Why most white daygame coaches are overated part 2


Welcome to part 2 of the blog post. It features Deepak Wayne, who’s opinion I respect. Vs some nobodies who hates on me which I don’t give a shit about. Who cares what you think. Most of these haters would claim by typing that you care. I don’t, I blocked and moved on. I don’t need the validation. Barking louder, will just get people to be annoyed by you.

Lets empathize why white dating coaches are that way

You get some results because RSD said looks don’t matter so you thought you banged a few ugly girls in daygame you should become a coach. You stand 6’2 inches tall and are decent looking. Since they say looks don’t matter and race doesn’t matter. You become oblivious that it is an advantage you are her type. You delude yourself into thinking it is because it is your game. But since you use direct game, you get a massive amount of rejections. But then again, you might bang girls who are 5/10 or 6/10, you can’t show anyone her face.

You then start posting youtube videos. Since you have a camera man, they see nothing but girls rejecting you. 50 approaches just to get a few number close footage. Since you are playing a tinder street game of her swiping left to right using your height, muscles, good looking chiselled jawline and face, with your white SMV.

You get students and most of them are white. Since its a tinder street game you only get students laid after a year. You like to do this Mystery Method night game date multiple times before you try to pull. The whole concept of same day lays are foreign to you and you call people who can do it fake because you can’t. You see these guys doing hand holding and kissing.

But since you are white and prilvedged, the girl already given so much IOI’s as they call it, you think it is creepy to touch. To you kino is nothing more than grabbing her hand and spinning her in a circle like a tango dance. Or giving her a hug on the beginning of the date is kino to you.

But since you are white, you have some flakes. You say it was because maybe her cat died or something else. It is never the same thing attributed to negative stereotype minorities. Such as race or ethnicity. You say that because you can’t empathize with Asian or Indian guys. They must have some limiting beliefs or something. According to your caveman lack of empathy narcissistic self absorbed brain.


You did like 200 approaches, no results. You just got flakes non stop with your 3 minute number closes. Then you finally got laid with an ugly Asian girl. You wanted to show the infield as proof, but you are too embarrassed how ugly she was. You realized how none of your students who are minorities following you are getting any results.

You have absolutely no testimonials. But you think, well since you aren’t getting testimonials anyways. You ask a few, where they say they learned a lot about their sticking points. You don’t care, you go around giving direct game advice to everyone as if it worked. It works for you, so it works for lower valued Asians and Indians right? Looks don’t matter. You just need to not believe in limiting beliefs.

You walk around like a tall good looking caveman without any awareness. You enjoy people automatically trusting you get results because you are white. Of course you get results in their tiny sheep minds. They just take your word for it. You got friendzoned on daygame, so you have a social circle being friendzoned. Then you take some pics with girls and now people assume you banged them.

So you decided to travel to other countries to approach more girls. Since you don’t pull easily, you just make non stop advice videos. Then you flood more advice videos. You post an instadate infield and when she is walking home, you call it a pull.

Or you use tinder which works so well for white people. Then you have no approach clips, so you just show the date part. Most doesn’t, or they use a night game style pull from night time because you know you have no social skills calibrations Wayne 30 style.

The only loophole in this argument is there are tall autistic good looking white guys. Of course he won’t get results, due to his lack of social skills, fucked up vibe and his hardware is damaged. Not the software of his brain as Deepak said. Other than that, it is a good thing being tall and white in Europe. From all the countries I visited, the sky is the limit. For minorities, the limit is the sky.

But they don’t past the court test. The court test is can you prove your opinion in court as a fact? Saying something like race doesn’t matter, even if online dating shows the disparity or a hierarchy of demand. This is provable in court. But are stats and field reports provable in court? Nope. Its just self proclaimed. This is where white people failed at daygame. They have a weakness because the lack of kinos. They depend on number closes instead as the safe route. They don’t escalate.

See the source image
21. I can be a dating coach without showing any proof, pulls or even lays. People will just take my word for it because i’m white. A privledge minorities don’t share. They have to prove everything.

In the future I will name names. Sure of course we assume they get results. But their skills are overrated. Just because you see tall good looking European white guys with women all the time. You automatically assume the same with white dating coaches for daygame. They might of met social circle, tinder or night game. Never assume its daygame when you walk around here in Europe. Some countries, they pool together money as a couple to make enough for the household.

To play the devils advocate, they are obviously playing on easy mode. Not that is a bad thing. The only exception is if this white guy is autistic or aspergers. Then of course it would be just as hard as the minorities.

If I say I will post a ton of testimonials of Asian daygamers who are successful under my training. Its self proclaimed. Unlike them, I will actually show it. There is a difference between talking or self proclaiming, vouching, stats, field reports. Vs actual evidence. Regardless, my products are selling like hotcakes lately. Perhaps people wants to improve their game and get results in the summer time. If you can’t take a bootcamp, but a product here. Check it out here. Bootcamps are filling up fast, just got another student. First come first serve.



-John Wayne

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