What in the world is Wayne Entertainment????

wayne entertainment

You might ask yourself? What in the world is Wayne Entertainment? I’m launching a youtube channel. Actually, its already launched. It was Deepak secondary youtube channel he rarely used. I kept posting my video on my original youtube and linking it to this site. But he didn’t like that so he gave me that channel to link this site to there. We will have a new global site soon. We are deciding on the format. Honestly, our old site could use an upgrade. I will have a blog on it too. I guess I’ll just remix or rewrite the articles there and stop calling other lesser dating coaches faggots. But I will still have my blog here.

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Anyone who acts like a faggot on that channel will risk getting banned. But that channel will host all of my testimonials from now on and also boot camp clips. You will get advice videos and other good stuff. The first video that will be posted will be an interview from my second cameraman interviewing me.

Speaking of my cameraman, he will be a guest author. It turns out that beautiful Latina, the HB 9/10 one, his dream girl is now his girlfriend under my training. Approach to girlfriend. Remember when I claimed my game is 9/10 right now. But other guys have higher LMS than I do. When I transfer it over to other guys with higher LMS they can get more results than ever? Well besides my last black student I just taught yesterday with 2 fuck buddies. I taught him my inner game. I even taught him the 5 Wayne styles and our new objections dealing system. He is shocked beyond belief that such a game style or form of game exist. But as I claim, 9/10 looking, white girl, I pulled last time in front of the boot camp student. My second cameraman has been able to replicate just that. It seems its replicable now to other students. His UAR is better looking than me and he is taller. This only strengthens Wayne Dating Lifestyle students. In the future, i’ll slowly introduce the 5 styles. So in the past, it was just a claim. Now it is a reality. He won’t stay here for long. But in his time here, he has witnessed many pulls from me from girls way above my looks scale or height. From the last two sets, the women I am banging are taller and hotter. I still can’t get 10/10 this year yet. Those type of girls who are high-quality ones. I don’t find them as attractive, but the 5 styles will be used next year to get them.

To my limited LMS, the only way to keep more women in my life is to raise my UAR. I have to work out. When I get bulkier with the muscle suit, most girls think I am narcissistic. It makes more sense to get more shredded like Bruce Lee. It will be enough. I am getting close to capping off my game or its maximized. Its not about selling her romance if she doesn’t see you as a romantic partner. Its about being the man of her dreams in a shallow preselected way. I have to invent new technologies to solve this issue even if most others can use my game to get girlfriends. I’m not interested in a girlfriend vs having a higher laycount with higher quality women or taller women, or younger. Most of RSD game is really just 3/10 at best. This is 9 game. White tall, handsome dating coaches with higher UAR and SMV doesn’t need 9 game. They just need 4/10 game to be a dating coach. It’s not transferable to Asians. It’s so stupid how no one realized this stuff. Like looks don’t matter. My cameraman said looks do matter. While he is getting a 9/10, he is already good looking or way up there in looks. Yes, I mentored him, but I never officially trained him in a boot camp format. Maybe its time I train him. In 2 months he got so many results.

Screenshot from the first video posted on Wayne Entertainment. An interview of me.

We will film his testimonial and his end results. He will be the first testimonial for Wayne Entertainment. Also,  he is going to write the next post and I’ll post the first interview clip. He will tell his unique story. He only came over here to help me out maybe edit some video clips and maybe learn some indirect or some shit like that. What he didn’t know was I was the best dating coach in the planet earth so far in terms of student success. He got more than he bargained for. Next years game is going to be highly manipulative and a lot more sneaky. This finally opens the doors to the dark side of game, which many people will consider to be…unnatural.

My white London student also got a girlfriend, but an HB9/10 Asian women. He is happy too, so it seems to be very transferable. Meaning if someone has higher LMS than I do, they get higher results. Also, keep more of the women in their life. So for those who claim it isn’t about who you bang. But the women you can keep in your life. Remember not all Asians has that kind of value. But my students who use my game does. So if someone can do that consistently, there is a level of protector status and preselection. Black guys have preselection. So I’ll have to either make more money, have a cool pull location running cool parties and shit. Or just work out. Be the man of her dreams. My game is the battery, it’s filled 9/10. I give that to others to charge their LMS they get great results.


