looks/race don’t matter (delusional)


  • The reason I didn’t say short blacks is they suck off Justin Wayne because they are the same race. Then again Justin only has one black man testimonial. So it doesn’t work for his own race. Credit stealer Wayne also has only one bootcamp testimonial for Indians doesn’t work for his own race. Then again using black looking SMV doesn’t transfer. Justin now looks skinnier and more Indian while the other guy looks more black. Wtf is going on?
  • Most Asians goes RSD first, or JT Tran or Squatting Casanova. They are offended at me because they can’t handle real talk in my Youtube live. It hurts their ego and makes them butthurt to the max
  • 1 in 5 Asian men won’t procreate. RSD for daygame is pushing most of these guys into hell.



9. You have no self-esteem and are in a nightmare of delusions and mental bullshit


  • They can’t see they are stuck in a delusional mental nightmare. It feels real to them because they are sociopaths.
  • They actually think RSD is their friend. RSD tries not to hurt their ego since they are fragile broken men with low self-esteem.
  • They are so brainwashed even if I say Todd V or RSD people drop off my Youtube live. They don’t even know why. They are so butthurt triggered snowflake cunts.



10. Todd V’s girlfriend and Julien’s Wife and Tyler’s baby Mama are all ugly and you are an apologist

  • You really can’t deny this sort of shows how brainwashed you are
  • Their game is to get equal or below. That’s why spam approaching just gets below your looks scale
  • Most of you wouldn’t even bang their girlfriends or wives if they let you. You would be too grossed out



Some of you cunts though invest in the Elite bundle. There are two bundles now. Stop being RSD cock fags and get some real training. I’ll be updating a lof of the playbook videos. You will see it up soon. Maybe even the social skills section for Elite 30.

I’m considering raising the price for Elite 30. Its priced way too low for something so powerful.




-John Elite (fuck RSD, they hurt Asian men in daygame)

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