My first YouTube Live

I just focused on helping people or Asian people. Nothing else. My marketer friend, former student, still training him in fashion. I’m learning about marketing. He pushed me to press the live button.

At first I was nervous because that was my filter of marketing which is shit. Then not taking the right action. He just told me to do it. Just get it done, just get it done.

Later on I found it to be very natural.

For the first time people sees a multiple sides to my personality and the good side.

When I film advice videos, people thinks i’m mean or narcissistic. But in reality there is more. I do it because i’m trying to save 1.5 billion Asian men.

When you got people like snowflakes, their narcissistic parent or mom yells at their dad. He doesn’t fight back. They have low self esteem, project it at me.

Sometimes I find my tonality, not always, but when I talk about other companies screwing you over. I think its the wrong tone. It sounds a bit bitchy, it should be more concerned.

Sometimes when I troll people or other coaches. I have this narcissistic sadistic smile. I have to correct these.

Also my eyebrows for all these years of mental abuse from my parents. It seems like angrier. I didn’t intend it. I’ll have to relax that part of the face.

Also, I noticed I can be talking in a more authoritative voice. Which i’m going to work on vocal coaching. Be more aware of it.

Also the breath control can be better. I can get more oxygen into my lungs.

There is room for improvement and my public speaking and vocal coaching abilities needs to be improved. I think that would open up to more people.

But I done something I never thought I would do, or knew how to. I just did it and jumped. Found my wings on the way down.


If you heard this facebook live, you are the resistance.

-John Wayne

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