Asian student’s 7th pull. Will post 8th tomorrow. Now 3MP student.

This student pulled without the 3MP course, he just joined. But this is like his 7th pull. His page in the testimonials will have a ton of screenshots.


In the army, there are two ways to train someone. Either focus on their strengths. Or tear them apart and rebuild them. 3MP is tearing them down and rebuilding. Another guy is Justin Wayne’s 6mm student. We are redoing everything. This time with iron discipline. Everyone has to cross the obstacles daily. I will show you no fucking mercy. army-1.jpg

When you take 3MP, you will be shown no mercy. This is not an easy course.


If you want to be pampered and comforted, go to RSD Max and get no results. If you want results, prepare for hell. This is the Navy Seals of pickup. No mercy.


In 3MP I will yell at you if you are going too slow or acting hardcase. I’m not your friend, i’m your coach. My job is to teach you how to pull girls home so you can get laid. My students or half now say yes sir. Of course, you can make mistakes and grow. But you will correct the mistakes fast. One set of exercises recorded at a time. The pace of the course is fast, you are expected to adapt fast.

For me, however, I can hit every note or every facial expression, tonality and emotional impact almost every time. Perhaps I already have done this kind of stuff for a long time. Also, Deepak calibrated this about me a long time ago. He was always very in touch with his emotions. Some would say he is emotional. But that is the source of his strength in game. He is good at spicing. I’m giving the next generation of PUAs these skills. I do have my own take on it, I think I can go beyond. I have a bigger range overall. But his spices hits harder emotionally.

Update: No post is complete without a John Wayne update. He passed his exercise. No matter how hard it was to complete. He made it and he sounds a lot better. He can see the progression. He also had some really mean words for Justin Wayne’s 6mm program compared to mine. I won’t post it here. He was a former student. Also, there was another Justin Wayne student who didn’t take it, totally timid Asian. Your loss, why your other former 6mm student is going to be pretty good in daygame. He would get laid and everything for my program. I’m sure of it. I’ll keep you guys updated. Since this takes a lot of work, I might have to raise prices in the future. It can be stressful mentoring 3 people. I want like at least 5 students, maximum 10. In the future, I will raise the course to 4 grand and 5 grand with 3 bootcamps or 4. Something like that. For now its a new program.

Update 2: just infield analysis Skyped former Justin Wayne student. Every time he gave an excuse why he didn’t flirt or tease correctly. I called him out and told him to stfu, do you think I’m stupid. I predicted the girl’s response every time before I press play. Tonality is important, same with facial expressions. While other coaches will let students get away with shit, I won’t. I just say fucking change it in future infields. I won’t tolerate this slow progress. Listen if you join 3MP, you will change and improve. There is no way I am going easy on you. If you aren’t a faggot and your pussy doesn’t hurt easily, then join. If your pussy hurts easily and gets butthurt, go to RSD Max and get no results. Be comforted by half-truths. Maybe this is the exact course you are looking for.

3MP click here for info

-John Wayne

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