Wayne 30 From Hardcase to Hero has been updated with short infield clips

For the first 10 days, I have included never seen before examples on how to perform the 30 day challenge and what is expected of you. This is not a product about game. It is a product I have designed specifically against aspergers, sociopathy, depression and anxiety. Or those guys who have comorbidity. People with mixed mental illnesses that is so intrusive, they really can’t even stop arguing with me. They project their deluded sociopathic opinions on facts. Then making a billion bullshit excuses why they aren’t getting the results they should of been magically getting if they magically go out and daygame more.

Module 3 is updated

I saw this Todd Valentine video where he tries to say hardcases doesn’t exist. That everyone is just newbies. They just need more time.

It so deceptive and stupid, for all my students in the world. I have many and more of my students have succeeded more than RSD and every company combined. You have to ask yourself, if he claims hardcases doesn’t exist, they are just newbies. Then I have a lot of hardcases that are diagnosed with aspergers syndrome. I have a lot of impossible cases who are deluded and they learn at a slow rate. They can’t stop projecting their opinions as facts. Yes, they do exist. Almost all my hardcase students display most of these traits. I think Todd Valentine is purely aspergers to the max. He isn’t a sociopath, or narcissistic or anything like that. But he is an aspie. He overcame it, even if he is monotoned which a lot of them are. Or has no facial expressions which is fucking freaky. Not to mention weird gestures.


A lot of hardcases got laid, pulled and got dates with Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero. I don’t think this is a coincidence. I created this program to counter everything in this particular chart. I have no agenda. I always wanted to create this program to help you guys. It was one project I was pitching to Wayne Dating Lifestyles for a long time. Social calibrations or social skills might be the reason why you aren’t getting laid. You trigger some things in her mind which in evolutionary psychology auto rejects you. I forgot exactly what, but I have to research it. But if you are missing any pieces of the 30 social skills pieces, then you are fucked. The so called naturals just learned the social skill pieces earlier than you. I’m really burnt out on white privileged people telling people what to think.


I have a lot of 3MP students who are really not learning fast and struggling. 1/4 people have mental illnesses. To dismiss this and saying just learn game. Or some crock of shit, I mean the naturals he mentions as having to learn all of this, are neurotypical. Most of RSD in the past just takes their money from hardcases. Lots of my hardcase students at least pulled. Learning how to counter social impairment.

