Limiting beliefs, the stuff they don’t teach you for daygame

This post will be Esoteric as fuck

But John What the fuck does esoteric means? I don’t know, but my friend used that word and now I do.


  1. intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest.


My limiting beliefs and why I am dropping all that shit

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When you are mentored by the wrong people, it fucks you up. When you are mentored by the right people, you get better in daygame. Its called levelling.


The best PUA I ever seen is my Pakistani Mentor. He can bang a few women a week and just banged a 18 year old. The day before he banged an Instagram model women. He kept flaking on her due to the last date. He did that at her house.

Hes an older guy, not good looking, a bit over weight. He is the best PUA I know.

In fact he was responsible for the knowledge about the watches and shoes before.

He was also responsible for me going the text game route. Which I have a course text game for minorites.

I think he is a natural, women are throwing himself on him.

100% of the numbers, they come out on a date, pulled or he bangs them. Wtf,


While there is a lot of truth to it, there is something else, the vibe.

I don’t know how he does it. But it freaks me out and I never thought it was possible.

All the white PUAS for dating coaches said they have 11% of the girls coming out.

I mean I used to study Paul Janka’s Janky game too. I taught everyones system and field tested it.

He was a lazy fuck who collected numbers, be good looking and text them all at the same time. What a lazy cunt.

This ideology limits you.

I became so hyperfocused on same day lays because of this belief.




4 Minute Mile

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Some dude ran a marathon and he ran a mile in 4 mins and people didn’t believe it was possible.

60 more fucking people fished that mile right afterwards.

This is a case of limited potential.

Have no limits to your abilities, wtf.

It isn’t true until you see someone do it…

400 laid and pull testimonials. While others thinks they are on god tier with 12=15 testimonials and most white dating coaches 1-3.

Umm 400 vs 12, 400.

Just saying…



Same day lays are the only option, but try to pull and day 2 afterwards setting the frame?

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Its not the only option. My mentor who I think is the best PUA I ever met without being a positive stereotype.

He said if I went for an instadate I can lose other girls who will convert on the numbers.

Of course he banged this 18 year old girl during an instadate and solidify the number.

But he was offended he could of got more.

I mean, wtf, this throws a wretch into all of my theories.




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This is a load of bullshit. They can actually be an asset, not a liability. But in reality, I don’t bother with female friends.

What started this belief?

For myself, I had female friends in highschool and every single one of them friendzoned me when I try to go and escalate on them.

I was devastated and thought never again, that was the activating event.

Simple Pickup or Simple Bullshit said female friends are a waste of time. Fuck Me Or Fuck Off as they said…


Okay this is why its bullshit. Ready to hear it?

Female friends you can get used to pulling them home. Without sex, you still learn how to get more comfort?

Lots of you are nervous in the bedroom.

Unless you wrestle with her or have a higher SMV, or both. That’s not game, that’s something else. Starts with a R and ends with an APE.

Sometimes the comfort can hurt you, or the lack of it.

Being chilled and comfortable is very  important in the game

What you feel she feels. if you are nervous or uncomfortable, she is uncomfortable

Having female friends means she will tell you if you are creepy or not.

Then again this is still advice that I didn’t take. Before there was no social media when I was in the game, OG. Now there is and you can utilize this as preselection.



You should only approach women when they have nothing to do

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This is what they call shotgun game. It just not precise, just go for a women not so hot and try to same day lay her.

While that’s good for your vibe, you lose a ton of hot women you could of banged.

Its easier to do one shot one kills this way, meaning first approach.


The other style is called sniper game.

It uses the escalation ladder.

What is an escalation ladder for those who doesn’t know.

My escalation ladder uses the least amount of romance possible or not at all.

But its a yes ladder.

Mine is determine what frame you fit into.

If she sees you as a boyfriend material you can go more romantic

If she sees you as a fuck buddy, you can be romantic sexual

If your SMV is dogshit like mind, either be husband material or same day lay guy.

Sniper game isn’t the only way either.


Assault rifle or 3 round burst is the same idea, but approaching women you would of approached shotgun method. But you just make more approaches around these type of women trying to same day lay them.


There is also another strategy naturals uses. Ping her. Sometimes they use preopeners. Like the weather is good today… Before they go into the excuse me real quick.

If they aren’t feeling her, in 30 seconds they say bye, nice to meet you.

Then go onto the next one filtering a women who is down to fuck.


Conclusion, if you only go for shotgun strategy, you will lose a lot of women that could of been way hotter. There is no hard and fast rule.


That was a very hard blog post to write actually. But have no limits to your abilities

Bruce Lee said it best

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