How your old multiple shitty daygame training is ruining your future success in game

Some interesting thing I found about 3MP students was their previous training always screws up their adaptation to our system. They make progress, hook most of the girls in set one day doing our system. But then their old habits kick back in. I couldn’t figure out why one of the students kept acting gamey sometimes and has no expressions like an Asian poker face. It made me scratching my head. Remember I have 4 3MP students so I can bring this field test to you. I have no theories, its all field tested data. Now you can see why that phrase is so powerful. When I give you advice or say this is how daygame really works. Instead of arguing, fucking pay attention because I am saying it as it really is. My bootcamps, all my students pulled this year except one. For online training and in total, I have 82% of my students pulling and 70% getting laid. There are no delusions, no theories, no b.s, no nonsense. Time and time again, even if people train with multiple instructors, only my stuff works. Others are good marketers without any testimonials to their name in terms of students pulling or getting laid.


What is the problem? 

I noticed in some of the students. They learned a daygame system or multiple before. When they go back to their white privledged or black instructor training. They do have a higher LMS, my students game doesn’t hook. I have 10 secret steps I don’t share publically to our daygame system.

How to determine your score in game out of 100

What I found out was there was about 10 stages to a same day lay in our system. The escalation ladder has sub steps. However, I grade the students directly on the 10 steps out of a 100 point scale. What happens is the students who has a higher score tends to pull more. The ones with less, gets more instadates. The one with the lower score has less instadates but moves up the escalation ladder. Its all relative to their score on this chart. We also found with the connection stage, it opens up more doors to other categories that were hidden. So you can get more points and more compliance. You can raise your game score. This is not a fucking numbers game. Like sales, it is a game of conversions.


We use this scale to determine how hard the game is for you and how much game do you really need to be consistently getting results. What level of game do you need? We first calculate the Looks out of 10, money out of 5, status including earned status like being a club promoter, music producer, something high value, or your natural status. Which is your ethnicity. Then we calculate your game. So whatever level of game you think you are, minus it by 2. Most people overrate themselves. If they used our 10 step process scale, their game is really low. Fuck positive reactions or P.O.S or piece of shit reactions.

How to calculate your overall value in game?

uar 2

Let us look at some dating coaches. For a white dating coach, if they are 8/10 in looks. They have 10/10 for ethnicity. That’s already 18/35. They just need to pass 20/35 to get over that line of fuckability. So if their game was 3/10 in most cases, that’s 21. So they only need 3 points. They don’t need to show emotions because their value is so high. They almost have the Asian poker face and Asian poker tonality trying to be cool like James Bond. This hurts minorities because they need to be more expressive for their value.

Let’s talk about a big black strong dating coach with no game. He is 7/10 for his height and muscles. Let us say he isn’t attractive looking for the face. But his muscles and excessive preselection is. His natural status is 8/10. That’s already 15/35. To get to the 20 mark, the line of fuckability, this game only needs to be 5/10 and that’s it.

Let’s talk about Asian students. The typical ones you see in Vancouver. Most of them are like 5/10 at best without my fashion and hair advice. That is being generous. Their natural status is 1/10 being Asian. Accent or no accent. Unless you are in Asian then it’s higher or some parts of Europe. We are talking about North America. Their game is mostly a 3/10. 9/35, which is too low for a hard place to daygame like Vancouver. There is no mercy in Vancouver. Even tall good looking dating coaches here that are Asian. They might have 8.5/10 looks, 1/10 natural status, but 3.5/10 game. That only makes 11/35 for RSD Julien and Tyler style bullshit foisted. So he gets girls half his looks scale around 4.5/10. For someone like me, you better max out your fashion or you are totally fucked. You have no chance. I also have nearly maxed out game. To get a higher level of game, you have to pass the 5’4 Asian test. Can you teach a 5’4 Asian how to get laid during daygame? If your system can’t, it gets a lower score. I can and have countless times.

The ghost of Christmas past concept

In this story, 3 ghost comes back to haunt Scrooge during Christmas. They showed him his past, present and future. Until he changes.


I found the best marketed daygame systems are the ones who screwed up my 3 Months to proficiency students the most. They either is on the gamey side or on the no expression side. What I mean by that is they either are focused on natural and direct, or invisible game side where she doesn’t know where you stand. Lover, Boyfriend provider or friendzone. Of course, we know Asians becomes friendzone not showing expressions.

The other side is the gamey, high fiving overly flirty shit black dating coaches teaches you. This screws up Asians because they are socially uncalibrated. It haunts some of my students who go back into giving a gamey facial expression, gamey tonality and gamey emotional impact including high fives and gay romance shit that doesn’t work for Asians. Dude she doesn’t see you as a boyfriend and nothing is sadder than an Asain being gamey. It is like an aspie applying flash game.

The truth lies somewhere in between the two extremes. That is what we teach.

The point is when these split personalities come back out. As I have outlined in this advice video about how not to be gamey. I made this a long time ago. But now I realized where does this gamey split personality come from. Using the 10 stages chart I created. It seems no matter how hard the students try, it never works. What works for a tall good looking white guy, preselected strong black guy, will never work for a no value Asian guy who couldn’t even get a haircut or style his hair properly.


Call it out. Whenever one of your old shitty personality comes through in daygame. If you are learning my system. You know when you do exactly what I taught in the 10 steps, you get pulls and lays. It can happen even right away if you can adapt fast. If you can’t, of course, you will struggle, due to the speed of implementation. Just call out that this is RSD, or Justin Wayne or whatever style of gamey game that is fucking up your results. Look, the reason I have more testimonials than all companies in the world combined is not field testing my own metrics. But everyone else. I am this scientific. Not like Todd Valentine, who pretends he is. Or some other guys making charts. I go so deep, even into social calibrations.

Odds are, if you learned too many systems and you don’t discard what is not useful. You have effectively carry a lot of gamey daygame baggage. I’m not saying automatically go with my system. Some of you are too stubborn, you need to be burned more. But i’m saying go with the system that has the most testimonials all around the world. So it doesn’t work for positive stereotype.

Remember, 4 3 Months to Proficiency students had to pay $12 grand USD so you can even read this fucking post reading the field testing. Try to appreciate it and use the info to make an informed decision. I have no theories, so if you argue with me, you are arguing with reality. Reality is brutal and not always so sugar coated nice like RSD Max. Sometimes game is unforgivable to the weak, deluded and aspies. You can disagree with me, you are disagreeing with the other 3MP students. It is your own delusions and it will destroy your daygame.

Image result for kylo ren let the past die kill it if you have to

The best advice I can give you about old daygame systems you learned was. Let the past die. Kill it if you have to. That’s the only way to become what you were meant to be. Which is a successful daygamer. Stop letting your shitty past training interfere with your future results. Why are other dating coaches not talking about this? They have an agenda that money comes first. Only a few former RSD instructors spoke out against them. Everything matters, every category. Evolutionary psychology in terms of value doesn’t stop because RSD said so or some other famous marketer dating coaches with no student testimonials. I have no agenda here. I just write the truth and field tested stuff. I don’t care if you agree or not. Your delusional belief system doesn’t change the truth or field testing data. If people like it, great. If not, go fuck yourself. I’ll just block you if you are deluded. Go train somewhere else and fail.


Image result for yoda you have to unlearn what you have learned
Every time your old training kicks in and it doesn’t work, call it out. Say this is the RSD character or whoever. When you are aware consciously, it won’t destroy you subconsciously. Like the dark side of the force.


-John Wayne


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