I sometimes think white privledged people are completely unaware of their advantages. Or they shouldn’t be teaching daygame. They fool and hurt minorities. You have to be stupid to learn from them. People obviously shouldn’t label themselves as hardcases to bow out of the game and not take training. But if you are a hardcase, stop learning from white privledged dating coaches. I think white people are so oblivious to their privledges, they deny it. Its all marketing and a lack of empathy. To think I have solved the issue for hardcases once and for all when I designed my training program to counter aspergers. Don’t think i’m hating, but pitying the entire daygame industry. These hardcases learns at 1% improvement rate, super slow. They are resistant to learning and no matter what, they somehow just puts things off. They make bullshit excuses. I seen too much and had too many students. There is a scientific pattern that shows up in field testing data. My split test is all around the world. No eye contact, weird body rocking gestures. Weird monotone or screechy tonality. Narrow focus on certain subjects. Difficulty reading facial cues. I don’t blame him, he wants more students. He just got out of RSD. But, being this intellectually dishonest and people eat this up like flies on shit. Regardless, the truth is my marketing. I have no marketing strategy. The right people gravitate towards it. If you are a newbie that is fine. But there are different degrees of student success. Since his system can’t determine it. I do notice a lot of my students who are easy cases gets laid right away after the Skype. I will post one of my black students who got laid right after skype. Had two fuck buddies with the second Skype. Pulled again too another girl. I have normal cases which pulls right away on bootcamps but gets laid in a few weeks. I have hardcases that takes 3 months to pull and 6 months to get laid. I have impossible cases with no results. There is a timing because we have the perfect daygame system. This pattern shows up over and over and over again. Almost always hardcases do display these aspergers symptoms. Don’t be in denial. Just focus on social calibrations and forget about game for now. Wayne 30 is one of those solutions. You see it affects everything in life being socially impaired. Most of these guys has problems at their work. Their vibe and social calibrations gets them fired easily or they can’t get a job being so socially awkward. Its why I made the course cheaper. I know you guys better than you know yourself. Also, some are in such denial, they won’t get Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero. Its fucking sad, but hey I can’t save anyone. In the future we have to call out white dating coaches. Most of them are harming people on a massive scale. They aren’t aware their game is like 3/10 at most and their SMV gives than 10 extra points. Most tells Asian guys, or East Indian guys the word limiting beliefs. They always do, they can’t empathize. Its disgusting. 2018, i’ll use my platform to stop you guys from harming my fellow Asians. If you lie to my fellow Asians and take away their future, the 1 in 5 Asian guys who won’t get married or procreate one day. While 51% of Asian women are marrying white guys. You will have to deal with me one day. Also, Asian guys are the ultimate hardcases. Most doesn’t have aspergers, but they do act like it due to a lack of social skills and calibrations. Since they have to focus on school. They can never connect with the girl or flirt. That’s my rant. Tomorrow i’ll post my next student who is another testimonial. Yes black guys do have it easier, they automatically have attraction from the girl. They are big and tall. Protector status and endless preselection as long as they don’t scare her, its a done deal. If they have swagger, confidence and is dominant. You have to ask yourself, why do shorter, skinny black guys not have the same compliance from girls? Maybe it was their protector status and preselection all along. Playing on easy mode. Most black dating coaches have no expressions like Asian guys. Have no game, but endless compliance. Look my blog is always about the truth. No opinions, just field tested science. I have students all around the world in every country on the globe, of every age, race, skill level. I have field tested all of these so called theories. It is a science. I’m not a politically correct person. Talking about race doesn’t make you racist, unless you are a delusional fuck who thinks so. Its not a marketing tactics, it is just something that is realty. I don’t hate white people. My cameraman is white. I have a lot of white friends. I will call out the Mystery Method and explain the future in great detail how it ruined daygame forever. Its about time. I been around longer than Mystery has showed up to the scene. I am the one of the worlds first PUA daygamers. Not a born natural, but a daygamer. So I have the right to talk about the lineage. Stay tuned for that. The Mystery Method is more of a half truth night game guide for the privileged. I always wanted to call this stuff out. For a dating coach who has the worlds most student success, I think I know the topic well enough to talk about it. I have undone the damage and repaired a lot of my students who was destroyed by white privledged.

Regardless enjoy your update for Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero.infields 2.pnginfields.pngUpdate, one student said he really enjoyed seeing the infields or demonstrations for Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero. So get out there and start applying. Knowing is not enough, we must do. If you want to get the program, its in the online products page. Honestly this product is worth way more than $150. But I lowered the price to make sure hardcases can afford it. But with the infields and even module 4 planned. It will be worth many times your investment. Social calibrations is super important. The biggest secret behind my bootcamp success was, all my bootcamp students learns Wayne 30 in the first day of bootcamp for the first half. Of course they learn fashion domination with an outfit change and a haircut. But they are taught social skills and conversational skills, outer game before they even learn game. Why do you think our system works so well? Why does other daygame systems rarely works? We basically field test it all around the world, split test with our students. Also, I teach social skills or conversational skills first. Daygame requires conversational skills, its not night game where you get drunk and escalate.

Update, I will edit into module 1 in the future how people with Aspergers syndrome talk like, look like. Their body rocking weird fucking gestures for bootcamp students. You will begin to understand how hard cases approach and see their mistakes. It is not to embarrass them, but to educate you. If you have these traits, then you will know what to avoid. 


-John Wayne

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