Why is this site set on private sometimes?

Sometimes I will enable it so you can see the site. But we are redesigning a state of the art site at Wayne Dating Lifestyles. I have a lot of input there. I am going to blog there also. All the testimonials will also be there. But of course you can still buy products here also. You would finally be able to buy the products there and have it on a professional server. I might not release Wayne Playbook there anymore. Its an exclusive to this site and our forum group. I also will field test new site designs. I am not happy how the funnels works here and what I am writing for the products. I’ll be field testing marketing concepts to see how they convert.

I might actually consider dropping the price of the playbook. If it has no skype coaching, you can get it for $350. With Skype coaching $500 for 5 Skypes. The reason the skypes are so important is I get to work with you one on one. This is also a source of student results and testimonials. Maybe some people don’t want the Skype coaching package. I have decided to have two prices. No the Wayne Playbook will never be released as an official product. This is a digitized version of my 2016-2017 game.

Also, I have many reasons to keep this site private for now. But I will never take it offline. So if you see it online, you want a bootcamp or you want a product, you better buy it as fast as you can. I can only leave it on for a few hours at a time. Lets say I have a reason for keep it private. In the future, after a certain time, I will re-enable it.

We are an international company and I will be teaching all over Europe this year and all over the world. First Europe needs to be conquered. Then I will bring our game to the United States and possibly Australia for immersions. You see all the testimonials and student results. It was insane I posted one after another. Yes, they are all real for those who are skeptical. If they think its impossible. Yes, our game is that tight. We aren’t a small time local trash Vancouver company. We will focus on dismantling RSD and going after the big fishes. We don’t give a fuck about small fry. In the future maybe a decade from now, we will be the worlds biggest daygame company. But for now we are the best in terms of student results. We really aren’t a hi you are cute, or I had to come by and say hi because you are attractive, validation, validation, validation which will never work in Vancouver unless you have some value to bring to the table.

I also will never stop until the Asians are saved from these RSDĀ concepts that enslaved them with no results. Its sad this stuff is still taught in Vancouver where no daygame pull or lay testimonials are produced. Bootcamps are almost full, there is only 1 spot in March at best. I won’t give my time table, but I will be traveling around the world. I should of done that last year, but I didn’t have a passport until now.

Lately I did put a lot of work to give people good advice. But since people aren’t reciprocating, I decided to just not give you that much more. I mean my competitors do like to take notes and try to implement it trying to get testimonials or student results. One day they will finally get their first student pulling or getting laid in daygame. Until that day happens. Its fucking crazy to think out of 7.8 billion people on earth, I have the most student results in the world. But they aren’t in it for results. They are in it to approach to conquer their approach anxiety. At first the sales was amazing, then it kind of went silent. So I am now like, well if youd don’t show appreciation, then I am not going to give you anything in return. I already made enough money just from bootcamps alone so far.

-John Wayne


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