Truth about Europe part 1

These beautiful pictures were taken with my Samsung Galaxy S9+ and not been retouched.

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Today I finally went outside because i’m moving stuff to the next location. I went to Vancouver and was super pissed. Pissed about the lies that the media has told people about Europe. Mind you, all this time when I learned or field tested the game, I did it here in Vancouver. Its a high LMS place due to the high cost of living here. Survival value is high, so girls looks more for LMS or replication value. Its a very shallow place without the right to be.

In these first set of pictures, it is in Prague or Czech Republic. What I can say is that they keep saying Vancouver is the most livable place in the world. Or one of the best places to live in the world. Honestly, it doesn’t hold a candle to Europe. Not only is the ugliest place in Europe more beautiful than Vancouver. The women is way hotter. Sure there are some hot women here, but not as many as before. I came back home looking at the women like it was a dog show.

Let me explain, before I left, my family was worried about me. They told me Europe is a batshit insane crazy place according to the media with violence. Like its practically a warzone. But in reality, it was the opposite. When a place mostly has white people and less multiculturalism, you see less violence. The truth is white people are very civilized and doesn’t fight each other. The places you see with more, has more violence.

In London, my students told me they never been hurt before, even if there is a stabbing happening there daily. For all the years they were there, they never been hurt or ever been in an incident. You do hear a lot of police sirens, but its mostly nothing series in most cases.

In Europe, they don’t call it downtown, they call it city center. The other place that has older buildings they call it old town. Weird terminology right? I mostly stayed in the city center areas to daygame or teach students daygame. Not so much in old towns. But still from what I see, these places are beautiful.

Another weird thing I realized that was a total lie was I thought all the buildings were old fashion as fuck. But most of it is even more modern than Vancouver or about the same. I think the media makes it seem like beautiful British Colombia is the top 10 best place in the world to live. It makes the top 10 list mostly number 1 every year or for a lot of years. Its purely a lie.

Vancouver has been so expensive to live because the Chinese bought all the properties and doesn’t even live in it. They just want to own a piece of Vancouver. They are called the affluent Chinese. They have like 50 to 100 million and can buy whatever they want. So they come and buy up all the properties raising up prices.

The entitlement is weird here. I see dog shit ugly girls who are 6/10 think they are 9/10. They have this man hating attitude here. In Europe, the truth is there is no pro women kind of behavior there. Since not all countries are that rich, they still act feminine.  When I got on the airplane the girls tried to frame control me acting like they were snobby and all that. I literally trolled and frame controlled them, they were nearly being overly nice, like what the fuck kind of person is this? Most guys have become so feminized, they barely have testosterone left.

One of my secret mentors told me when I go to Europe, you would be like fuck these bitches here. Who do they think I am? He is the guy who taught me this secret text game of making girls chase. These guys doesn’t actually go to PUA forums and hate dating coaches. He even taught me weird shit like walk into an expensive restaurant and take pictures of the menu. Then use that in your DHV stories to get 9 and 10’s. I don’t aim for that type of girls.

But you might think wait a minute, that is a brilliant fucking idea, holy shit. How come the PUA community never thought about that? Well, like I said, i’m trained by the underground daygamer illuminati level of PUAs. I know so much stuff I can’t reveal to the world.

But I am contemplating at least having a Skype course that is one day. Where you send me all your text for analysis. I correct it, of course you still need our game style to convert. I don’t use tinder or anything like that. I’m not some high SMV white guy who plays on easy mode being her type. I’m a daygamer, but I can clean up peoples text so the girls will come out. Maybe charge less than a skype or something. But I can teach them there.

I don’t intent to release Fashion Domination anymore of my text game until a decade later. Like I said, I want people dumb and stupid in this industry. The have to be so stupid, they just get students no results unless the students have high SMV. These self proclaimed advance people.

I only made one approach in this country, I never made a second one. I just needed to get one same day lay to pay for the trip. Deepak pays for the trip and say John if you don’t get a same day lay, we lose money. So go out there and make it happen.