I’ll post another testimonial of my London student in the future. He ended with 4 fuck buddies, two girlfriends as he told me. But one was HB 9/10. This all happened during the boot camp, after it at the 3 months mark. You might read all of this and think to yourself, this is so phenomenal. I want results like Johns students. But I can’t afford to pay him. Listen, you will pay RSD $5000 to train with him no questions asked. Getting zero results. Why not pay me $2100 USD which I deserve. It’s too low, I should raise it to $5000 because every boot camp student pulled except one guy. Everyone else did. Then make it for 5 days instead of 3. I don’t know. But here are my training programs.


My Rant you have been waiting for. That probably hurts my business. But this is a blog about total honesty.

No post is complete without a John Wayne Rant. So here it is. Get ready for a long-winded rant. If we don’t address the problems in my Asian culture, we can’t accurate solve it.


Now you look at the chart. Now you see 3 students. One black guy with multiple fuck buddies, a white guy with two girlfriends. One Latino looking East Indian guy who dates nothing but Latinas. One gf, more fuck buddies on the side to follow. On the SMV it said, white, Latino and black. Of course, I had Asian students getting multiple fuck buddies. They had some status singing, performing. There are some places like California and Toronto that has some Asian guy white girl preselection. But not here or most places. Its easier for them playing on easy mode vs nightmare difficulty where I play the game.


I usually fit into the lower zone in most cases. Only really good looking Asians. Either though looks, height, muscles will fit into the boyfriend provider. It’s rare, but there are a few good looking Asian guys. I’m sorry, looks do matter to fit into that category. Yes, some do fit into there of course. They tend to be 5’10 – 6’2 Asians with some muscles and excessive looks. But its rare.

One thing Asians can do is to take pictures with hot white girls. Use that as preselection for Instagram and Facebook to DHV. The preselection can bypass. You can use nightclubs and other means to build this social proof. Of course, it’s in Vancouver. I’m the only one dating, pulling and fucking white girls now. You rarely see an Asian guy white girl couple anymore. Maybe once every month you see one. When I do I feel so proud. But feel I am not marketing well enough to change Vancouver dumbass RSD Nation faggotry. This is more of a lifestyle kind of system. But do it wrong, you can be in the friend zone or waste time. Or get girls who are just average, you put on a pedestal.

The other way that might work is me going to Europe. I have a lot more preselection among European women. So I can field test some new techniques. Maybe Justin Wayne does have some level of preselection as a big black guy in the U.S. It does help according to my field testing of recent students. I’m able to import to my students a 9/10 game. It took me a year to get here. Now I’m focusing on no girls. Like my style of daygame. I have always even the odds for my students. Instead of letting the positive stereotypes cannibalize everything. I am the negative stereotype fighting back. But because I can do that, now everyone thinks its easier for Asians after my last infield. It still requires top level skills. Once I figure it out for Asians in Europe. I can import that game back here in Vancouver with no preselection. I won’t use any gimmicks. It will all be from daygame. Not some lifestyle game where it attracts women into it. It would be the hard way. The only way John Wayne is used to. I am used to the toughest environments where other dating coaches here has zero daygame testimonials, just night game. Or only one. I’m going to figure it out for the rest of you negative stereotypes. On this chart, it involves East Indians, Asians, and short black guys. I’m going to do with without having big muscles. Money doesn’t mean shit apparently if you are a rich Asian in Vancouver. That only attracts Asian girls. Nothing else due to preselection.

