Impossible case Asian, from approach to fuck buddy to girlfriend (creampie?)

Congrats to my impossible case student who got an approach to sex to fuck buddy to girlfriend. He has two coaches, one for night game and I’m the coach for day game if you see me crossing him out. They used to pick on him a lot, but he improved with my training and a ton of me yelling at him. He has Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero and the Wayne Playbook. He has been through 2 Skypes.


Well, it doesn’t seem people really enjoy golden advice. So back to testimonials. Here is another one to the pile, I am the best, blab, blab, blab.

All of the blog post content will be transferred over to there in a cleaned up language. But we will feature a blog and perhaps podcast maybe in the future. I’m thinking of relaunching my Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero and Wayne Playbook eventually. So it has a proper site behind it. But those who bought the courses will always have the playlist of videos forever if you didn’t screw me over. So don’t worry. You can always email or WhatsApp me and skype message me. I can be reached at Wayne Dating Lifestyle forum group.

A lot of my students doesn’t use condoms. They don’t care about the risk or some of them. It’s not worth it. If she gets pregnant, you’re stuck. I knew guys who were good looking where she dealt with sociopathic women and she got pregnant and he had to pay child support. Also, I met students who try to get the girl pregnant on purpose. So he can marry her. But then again, you know people. Always use condoms. Even if the HIV risk is low. It’s not worth it for STDs and other shit.

-John Wayne

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