How to fix most of your problems in a short time

I didn’t say it will fix it long term. I’m going to give you one of the best pieces of advice I ever though of. It will last 3 days, then you will fuck it up due to bad habits, sounds good?

Higher self, lower self. Higher self in every fucking category for a few days.

Lets say you need to do some shit. But some stuff are more important than others. Lower self, act busy doing stupid fucking task for 100 hour work weeks. Which business is a form of laziness.  That’s the lower self for poor people. Smart people only work on one thing at a time and the things that makes the most money. So they can immerse themselves in it.

You can eat unhealthy, got to Mcdonalds. Afterall, the food is appetizing and good enough for you. You don’t have time to grab something healthy far away. I mean RSD is like Mcdonalds too, or their funnel, value ladder. Its healthy right? Wrong morons, this will ruin your life…..too late.

That’s the lower self thinking.

You watch a Wayne 30 videos so your brain can make adjustments to improve your social skills. Or you can just keep watching other companies stupid advice videos of white dating coaches equilvent to junk food.

The high road or higher self is to master these aspects white people compensate with using higher SMV and vibbing it more.

Lower self, you decided to work more, in your dead end job

Higher self, you start focusing on putting your money to get your skills up as high as possible. Skills that can make you over $10,000 usd a month. Which will make you 6 figures a year.

Lower self, not exercise

higher self exercise

lower self, lets dress like shit because RSD and simple fakeup said looks don’t matter.

Higher self, use it to boost your self esteem and mental edge because you have some type of self esteem

Get it? If you did that in every category you solved all your for 3 days. Then the cracks will show. You will revert back to your old ways and fuck it up.

See life is all about habits. Your lower self won’t even try this exercise. Your lower self…will be offended.

This book didn’t help me before. Maybe the lessons weren’t easy to implement. But they are onto something big. Excellence is a habit. I stopped working out 2 weeks ago.

See the source image

Don’t you see. You need the billionaire mindset strategies. You need the best strategies in the world of you have Mcdonalds strategy. Or junk food white dating coaches strategies. Or the guys who can’t even make 6 figure strategies telling you how to run game.

Lets be real here, white dating coaches tells you this or that, gets their number close infields. Maybe they say they have a pull where they don’t and end it in the middle of an instadate clip. Everything is a pull. Then they go online and cash in their SMV on girls who are 5/10 or 6/10 or equal to their looks. Then teach you more bullshit.

See the source imageDo you fucking get it now? Its daily that gets results. Its about consistency of good habits. Of bad habits, well, you know what happens. You know because for those who are minorities without muscles trying to use it for daygame. You just get more and more frustrated. Sure you have great mindsets, looks don’t matter, its limiting beliefs. But you are applying the 5 figure minset, not the billionaire mindset.

I know you are not a doer. You will just read and mentally masturbate. But try the 3 day challenge and see the difference.

-John Wayne

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