John Wayne’s life goal happened. To meet Dan Pena asking how to defeat Rsd

I always had a life goal of meeting Dan Pena. I envisioned asking him how to defeat RSD, so visualization is very important. I got the answers to my problems in sometimes it requires the best Minds in the world especially with the 50 billion dollar man.

screenshot_20190127-011423_video player
The best dating coach I’m the world meets the worlds best financial trainer

You have no idea how evil is RSD’s unethical marketing is. I’m willing to travel to meet the highest performance coach in the world. He got his students 660,000 million now.

I needed the worlds best minds and might invest in a public speaking course from one of the speakers. I invest in myself, do you?

1/5 Asian men wont procreate now. I have to do something.

All this started with a why. My big why helping asian men procreate and get white girls. My vision of speaking on stage one day and helping Asians everywhere.

I also envision meeting Dan Pena and asking this question.  Visual success. It works.

My roomate didn’t take a pic when I shake Dan Penas hand. But after I said thank you sir.

The most powerful words I heard were, good luck. Was like here are the strategy. Go get them.

Sometimes your vision isnt big enough. My vision and conviction was so strong, that I even said all of this in front of a room of 800 people.

Wayne playbook offer ending soon

-John Wayne


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