I’m in California right now

Hi guys I am typing this with my Google speak. I am by the marketing conference right now. I can show you a few pictures here and there.


Hard to type post on cell phone.


One of the best copywriter in the word. Learned a lot.

I can’t figure this shit out.

Basically Jason Capital did not shake my hand I’m very very offended. I actually just came out here to meet Dan Pena. I learn a lot of s***. California is kind of weird, the women either really likes Asian guys or are very nice. Or they totally ignore Asian guys completely like they don’t exist. Americans are either very loud and proud. Or they are super nice. There is nothing in between.

There are some amazing markers here who made more than 100 million. Turns out I’m not the only dating coach here, there seems to be a ton of them but I just don’t know them less than 10 but more than 5.

I also educated people about RSD, there might begin to open realizing how flawed their system was.

I also made a lot of advice videos. So you will have some content for the new show called Golden nuggets.

I have to sleep now but I will be home soon. I also realize how important environmental exposure is. This is where you find mentors to learn from.

-John Wayne

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