3rd lay from the last Asian bootcamp student.

Lets be real here, white dating coaches doesn’t get his students laid in bootcamps. They just get flaky phone numbers. I mean, you fall for them because of your lack of vision. Maybe i’m talking more about daygame. Most aren’t good at it at all.

This was the third lay on the last bootcamp for the student. So i’m updating the kill counter or the testimonial count by one.

Sorry for not posting as much, I’m updating some of the pages of the blog. Especially the bootcamp page and i’m refining Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero.

Yes there is a sale now, but won’t last forever. You have like 3 days and you can’t blame me if I raised the price again by $100. I figured, since I am including all the infields and everything. I charged way too less for the program.

For youtube, i’m not updating it that much now because I want the views to jump for the last infield. I figured if I spend more time on good content, I get subscribers anyways. Maybe I should put a ton of effort on videos.

Sometimes people respect you more, not how many blog post you made, or youtube videos you made. But what you don’t post and what you didn’t make on youtube. Sometimes silence gives you more power.

work is something you have to do. I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to.

I’m going to start a new series, the video series of dear Asians, but 100 years from now when I am dead. When they already got genocided by RSD concepts where 1 in 5 didn’t procreate and made it. Won’t that be funny? That would be a real slap to the face.

You will notice that there is a new section for Skype. Sorry I never offered it here. I always offered Skype coaching though the facebook group, but not here. My bad. Also, i’m going to make a course called text game for minorities. After a get a few laid, then i’ll write more details for it. Tired of white dating coaches with their high SMV low level of game b.s.

White people denies their SMV and says its all game. Lol. Its like saying its all sales skills, but denying they are a better product. But they suck shit at daygame. So they stick to online or writing stats, or lay reports. Those are popular these days. I mean get out a fucking cellphone and record it with a hidden cam software. Its not that hard, unless your game is trash.

White people love to invent shit, like game tactics. When they are playing on easy mode. Their lack of testimonials for daygame. They can’t stop sucking off night game or online dating. Or using seeking arrangements. Then saying it was because they were not going to pay these women, but use it as lead generation. Yeah right.

Always think outside the box. Everything inside the RSD box is limiting. People who thinks outside the box are the top of the top. People who thinks inside the box, are shit and called white dating coaches. They can’t wait to foist to you more conventional wisdom. I now see new white dating coaches, lots of them just going only after Asian girls.

There will be a ton more infields in the future. People are getting really jealous now. They don’t like it when an Asian makes them seem like armatures. I enjoy trolling white dating coaches because they suck and can’t fight back against the testimonials. They are so busy trying to sell you snake oil. They never expect someone to urinate on them. So it mind fucks them.

Don’t you find it fucking odd white people can’t actually get daygame results? Its all night game or online? Yeah, something is wrong with that picture. Maybe daygame is 10x harder. Night gamers sucks at daygame. Its no coincidence. Daygame requires some social calibrations. Some seduction or escalation. White people are so obsessed with being natural and dismisses emotional spicing as teasing and stuff.

The views on this video is pretty good. Well for a week, comparatively on my youtube. The reason I don’t care about youtube is I enjoy blogging a lot more. YouTube is a distraction and doesn’t make me a lot of money. Its basically a play I post testimonials and stuff.

I also spent a lot of time reverse engineering time management. Those faggots like Lyin’ Krooked Karaprisma King who talks about 100 hour work weeks. Trying to do everything. That shit don’t work. I tried it, delayed me by 3 months. Now I only focus on one skill I want to learn in a week. I purely focused on copywriting. Or learning how to write sales letters for new products and services. Its so much easier if you only think you have 4 major things to do a month that supports your strategy. I make 10x more than him anyways.

Hustling like what white people does, is retarded as spam approaching. You think by hustling 20% more you are going to make more money or get more results? Maybe fix your structure of your game or time management. Focus on things that are more important.

Fuck natural game. That faggotry is for taller white guys to vibe their value or taller Asians. Its all about vibbing SMV they deny. Or making a joke out of it. They think structure is interfering with their game. Its like these high SMV fucks are such a good product, they simply are like writing a sales letter from their feelings. Denying structure exist. Idiots. I mean, it sounds funny now comparing it to something measurable like a sales letter or a marketing thing.

I have rewrote Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero and it looks good. It looks professional actually. I’m not a copywriter, but in a week I can learn fast. I learned from the very best in the world. Many of them and figured out the patterns. Now i’m going to field test if it works. But my methodology makes it easy for me to learn fast. Its almost a week. I’m proud of that, so I can reach professional level in one week if I focus on anything. Maybe this is good advice.

Its just as fucking insane as white dating coaches thinking its all game or sales tactics and being a better product has nothing to do with it. Too bad we don’t have a BBB or better business bureau in daygame. If they did, they will shut you all down for having no students laid in testimonials. I’m talking about daygame testimonials. Even other Asian dating coaches can get night game shit. Who the fuck cares. Asian guys can be socially retarded at night anyways. They can’t stop sucking off night game because some knows they can’t cut it in daygame.

