Found the cure for the worst cases approach anxiety. Me 20 mins, student 1 hour, eliminated. Solved, like finding cure for cancer

The student has the worst fear of approaching I ever seen. I got rid of his fear in less than one hour.

This isn’t like the same thing as my Wayne Playbook. Progressive desensitization.

This is the fastest most best way. Also, fuck RSD Max approach anxiety course.

It worked, the students fear was 15/10. Mine was 9/10 for solo approaching. I couldn’t do it without Deepak as a wingman. When we came home, I was solo, no camera, no competitiveness, just myself. I freaked the fuck out.

I even tried to approach at the grocery story and got really scared. During the first day I couldn’t.

When I did this visual exercise in front of the student, I got over my fear.

I had a hard time with the first approach. This tall white guy bumped into me. So, I kind of just walked back looking for a fight. Then I started to open the set which was his mom. I stared into his eyes, he had a look of absolute fear. Even if you are 6’5, you think just because i’m a well dressed Chinese, you can bump into me out of jealousy. He was a pussy when I started to pickup his mom. You should see the look of horror filled his eyes as soon as I did that to his mom, even picking her up in front of her dad and him. Nobody fucks with John Wayne. Nobody.

Its not the first time I don’t this. I even chased down 3 greaser looking tall white male model guys who made fun of Asian betas. I kept saying I got high SMV, I got high SMV.

After that I felt no more fear, I was able to just talk to whoever.

It wasn’t like in my other program, where I get the fear down to 5. This gets it down to 2/10.

In the future, on January 2nd, 2019. Marks the day for the dating coach who solved the problem for the entire world. Has found the cure for approach anxiety cancer. Anyone claiming they invented it, or came up with my specifics in my product is just lying. John Wayne solved this. Just as John Wayne solved the social skills forever with Wayne 30. Also, emoting for people who has no empathy, wayne 60. I solved super problems in the world. Wayne Playbook has solved the game problem. Just as fashion domination will solve the fashion issue.

Most people will take 3-6 months to get over approach anxiety.

I never felt so sick in my life. The flu has brought my roommate to the hospital for a few days. I even filmed when I was near death the first day. I was near death today too. But John Wayne is tough like crazy. Even the Mexican student thinks how the fuck can I go outside in a blazer? Freezing to death? I’m like a Navy Seal. Or a honey badger.

I can’t go in details. I threw up non stop, couldn’t keep my food down. I haven’t been able to.  I took a dump like god knows how many times today. I’m nearly dead. My head hurts. I’ve been coughing non stop due to a after flu cough. This is enough to put post people in the hospital. But I just kept going. Some people are really hard asses.

Who knows, maybe I might of made a good ninja, a soilder, or special forces. But even they feel fear. When in the Navy Seals are put underwater buds training and the instructors tries to fuck with their oxygen.

The product will only be $150. So its a cheaper entry into daygame stuff for newbies. Or guys who never could take action even getting my other products.

You have no idea how excited I am to solve this for the world. Look, when I say John Wayne is scientific, I mean it. I field test everything. Now it will be field tested for another 3 students, then 30 and 300. Then its certified. Its not just some RSD style opinions as facts sociopathic deluded, my opinion is right bullshit. You see how I think.

The kind of bullshit cult like bugged eye bullshit like dick nose, lyin’ krapisma burger king. These people don’t know shit. Just sprout Simple Pickup nonsense or RSD Julien Crap. Guess what, no more Asians here doing daygame. Jan’s Julien game killed them all. When I left for Europe, Jan took all their money, he literally genocided our race. No Asian guy white girl couple unlike Toronto which has tons of preselection. Idiot. Selfish, was it worth it? RSD kills people. They have no guilt, psychopaths. We should hold a funeral for the dumb Chinese. Maybe they can’t afford my coaching, but they will pay anything for RSD junk food, value ladder funnel. Not high quality healthy French foods like ours that is smaller portions. Like a 1 hour or less or 20 min approach anxiety fix. The smarter healthier way. Over time they will fall apart.

I’m so sick, I am going to pass out, but I found the cure for AA. Its not like anyone can ever deny I invented this techniques. I documented the date here and have it on camera. Even Deepak knows I didn’t approach solo without him around with a camera. My brain fried.

-John Wayne

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