Updated same day lay infields turned into shorter trailers for the ADHD snowflake generation





No one watched the full versions. So I made it into a shorter version that is easier to digest. I see people having only a few infields and giving advice. But in reality, I have like so many, it will make your head spin. So I figured, I might as well try to release it slowly on my youtube as trailers. So than when it shows up on the main channel, you have a preview.

I want to show people my skills. Not for validation purposes or anything like that. You have to show it at least. The industry barely has any and white dating coaches barely has any. Their game is pretty inefficient. I’m sure they can do direct or indirect. But since they go direct a lot, it really makes the girls auto reject them faster.

But they need to get someone else or hire someone else to do camera work. Of course if they get rejected a lot, they have to think about their reputation. Since their natural status being white or black is so damn high. Their looks are high, they get over the line of datability/fuckability faster. But it isn’t consistent. Its just an LMS Pokémon go battle hoping something will happen.

Since it doesn’t, they get a number close. Its all assumed something will happen. Yeah at the first instance, but the second or third, isn’t consistent. I know, I had a student film for RSD Max and Willy Beck. Dudes takes 50 approaches to get one date. I know. Maybe they only have so many.

In the first video I got laid in front of a student. This happened so many times before. So its nothing new to me. They literally saw it with their own eyes.

Another thing is about PUA books. By no means are they documentary in nature because that is unproven. No matter how well something sounds. Its all assumed or speculation or works of fiction. Even if they say the girl is beautiful, what if a pic, assuming its real is just the same level or below? We don’t know, it can be trusted.

That is why older generations of PUA writes book. They have nothing to back it up. People always gets better over time just like the Olympics when they have footage to look over. They can study it. But its better to study something from beginning to end. You will learn more that way.

But now with white dating coaches, without proof, for daygame. Now we are going backwards in evolution.

I don’t like editing the footage, the one above is quick. But the second one took hours. Sometimes you cut it for youtube or its a lot of boring conversation. I didn’t just kiss her in 5 mins, it was closer to 20. Now you know how much game and comfort you needed.

My point is infields aren’t just for newer dating coaches or whatever and the old generation writes field reports. It is just why don’t they have anything more than one infield? For the old timers. Or maybe none. We just believe their stats? Or their students might of got some assumed results?

Infields are always important. So is people seeing you do it too. They have. Not seeing you do thousands of takes over months. So you can’t get more. If anything, like the one above. If you have a cellphone, you have no fucking excuses dude, none.

As long as you aren’t a hater, subscribe to my new youtube channel at least. The top video. Train with me. I got another bootcamp student, so its filling up all the way to next year already. Seems a lot of clients are from other places in the world flying here.


My other personal thoughts. Wayne Dating Lifestyles youtube channel. In real life 1 in 10 people or Deepak students, PUAs kgows who I am. No one does and no one saw those infields. Maybe past people, but they forget. Also, we have one advice video together now on the main channel. But there was only really one filmed.

If anything Wayne Dating Enterprise youtube channel will post all the video testimonials. If I have to read the testimonials for the screenshots and explain their story, I will. I’m going to post all my bootcamp clips. Every student pulled in 2017, so I have enough footage to last me forever. I’ll post it too if I can edit it.

I think this channel will promote me in a way the old one never did. I have full permission to do so. I just can’t post full infields. That’s off limits. Imagine, every testimonial up there. Other people will be like, what the flying fuck dude. Most white dating coaches can barely get any. Since their students rarely gets laid during their training period.

Its not about showing off or narcissism like feeding my ego. Its more like get the fuck off my throne. You are sitting in my chair. To other PUA companies. They didn’t realize who was the rightful owner of the daygame throne. The faster potential students or PUA fans realize it, the faster you can get laid with our training as negative stereotype minorities.

Whoops, probably triggered a few generation snowflakes with my last comment.

-John Wayne


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