So yeah, I’m at a stage after being able to pull 9/10. I say is this all there is to game? Most white dating coaches get older 7/10 women and they don’t show it because they are embarrassed she is less attractive than him. I can get 8.5/10 as I showed in the last infield and now 9/10. To me, I’m at the stage of saying is this all there is to it. Some people settle banging 6.5/10 to increase their lay counts. MPUAs or in the making never settle. If I don’t rewrite the whole game for others. No one else in future generations will step up. You will just see more Asians in nightclubs, social circle game, or friend zoned game until she falls for you. When she has no one else in the social circle. We deserve better. We short skinny Asian guys deserve to have daygame as in our arsenal. I don’t mean no faggotry direct daygame getting Asian girls or girls who are 6.5/10. Fuck that shit, you guys deserve better.

Until we can turn around this 1/5 Asian guys not getting married and not procreating. Where 51% of Asian women are marrying white guys. It was more of an American stat. But its even worst in Korea and Japan. We are on the verge of extinction. The socially uncalibrated or last years model of robots will be replaced with half Asians from tall creepy white guys with receding hairlines and squared jawed Asian women marrying them. John Wayne is the only thing standing in the way of their total domination of our culture. Any Asians using RSD, is a one-way ticket into the 1/5 who won’t get married or procreate. I’m talking about guys without the height or excessive muscle mass who plays game on an easier mode. I am talking about the skinny, bad hair, no muscles, bad fashion guys.

It’s pure Darwinism 2.0. White people dominated every culture so far. They dominated the Jewish people before, the Native Indians, Black guys, now Asian women. Only one dating coach stands in the way. John the Ghengis Khan Wayne. I’m saying bring it on mother fuckers, prepare to be conquered in the few years. My low LMS is why I have so many students all around the world of every race. This is just year one as a Wayne.


David vs Goliath. One has a higher UAR, the other one has a stronger tactic or game.

Update, my camera man is back from California. He said that in Cali, its 10X easier than Vancouver. Every girl is willing to chat with you for 15 minutes or 10 minutes. He found that odd when he is fighting for every second here.


Here we are peacocking. I’m peacocking with my Deepak Wayne style red Scarf and he is wearing a fur hat. This is Jugo Juice. A very healthy juice bar. Do you know where I can find it? I seriously have that as one of the openers in the Wayne 30 program. No, i’m not making it up. It seriously got me my last pull with two girls. Its in the Wayne Playbook too. I’m tired of this Mystery Method shit. Maybe I need to write the next book, the John Wayne method. Or the Wayne Dating Lifestyle method. Someone needs to write the second generation book to update it. It works for privledged guys, but not Asians like me. My system is compressed, more adaptive and calibrated than Mystery. Just because something started a long time ago doesn’t mean it ended here. When mystery and Ross Jefferies were fighting in 2003. I was already doing daygame in 2001. I was the worlds first PUA daygamer. I used NLP. I was like a few years back from Mystery. When I Deepak saw that fact in the newest video interview I showed him. He said you were daygaming in 2001? I wasn’t doing anything then. Lol, yeah. I go way back. Its why I had the time to field test every system out there and learn every system. I had the time to, the years to. Most of it doesn’t work for me. Now I create with our company the only daygame system that works for short skinny Asians.

I didn’t approach today at the mall. I just drank coffee and did nothing as usual. Last time it only took me 5 approaches to the next pull after the last same day lay. This time, who knows. The first one took 35 approaches because I was slipping and my battle efficiency is lower. But it was calibrated so it was easier lately. Its really about a social skills or calibration muscle. Use it or lose it. I said social skills, so Wayne 30 helps. Also, today my impossible case Asian student from Australia almost pulled. He just bought Wayne 30 a week and a half ago. He was my students for 3 years. Impossible case to the max. I created the Wayne Playbook for him. One time he took a break from game. I had to give him some value back. So I created 12 videos for him. Horrible quality at the time. How to fix your body language, eye contact, vibe, breathing exercises to calm down, some basic openers. Today it transformed into the product you know today. He got his first dates and didn’t quite make it into her house. But good try. If it works for him, it works for everyone else.

Online coaching

Bootcamp page

-John (the results) Wayne


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