Since they have such low self esteem about themselves. They have no vision, so white dating coaches over writes that vision saying race doesn’t matter, looks don’t matter, its all sales tactics. Its all game, idiots. Sometimes I think the daygame industry is full of god damn psychopaths and sociopaths trying to con you out of your money and you are stupid enough to believe it like sheeps.

White dating coaches are really feeling the burn now. They are getting salty while they continue to say all this stuff. They are unhappy they are no longer on the top. They are always the oppressors, but its the first time in the game they ever felt oppressed. I’m glad to facilitate the process.

how do white dating coaches scam minorities

bootcamp studnet.pngI forgot to post his other two lays for the bootcamp. So much fucking work managing my testimonials. I have to add 3 to it. I mean I should just hire someone to handle the testimonials. Something white dating coaches for daygame has no idea how to relate. Look at all that fucking work, I have to scroll my fingers and shit to copy and paste. The testimonial count is now 355. Or the kill counter for my students.





When you are done hating on me. When you are done grasping for straws because you have no real counter argument. Maybe I John Wayne know something about the game you don’t. Maybe there really is a daygame system out there that works for the lowest common denominator. Not just the highest.

I also think for this last infield of 2 same day lays. I made a commentary. But its so obvious and so true. Calling out all the deception in the industry. So much about how SMV is mixed with game. It just became difficult to ignore. Its like people doesn’t like it and they can’t do anything about it. But life goes on. At least people are more aware now.

I thought with every infield I post, I get more people listening. More people awake. But i’m getting more passive aggressiveness from people. More haters, more jealousy, more, John we are white, stop oppressing us. Let us be on top again. Stop making us look bad kind of behavior. Who cares, life goes on.

I also think daygame is where all the skills are at. If you look at all the metrics, see how much results they get in daygame. With social calibrations where your SMV is facing an uphill battle. Try to convert a girl into dtf the same day. Its definingly harder than night game or online when you have higher SMV and the girls are dtf.

If you even take Asian dating coaches testimonials, some has a few. You see how many are daygame. Then you realized it was only like 3% or something at most. Now you know how much game I have. Its mostly night game related. I mean, i’m doing something right here. I’m teaching something that works. But people are so emotional, they can’t evolve.

You can educate the potential students or PUAs. But if they are too dumb and fall for white dating coaches. Which is unethnical marketing tactics. If they are that dumb, then I guess its their fault. Not everyone is smart, I must not product my reality onto people. Some people goes though life being emotional, being sheeps.

Every time a white dating coach says looks don’t matter, or only the first 30 seconds, they all clear their throats knowing they’re lying though their teeth. No one else sees that, since i’m an expert with body language and reading people. You have no idea how much I can see though you. But life goes on. If we don’t have dumb people, no one will do anything. Without dumb people, we won’t have employees. If we don’t have dumb people, no one will buy anything, the economy will stop. Maybe ignorance is bliss to some people. They just lack the vision of their potential. I’ll talk about that in my next post.

John Wayne

Another important takeaway is. People always says, If someone is missing something in their game. Or whatever theories. Look, if you want to see if being tall, white, or whatever plays a role. Mind you, not all white guys are even good at daygame. Some can only do night game. I think the best thing to really measure results since we all get good results. In my infields in Europe, I have tons. Most are only one approach, one lay. The batting average is phenomenal. I think Europe is wonderful if you have good daygame skills.

In Vancouver, its not one shot one kills. But in Europe it was. If I was really so wrong, then its the same game I teach to the students. Perhaps, people doesn’t realize that, maybe I know something they don’t know. I’m also really tired of people talking about night game student results. If they get daygame results, that’s where the real skills are at. I’m the only one who gets this much students results. You have to be really on point and even your negative stereotype students too.

A lot of tall white dating coaches claims well, they sucked at one point. If we look at sales, the product is better. Then their sales skills sucks, sure. But with minimal amount of game, their sales skills they get better. Now the products sells easier. But when it comes to same day lays, it takes more skills. White people have to adapt. They are a victim of their own SMV. They are always taking too many shortcuts. They don’t get girls above their SMV scale. They don’t touch, or flirt Just self amuse and cocky funny non stop vibbing SMV. I’m just ranting. One day i’m just going to reveal all the white dating coaches are just guys with narcissistic personality disorder. Who just got some success without realizing with enough sales skills, they are a good enough product. Then they become dating coaches. If i’m so wrong, why is the whole industry full of tall white guys or taller Asians? Tall this tall that. Some kind of smv.

If we are talking about purely game. I have more game than all of these guys. But I only believe game is a measly 1/3. I believe in compensation theory. I raise my SMV by the way I dress. I dress well, it shows I have money, status, I fit in her tribe and I can apply game. Just find a way to raise your value. Whether working out, muscles, being white and tall, or getting a fucking haircut. Do anything you can to raise your smv. Game has a limitation. Even if you have the full 1/3 and I do. Since my students are benefiting from it. But i’ll be the first to admit, that its a combination of everything.

If someone ever criticizes my game, I never had the same thing they pointed out twice. Its always something, which is theories. Its always something. But if its so varied, they have no idea what the fuck they are talking about. Its hard for them to know what they are talking about if their SMV is so high, they don’t know what to focus on outside their body type or circumstance.

Instead of dear Asians, I should write a post about how the whole daygame industry works. Just say it as it is.



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