Audit that one girl you put on a pedestal out of your life that never comes out on dates

The female sociopath/player. She often tells you that she loves you. She tells this to all the guys to manipulate them. No one can love someone without meeting them. Most likely you are just an option for her black widow web. If she is Machiavelli manipulative and narcissistic using Instagram likes for validation, she also has psychopathy, or dark triad personality. Which means she is incapable of love. She is worried anyone like myself can see though her and want to leave. If I were to be manipulative. I would bang some of her friends until she reciprocate. I could be 10x more manipulative. She is in it for the validation. Especially now that Instagram made it easier to feed her ego. She doesn’t even need to go out on a date. The validation is enough. Girls like this usually has psychopathic mothers. I met many who claimed they were in love with me just to put me on the back burner as an option. I’m not stupid. These types of girls tends to be pretty.
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For these type of girls, audit them out of your life. I do have a girl I wanted to meet back at home. She is 18 and half Latina. I’m going to call out that entire race again soon. Then again sociopathic Latinos or Spanish people would say well Latinas are super easy. Then you say you are the same race scale dumbass. They don’t get it because race doesn’t matter.

head-in-the-sandIts like Jamie Oliver, saying but John you aren’t being positive when you wrote this blog. Dude, I can say whatever I want. Its my blog. I mean its not like I say how am I going to market today. Its more like, do you want to train under me? If you don’t, kindly fuck off. If you do, well, i’m going to get you laid.

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John, you have to be friendly to us sheeps like Jamie Oliver. You can’t offend us like Gordon Ramsay.

So we all have that one girl we put on a pedestal in the past. I know I have. This girl was like a 8.5/10 to me. Maybe higher to others. She is 18 and I see through her flaws. I’ve banged much hotter girls in Europe. I put her on a pedestal. So I literally told her if she is going to not respond or ghost me, i’ll block her and unfriend her on facebook.

I thought well I want this girl in my life as a girlfriend. I knew her for years. Then again I realized i’m not into that kind of shit. I’m more into the next big lay. Like a big game hunter. I mean higher on the looks scale type. I could do better than her. So I proceeded to block her. Some girls will keep you as an option. But will date or bang other guys.

What I want you to do is to fucking block her on social media or delete her phone number. At first you will be saying what the fuck are you making me do? I love this girl a lot. But I say dude, she isn’t coming out on a date. So who gives a fuck.

Second, after you block her, you will realize how much you feel nothing afterwards but more free. Third, no matter how much she begs, never let her back into your life. Have some boundries, no matter how hard. Train yourself so that way you can let go. If you can let go of any hot girl, you start to behave differently around women. Its hard I know, but please go give this a try.

Just after reading this, I am giving you a gold coin. Just cut her out of your life. Her friend said she loved me too and both fought for me. But I cut her out, now she is in love with me to the max. This usually happens to girls when you devastate their reality worst than any other guy ever. I know it sounds like a lot to ask.

They once said if you bang 10 other girls will you like her as much and think she is special? I think my response is you will find her half as special. But if you bang girls who are hotter than her, that is how you get over it. That takes skill, or you will be thinking over a girl who doesn’t even give a second thought to you. Except to put you on the back burner.

Like I said, I’m not going to be politically correct, uplifting or nice. I’m just going to say it as it is. Even if its a horrible marketing strategy. I would say honesty is the best policy. If you understand how I think about women. You would think I am sadistic. You can’t ever give them value. If you give an inch, they will take a mile or two every time.

Unless she is sucking your dick, remember, she has no value to you. When you treat a women like she is nothing. She starts to respect you. So enough of the validation, oh wow, oh cool, on nice. I mean why is it cool? Why is it oh wow, or oh nice? Just because she has a vagina? This only gets women on your looks scale in daygame. Not above if you are a negative stereotype.

Latinas are super flaky

-John Wayne


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