On my first approach here, during the bootcamp when I went to do my own thing while Deepak taught him. I didn’t same day lay here, but I got only one number and day 2 to a lay. Regardless, its all recorded and its epic. I’ll release this soon. They can’t sue me that much in Europe for the bedroom stuff. My legal team thinks a lot of that stuff is a grey area here. I never got a second number. I was using sniper game.

My student here also pulled 2 girls at the same time. That’s still pretty impressive, since I was in ear coaching him.

I’ll tell you more about Europe in the next post. All the secrets because I was arguing with a sociopath here about Europe. Opinions as facts, deluded as hell. Kept saying to me, show me videos of Europe how violent it is. But that’s 5 incidents out of how many people? Come on now, until you been here, you have no right to judge.

In terms of daygame, I might even be more aggressive or alpha than before. The women might not be used to this, but they will get more drenched down there. Everyone else behaves like RSD victims with hoodies and social retardedness, supplicating. I felt like walking out of Europe to come back, I am no longer the same person. Stay tuned for part 2. I’ll show you a few of the countries I been to, but lots I won’t or don’t care to.

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Other fun facts, this was the best Chinese restaurant I ever ate in my life. Peaking duck. I ate it almost every single day. Even in the infield I ate this with her. I never had such good food in my life. I think in the whole world Prague has the best food ever. There are no bad restaurants. Deepak loves the fried rice here. Yes he eats Chinese food, believe it or not.

For energy drinks, I drink about 10 a day there since they were 16 cents in their currency. The people knows me since I get so many. I didn’t die like they say. But I have about 3 energy drinks a day here. I think its overated how they say its going to kill you or something if you drink too much.

Update: A super big network in Europe wanted to make my story of the biggest PUAs in the world. Our bootcamp student who got laid twice, whom is from that country (bootcamp clip will be posted in the future) told me you are one of the biggest there. I want to say thank you guys and I really respect your work. I do have students from that country. But for now I am sorry to decline. While they so no publicity is bad publicity. But usually I don’t like the ambush journalism that had happened within our industry against PUAs or dating coaches.
While I’m getting people laid, but these guys are guys who failed with every other company or true underdogs negative stereotype minorities. Yes I do have the highest student success rate in the world for this world of daygame so far. Or for all dating coaches combined. But at the same time, I’m doing this to not hurt, but to enrich my students lives. The girlfriends or women in their lives do find it to be a win/win. This side of the story is rarely covered. 
I also want to say, thank you for the consideration. But I have declined a Hollywood writer from writing the John Wayne story. Or making a t.v show about my rise to fame or being an under dog dating coach fighting for Asian rights. Its not the first time I had a person attend the bootcamp like this. I want to say sorry, I even declined Hollywood. Yes there are movies finally like Crazy Rich Asians that finally made it to Hollywood without being white washed. Some positive Asian representation. 
I decided against it today for the media and Hollywood. Perhaps world wide fame isn’t something I am ready for yet. I’m not ready to be a full public figure. It will limit my job’s effectiveness. Most people wants to be famous and everyone wants to be known. But there is always a price for fame even celebrities doesn’t like.
I also work in Europe now teaching and I don’t want the entire continent hating me. Thanks again for the offer. In the future I might decide to go for it. For now, it isn’t the right time. While I shouldn’t have disclosed all of this, that would of been good for fame if I took the interview. I kept all info anonymous about the Hollywood writer, the studio and also the news network.
But I’m also hated among all the dating coaches because I make them seem like amateurs for my success and student success. I don’t need anymore fame or infamy at this point in my life. A lot of my methods are effective and kept secret from the public when I teach. I don’t want anyone to be even a fraction as good as me in teaching daygame. Regardless, thank you for the consideration. 
Sincerely, John Wayne

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    1. Its called Xing Dong Hai. Its so good, try the peaking duck if you go here. It just makes me hungry thinking about it. But i’ll feature the restaurant in my bootcamp clip of the student pulling 2 hot women home to escalate them. -John Wayne


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